Friday, July 2, 2010

Anyone need a physiotherapist?

Does anyone need a physiotherapist for cheap? I'm for hire. JKS

But honestly I think maybe kine. should be in my list of majors again b/c I now think I would make a kick ass physiotherapist. My mom has been have aches in her body for the longest time and today I took some time to work on her body. I was able to hit all the right spots and while she's still REALLY tight ALL OVER I can already feel the tight muscle groups are less tight.

IDK, if anyone needs a physiotherapist I'm for hire - inside of 60$/h I'm only charging 40$/h :D
good deal?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Treating my sport as a means of transportation

I am one of the laziest people you can ever meet - I hate moving unless it is absolutely necessary. I will never run to the ice cream truck; the ice cream truck will come toward me.

B/c this is part of my personal nature I guess it can't be surprising that I'm not too pleased my parents are now treating my sport as a means of transportation.

B/c my ankle was still a little sore and I woke up too late to make it back in time to go out for yum cha with some family members I decided to postpone the dreaded (not really dreaded) long run for yet another day (bad idea now that I think about it b/c I can't do speed work on Sat like I planned). At 11am my mom popped her head into my room to tell me that if I couldn't be ready to leave in 10min my parents were going to leave me at home and I would have to run to the yum cha place. Obviously I can't get ready in 10min even though I'm pretty low-maintainance (brushing my hair is considered a good day) since I have to take off my night contacts, clean them, &etc. My parents left without me, they told me the restaurant I was supposed to meet them at and then left. I was left with only one method of transportation since I have yet to get my G1 (I really do need to get my G1 asap) - running.

It took me 10:16.06 to get there, roughly 2.4k - kind of slow since some cars cut me off even though I had the right of way and I wasn't warmed up and I was dehydrated. It wasn't a bad run but I was just pissed that my parents are now taking my sport as a means for transportation. If you start using your hobbies as a necessity it takes away from the joy of doing and I've already lost some of the enjoyment from running due to the fact I want to impress scouts. I don't want to lose more enjoyment from running b/c I have to use it as a means of transportation and I wish my parents could understand this.

K, not exactly UFA but T.Dot got a bit more swag with Versteeg last night. I know this trade overall is good but I'm a little sad at losing Stalberg. He was great with the team this year. Also very sad about losing Paradis - such a sexy son of a gun. Great times with him in the Marlies when we were at the Rioch (note* night of the douche)

Got Colby Armstrong - little expensive but meh.

We need to resign Kulemin!

Waiting for news about Kaberle....

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Watch out for the Running Rams

Watch out for the Running Rams b/c we're running this town (well Thornhill, Markham, Vaughan &etc)

I got some of the team members together for a slow and enjoyable 6.5k this morning and it just felt nice to run with people - since I usually train alone. We are def. training together this summer - both the current members of the XC team and alumni.

We already have plans for a 11k next Tues and some of us are doing speedwork Sat morning. WHOO. I don't know if this will be able to put on us par with the girls that run club XC but it does strengthen the team bond and quicken our paces.

We have 3 alumni running with us that are probably going to run university XC so they can def push us to run faster so I'm actually kind of excited for the fall season.

Physio helped the tendons on my left ankle that have been feeling sore and tender but it's not totally better - hopefully a good night sleep will put it into place so I can celebrate Canada Day in style - running through Markham & Thornhill for my long run.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sex as a Way of Protesting

My G20 post will have to wait another day, or maybe it will never be done b/c I'm just not understanding the financial agreements on cutting the deficits that the countries agreed on - well I kind of understand what they want but how is the question. Maybe I shouldn't enter into the financial field after all....

In a post earlier I laid out my view of the rioters that took over Toronto for the G20 weekend:

People, the next time you want to protest, please protest like Winston Smith & Julia.
At least all the damage they were capable of was over-populating Oceania
. Next time, use sex as a way to protest - not only is it more enjoyable but it's less disruptive.

According to my religion teacher last year, "Sex is great!" - I'll take his word for it. With this in mind, I can't help but wonder why people are protesting by burning police cars, throwing feces, and breaking windows when that is hard work and not enjoyable at all.

I love to read and every once in a while I see glimpses of literature in the real world. In the case of the G20 I instantly connected it to George Orwell's 1984. At first it was the fact there was a law passed so quietly that one could not help but think of all the rules/laws placed on by Big Brother that the citizens of Oceania did not really know about. That being said, it also felt like the people of Toronto were the Party members or the proles and the G20 leaders were the wining and dining Inner Party Members. It also felt like the people that did not care about the fact some of the rights were infringed upon (I Just Want My City, Province, & Country back) just like Parsons & Syme.

As the rioters destroyed my city and left all of us wondering what they were protesting for/against I couldn't but think of the Two Minute Hate - the people in Oceania didn't seem to know why they were hating on Goldstein, only knowing that they hated him. Similar to this, it seemed like the rioters were just hating on something - this something may be capitalism but I wouldn't know b/c they never stated their reasons for such a violent, vandalizing destruction. It seemed like there were just hating with no reason to hate.

After this I thought about the protesting done in 1984 and realized when Winston and Julia were protesting they never did anything violent - they just had sex (which was forbidden but still). I couldn't help but think these two are the smartest of all, not only were they protesting but they were doing it while enjoying themselves since according to the said teacher, "Sex is great!" The only destruction these two would be capable of would be having kids hence overpopulation (but only if they go at it like rabbits do). This comes to the conclusion that the next time people want protest (without knowing what they're protesting against exactly), they should just have sex - as stated earlier, way less disruptive and way more enjoyable.

Once again:

People, the next time you want to protest, please protest like Winston Smith & Julia.
At least all the damage they were capable of was over-populating Oceania
. Next time, use sex as a way to protest - not only is it more enjoyable but it's less disruptive.

Thanks, oh, have fun.

Something about the G8 that made me SMILE

My friend posted this on my fb wall and it just made me smile - the only thing probably about the G8 that made me smile

G8 through students' eyes at Spruce Glen:
What is G8?
1) "G8 is a thing where eight of the richest countries come together to talk about stuff"
2) "They are leaders of the G8 countries. Toronto is one. They are walking around Huntsville to see if things go well...."
3) "G8 members are coming to talk about the town keeping clean."
4) "The G8 is a group of people from eight countries. Canda is one of them. US is one. They are president and prime ministers. Queen Elizabeth is the only woman."
5) "G8 is leaders who protect our Earth"

What would you ask the G8 leaders?
1) Is your limo VIP proof? (my personal favourite)
2) How old are you? Are you marFor results of the Toronto District School Board's vote to close schools, see
3) When did you start the G8?
4) How do you keep cities and countries safe?
5) Does your clothing match?

Since I'm in a hurry to take a quick pre-run nap my own G20 analysis will have to wait - didn't do it this morning b/c I got biten by a bug last night at the corner of my eye and it's all swollen and when I woke up I could barely open and close it.

but want to share an account of the G20 protest by a U of T professor with you - I don't really agree with everything he says (I think he's amping it up a bit) but it's a good read for good prospective

Monday, June 28, 2010

My First Marriage Proposal

In lieu of today's events and the G20 I totally forgot that I received my first marriage proposal (other than from some guy when I was 3) yesterday.

When I was out for a run yesterday morning a group of cyclists approached me while I was trying to fix the dam hydration belt and they started talking to me

Guy 1: Look there's a hot chick
Guy 2 catcalls
Guy 3: You're the ideal perfect woman for me. I love you. You're so beautiful and just perfect for me. Marry me? Please marry me, you're the ideal woman for me.

Me: Wtf? (what else am I supposed to say? I was sweaty and gross)

I was just standing there in shock and didn't know what to say

what a romantic first marriage proposal

Tonight's run was amazing. I plugged in my ipod b/c I wanted to take it slow since I have a long run tomorrow and didn't set my watch b/c once again, I wanted to go slow. I just ran, it was amazing, I felt so weightless and I totally hit the runner's high. WIth about 3.5k to go I saw my dad taking his evening stroll - I was going to run up to him and smack his ass but he heard me and turned around. He tried to smack me instead....It was such a great run tonight. Weightless and just hitting the runner's high. It's runs like these that remind me why I strive to get up early in the mornings and I run through rain, snow, hail, and thunderstorms. Running is truly the love of my life.

I did manage to deafen everyone that lives on my 11k route - my singing is horrible. SORRY. :D

Quick Personal Update

Had no idea what happened downtown today - bunch of protests I think? Need to catch up on G20 stuff later since I was out all day.

Today was one of the best days I've had in a long time. Just J, D, & myself. We noshed on sushi at Maison - love that place. It was nice to be there since we haven't gone since forever. They changed the calamari recipe - just wasn't the same. I still love it there but I couldn't help but think we've out-grown the place.

We used to go there at least once a month (or every 2 months) and we have so many great memories there. As we were leaving Maison we saw a bunch of 9ers celebrate the end of the school year at this one table and J & I just kind of looked at each other and drew back the memories we had as niners and how we used to come so often. It feels strange that I'm going to be one of the oldest kids in school next year - these 3 years have gone by so fast.

Prince of Persia is one HOT movie. Loved it - totally hot. It was such a great movie. The plot was great and the symbols and such within the movie was awesome. It was just truly one of the better movies I've seen in a while.

I picked up a copy of Ally Carter's 'Only the Good Spy Young' and it was kind of disappointing - the plot just wasn't as in your face as the other books.

After such a rollercoaster year with the decision to drop IB and everything I'm just not sure where I'm heading in life. I have a few more months to decide what I want to study for university and I'm just not sure. Honest to God, I love math but I think IB ruined my love for math b/c of how fast everything was taught - I still remember my love at first sight for trig identities (they are so much fun). B/c I didn't take gr 12 physics the engineering program is out of bounds for me. I'm thinking of going into the business and finance field which I think I would be good at but at the same time my passions lie within the philosophy, psych, language, & politics field. I'm so lost with what I want in life - what I am capable of doing and what I'm not capable of doing.

Kind of random but it's been on my mind since I came home, I hate to say this but I think one of the reasons to why I had such a great time today was b/c one of my closest friends wasn't there. I know this is seriously bitchy of me but while I love her very much there are some things about her that just seem to dampen the mood. Whenever we go out as a group or even when it's just me and her, it seems like everything as to be about her and how great she is. If we're talking about my inability to play ball sports she'll jump in and tell us how great she used to be at baseball, basketball, volleyball, &etc and how she was the captain of every sport at her old school. I'm not jealous of her talents - in fact I love that she's so talented (that way if I ever end up on her team I won't lose, with my inability to play eye-hand-coordination required sports) but it doesn't always have to be about her. If we're talking about my racing schedule (which our plans kind of have to revolve around) then she'll jump in about how she was running the other day and how guys were hitting on her. If D talks about her co-op placement or anything she'll jump in and tell us how great the mural on the wall she (not D) painted there looks like. She's a great friend and a great person but sometimes I feel like she just dampens the mood b/c she just wants to talk about herself and acts like everything should be centered around her. I know I sound like a major bitch but this has been on my chest for a long time and it just gets to me sometimes.

Also, she always seems to act superior to everyone and it just bugs me. I thought I was the one with the problem b/c these are some really unkind thought but apparently I'm not the only one that thinks she's a bit condescending and spoiled. It came up very briefly today so I guess it's not just me. She is such a great person and so fun to get around but sometimes I just wish she could stop being just so self-centered. I love her and everything but it gets really annoying sometimes.

So I figured out the no-hydration problem for my long run tomorrow, the school is still open (for now) so when I hit around 13-18k I can drop by the school and grab a drink from vending. Sounds good but I hope I don't see anyone (grad breakfast tomorrow) b/c I"ll be all gross and sweaty - I really don't want to see JDC. I'm fully over him with no regrets but I just don't want to see him...does this make sense?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Overstepping the Bounds

The coverage of the G20 in Toronto right now is hilarious, I can't find very much info on what went on in the meeting (like most G20 meetups) but this is beyond the normal; there is only coverage of the protestors. The American stations such as CNN are reporting the insights of the meeting but I really don't like the biasness of CNN so I'm just going to have to wait for the hype of the protestors to die down so I can find more about the actual G20. Also too lazy to read french newspapers.

Right now, in my mind, the police, the media, the protestors, and the rioters are all at fault. Let's start by dissecting the worst of the bunch, the rioters.

I already ranting about them yesterday so I'll keep this one short, thanks for ruining by city when you don't even live here. I've heard that quite a few of these arrested Black Bloc tactic groups are American. What the hell? You destroyed my city guilt-free and will leave with no punishment (I hate this word but I can't think of a better one right now) - no regrets since you're scotfree.

Moving onto the protestors - if you're one of those that protested peacefully and with a cause, KUDOS to you. You are the kind of people that make my day and make me SMILE. You're the 'Savage' of my "Brave New World".

However, if you're one of those "protestors" that are not rioters but kept whining about the fact you were detained and the detention centres are dirty, suck it up. The police may have over stepped their powers (which I'll attack later on, no worries) but if they ask you to move somewhere so they can do their job (maybe to protect you from other violent protestors/rioters) then let them. Don't complain about how it's a police state b/c it isn't. I've had people compare Toronto to communist China & communist North Korea today, and this makes my blood boil. In communist China & communist North Korea I highly doubt you would have been let out on the streets to protest. Also, they would have brought out real bullets instead of the rubber ones. A lot more tear gas would be used if my reasoning is correct. DO NOT CALL THE EFFORTS OF THE POLICE TO KEEP THE PEOPLE SAFE A POLICE STATE.

When CP24 interviewed some girl from the States I was just furious. The girl had been detained and she was complaining about how the holding cells were dirty, wet, and cold. Considering it was raining in TO last night I think she was the one that tracked in the wetness. Also do you expect a temporary holding cell to be clean, dry, comfy, and nice? THIS ISN'T A FRICKEN 5 STAR HOTEL! Also she was given CLEAN, DRY SWEATS - DON'T COMPLAIN. Especially if you're American and your tax dollars aren't even the ones used to clothe you to keep you warm. There have been reports that the police were respectful, professional, and giving out sandwiches so don't complain. The police are handling the situtation pretty well (but then I'm no expert).

Going down low to the media. WHY THE HELL IS MOST OF THE COVERAGE JUST ON THE VIOLENT PROTESTORS AND THE 'POLICE BRUTALITY'? why is the damm media talking up shit? (serious words for someone that cut the potty mouth and hates swearing in written forms) First off, the G20 itself should be covered - the media is there to inform.To inform the people of what was discussed so the people can demand their governments to act upon the resolutions or so the people can show their disagreements and try to make the governments act differently. CP24 had basically no coverage whatsoever on the G20 itself - only coverage on the violent protestors (not much on the peaceful ones) and the supposed acts of police brutality - but then I slept for most of the day so what do I know?

Onto so-called police brutality? What do you know about police brutality? Sure there are some cases where I don't think the police acted appropriately either but to claim police brutality in such a laid-back and loose way is politically incorrect. Do you think the police enjoys hitting people? Do you think they enjoy standing in the rain and trying to move people home so they won't get sick (both themselves and the protestors) - I really don't call banging a baton against a shield brutality. I don't call wrestling a guy to the ground while trying to arrest someone brutality. Brutality is hitting someone with bricks, with stones, with wine bottles from the recycling bin. Get your facts straight.

Also, what is with the media and thinking they are above the law. If a police officer is trying to direct you so they can do their job then follow their instructions - to detain a police officer from doing their job can grant you an arrest or detention. It's as simple as that. The media was complaining about how the police were arresting them but honestly, they asked you to move but you didn't so they had the right and the responsibility to arrest you. Don't just pull up your media badge and claim you have to right not to be arrested when you broke the law. THE MEDIA IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW. Not to be a heartless person but I was actually happy when the CTV producer was arrested b/c that just sends the message that the media IS NOT above the law. Just suck it, I don't want to hear it.

No one gets out of my ranting gasp, including the police. Kudos to the officers that tried their best to keep peace but I do have a few bones to pick. There was one footage that I saw and you were treating this girl in purple like a ragdoll - that is just unacceptable. I realize she probably was resisting arrest but to treat someone in such a rough matter is just not ok. It makes me sad when I see others treated this way.

Also, there are reports that the police was arresting people during a peaceful protest and I just don't like that. If the protest was peaceful then they should be granted their rights to freedom of thought and speech as granted by the Charter. You can't just arrest them without a reason - I surely hope you have a good enough reason for all the viewers and the people who got arrested.

And searching people just b/c they were wearing black? I understand you want to find the members of the Black Bloc but these are not the appropriate grounds to take - just b/c they're wearing black does not mean you have concrete evidence - that is in a way infringing on the right to privacy - although I do think it's better than just arresting them b/c they were wearing black.

Anche, where were you yesterday when they were tearing down everything in sight? Couldn't we have had some sort of help? I understand this could have been a tactic so the rioters don't get even more abusive and angry but think of the poor shop owners. Think of the old man with the jewelery store at Gerrard & Yonge - they torn down his store which is probably the love and baby of his life. And the feds, the province, and the city are telling people they have to pay for the damages themselves - well they told them to buy insurance but you can't buy insurance for riots. Isn't the job of the police to protect the people and to prevent crime? Maybe you were told by the feds to let this happen to justify the $1 Billion pricetag on security but you also have to remember the oath you took when you became a police officer.

One more shout out, PM HARPER! You were advised NOT to host G20 in Toronto b/c this was going to happen but you didn't listen. Thanks asshole. B/c you had the knowledge that this was going to happen it is your responsibility as a knower to help us clean up and repair the city. And I'm not talking about committing fed dollars to clean up b/c that's NOT YOUR money but rather ours. Our money that you wasted already and we're not paying a cent more for something that you have the responsibility as a knower to prevent. Why don't you very graciously donate your salary to cleaning up this mess? I like this idea the most. On the brightside, at least you weren't taking a leak during the G20 photo for once - at least you look liberal use of the photo-op this time.

Also, to future protestors/rioters:

People, the next time you want to protest, please protest like Winston Smith & Julia. At least all the damage they were capable of was over-populating Oceania. Next time, use sex as a way to protest - not only is it more enjoyable but it's less disruptive.

- JC

Also, to the City of Toronto, I think you should sell stuff animals to help pay for clean up - little stuffed horses in riot gear. I think that would be terribly cute and I would stock up. Just a thought

Off to go find press conference online - can't believe I slept the whole day away.

***long run was cut short today b/c stupid bottle flew out of my hydration belt - doing it Tues, planning my run around a gas station so I can buy fluid
***saw a fox chasing a rabbit today - so cute but felt bad for rabbit
***apparently protests are still going on tomorrow so I'm not heading downtown but rather to lunch @ Maison.
***Been asking people but no one knows when clean up is going to start
***Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky!!! must find & rent.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

G8 Outcomings

Regardless of the protests downtown Toronto I do have to pick apart the issues of the G8.

First of all, why can't the leaders use Skype instead? - as suggested by a Twitter user.

$5 Billion was committed to maternal and child health programs - $1.1 billion, over 20% of the overall amount, was committed by Canada. I'm happy that we are doing this for the third world countries and the people there but I can't help but think the $1 Billion used for the hosting of the G20 can be used toward this instead. Also, why is it that ONE country is committing over 20% of this? If this is the occurrence then whey are we hosting such an expensive and disruptive event? It's evident this $5 billion could have been raised without having all these 8 leaders in one room - waste of time and money if you ask me.

The sanction on Iran was discussed again and it seems like the G8 leaders are moving toward sanctioning Iran (the UN & Iraq - The Sanction). This is stupid A SANCTION DOES NOT WORK. The only thing that will happen during a sanction is the normal-everyday people will suffer. Remember that these rich leaders have Swiss bank accounts, they will still be able to get the materials they want for nuclear weapons. However the average person does not have a Swiss bank account and they will not be able to get materials they need for a healthy life - including chlorine which is necessary for clean water.

I'm not too happy with the fake lake built for the G8 nor the fake grass used for the photo. The cost of these summits is disgusting. And it seems evident that less work is being done. A hell of an expensive photo-op.

Also would like to add that Toronto and Canada has become the laughingstock of the world. France has already stated that when they host the G20 next year they are going to use 1/10 of the money we are using. Let's not forget when America hosted the G20 last year they spent $17 million - we are spending over 51x as much. Don't host the G20 in a diverse city is all I'm saying....

Also, Huntsville G8 was rather peaceful - why did the PM pick Toronto for the G20? If the G20 was in Huntsville I highly doubt as much damage would exist right now. I mean the non-Canadian protestors probably don't even know where Huntsville is.

This was a stupid idea.

As far as I know of there is no planned clean up yet for the Toronto streets,
but I am calling upon all the people living in the GTA to come out and help clean up this mess on Monday.

***skipped run tonight b/c I have a long one tomorrow
***more adequate post will be posted later - have a 28k at 5:30am

Disgusted with the Black Bloc

I am utterly disgusted with the Black Bloc - they are destroying the city and I'm still not sure what they are protesting for/against.

They are ruining the point of protesting, destroying the city, and just creating a bad name for themselves and the city. Over 90% of the protestors were peaceful protestors that have something to stand for and a message to deliver but now these Black Bloc members have created so much confusion their message can not be heard. This group of a few hundred people are disgusting, they are not protestors; they are filthy, selfish, condescending terrorists.

It has been reported that the Black Bloc leader isn't even Canadian - get the hell out of my city, my province, my county. These people are disruptive and not even human in my point of view, they have no cause that is evident, they are disgusting.

I know for a fact they don't stand for the environment or are asking for the G20 leaders to work toward climate change solutions since they just sent 2 police cruisers on fire which just released a ton of cabon dioxide into the air. These people are thugs who deserve to be arrested. They have broken the windows of the cute shops on Queen, they have tried to break the windows of the major banks downtown, they have stormed into the Eaton Centre and just destroyed my city.

Also, if you're just protesting against the pricetag of the summits then why are you destroying the city? The cost of cleaning all of this is just sky-high. They have broken into the Eaton Centre and just destroyed stores & restaurants. Since you're the ones that destroyed the city then I think you should be the one paying for the damages.

Toronto David Miller and I don't often agree but in this case I must agree with him, these people, the Black Bloc and the like are not here to protest. They are just here to take opportunity of the situtation to reck havoc. Protestors and other anarchists don't follow them, they have been seen on camera yelling at them to stop, to stop ruining the city and to stop ruining the name of protesting.

I am just in tears over what is happening to Toronto, they are ruining the image of Toronto - Toronto is a beautiful city that is normally really peaceful yet lively; not violent at all. These people need to understand that by using violence they are not going to be heard, they are going to be shunned by the society. They are not getting their point across in this case - they are losing their point b/c violence is NEVER the answer.

Calling the police Nazis is not the answer. This is not protesting. Don't ruin the right to the freedom of speech and thought for the rest of the country. You have already ruined this right for other 9000+ protestors.

It is chaos downtown. It is not my city anymore. Unless you're a peaceful protestor, don't bother going downtown and ruining it for everyone else.


Also, it's hard to believe Queen St. hosted the MMVAs last week.
The streets were filled with cheering, happy, excited people wanting to see their favourite artists last week but now, the streets are ruined.

As far as I know of there is no planned clean up yet for the Toronto streets,
but I am calling upon all the people living in the GTA to come out and help clean up this mess on Monday.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I just want my city, my province, and my country back

I feel like George Orwell’s 1984 has come alive in Toronto. I can’t believe my so-called democratic country right now. The OPP has been approved to use sound canons even though they haven’t been proved to be totally safe. The police have also been given special arrest powers for the duration of the G20. My city, my province, my country is turning into something unrecognizable and just disgusting.
A motion to ban police use of sound cannons during the G20 was dismissed Friday morning by the Ontario Superior Court Justice, David Brown. The police claim they need these sound cannons to communicate with the crowds when it becomes too loud for them to continue communication with the traditional megaphones. But the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the Canadian Labour Congress are suggesting that the police are using the Toronto residents as guinea pigs to see if these sound cannons are safe. Way to show love to the citizens of Toronto. David Brown’s decision is letting the police use the sound cannons but under limits on their usage. Nice to see that Brown cares about the lovely citizens of Toronto.
As of Friday afternoon, the protest groups were accusing the police of denying them the right to the freedom of speech (granted under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms) due to the fact the sound cannons will be able to overpower their voices. This brings about a good argument in my mind, the whole issue about what is a right and what is a freedom and the boundaries to freedoms. Honestly, in this case I feel like the rights are being infringed upon since I highly doubt the protestors are going to be chanting death threats. The point of the protests is to improve the conditions of the world – to demand more funding for 3rd world nations, to demand the Harper government lift the undemocratic statement that Canada will not deploy any aid to countries that support abortions, to demand action on climate change, and just to better the world. There is nothing wrong with these protestors and they are doing a great thing by going downtown and protesting for issues in which they believe in. They are the people that we should slave to become more like – the people that don’t just sit around and act as the government and the corporations tell them. They are the people with minds for themselves. These people deserve the right to freedom of speech and the right to be heard as much as the G20 leaders – actually if you ask me, these people have more of a right to be heard than these G20 leaders b/c the right to freedom of speech is under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which is granted to Canadian citizens. Tell me, when was the President of China Canadian? Is Barack Obama Canadian? The answer is no. Why are we taking away the rights of the people? Why are we suppressing them and their thoughts? What kind of world are we living in? Why are so little people concerned about the fact our rights are infringed on? I think we are now entering the Orwellian world and these protestors are today’s version of Winston Smith.
Moving onwards, the police have been given special powers for the duration of the G8 and G20 summits. I find this disgusting and just undemocratic. The law that is granting the police these powers was passed quietly by the Ontario government – sounds like the Canadian War Measure act to several critics (as reported by CTV news). The media and the people were not informed of these new laws and many people were searched on Friday morning because they were within a 5m perimeter of the G20 summit area. What a lot of bull – you can’t just search people while they’re out on a stroll with their dog. What if they are found to be carrying a ‘weapon’ such as a leash with studs (you never know what will be considered a weapon at this rate, a guy was arrested and detained yesterday and all he had was a crossbow), are you going to arrest them? What about if they were out for a run and was carrying a ton of Gatorade and an ipod (together it has been rumoured that a bomb could be created), what would you do then? Arrest them for possession of bomb making materials? This law that was passed so quietly enables the police to ask anyone within 5m perimeter of the G20 summit area to state their name and purpose for entering the zone, if the person refuses to answer these questions then the police can search and arrest them. What if the person is a mute? What happens? This law may have been passed democratically but the application is not exactly following the traditions of the country. This law is temporary and will expire on June 28, 2010 but while it was put up on the Ontario e-law website last week the official publication date is not until July 3, 2010 – at this point in time the law would already have expired. Is it right for the government to pass a law and carry out the clauses without informing the people? This is just ridiculous and just humiliating for the citizens of Toronto – we no longer have say or knowledge of what goes on in our city.
Certain parts of my city have been blocked for the G20, undemocratic actions have been taken on by the governments, and infringements have been made to my Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I don’t know whether to be more alarmed that this is occurring or to be scared that the people of Canada don’t seem to care very much about the fact this is happening. Are we turning into robots? Are we becoming the Syme and Parsons of today? Why is it that the world doesn’t seem to care that the rights and freedoms of many have been infringed upon? Is there a justification for these actions? They say it’s for the safety of the people of Toronto, but, is it really for our safety? Or is it for another purpose – to see if we will react if our rights and freedoms are taken away? Are we being used as an experiment? In this case we are not treated as humans with rights but as lab rats.
I just want my city, my province, and my country back. Je voudrais mon village, ma province, et mon payƩ.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

G20 - Crossbow report

Now that summer has started and I am no longer IB I have more time on my hands to direct to one of my passions, politics. I love politics - it's just so fun to watch and dissect. The G20 being in my city don't help the growing fire and the latest thing I have to laugh about is the recent arrest of a 53 year old man.

This 53 year old man was arrested on the charge of possession of dangerous weapons - what a joke, he had a chainsaw, gas cans, and a crossbow. What are you going to do with a chainsaw, gas cans, and a crossbow in an area guarded tightly but a enormous amount of police. I mean if my friend was downtown he could have been arrested to (he does archery), I mean if my friend was say, on his way to archery practice and the police saw him would they arrest him? If they arrested him then his future would be ruined. Charged with weaponry possession at age 16. Future bosses would LOVE him.

I understand the cops are concerned about what could happen during this time period but this is just ridiculous - the above mentioned items are things that people use everyday. They questioned this poor guy over and over and over again . I'm willing to bet this guy is pretty traumatized right now - all he wanted during the "interview" was to find out if his dog was ok - isn't the fact a dog with the guy a sign that the guy isn't some protestor wanting to kill or send a message. Who would bring their dog to a future bombing job.

The whole G20 thing is a bust and a HUGE waste of money. The cost of G20 2010 in Toronto is over 1 Billion$ and that doesn't include the fact businesses have to be closed. The Telus centre in downtown Toronto was basically empty according to CP24. Through the grapevine I have heard that the University of Toronto has unofficially told its students not to show up to class (well, I've heard that some profs may have told their students to not show up for class but to join the protest). Many offices have told their employees not to go to work - which may be fine for them b/c their employees can work from home. But, the small businesses downtown aren't going to fare as well - my dad isn't going to work tomorrow b/c of the G20. Just think how much money is potentially lost by the small businesses downtown b/c of the G20 - their employees and customers have issues getting the business b/c certain TTC lines are shuffled, certain streets are closed, certain areas are blocked, and certain highways are diverted. For these small businesses, each and every work day is important to bringing in the money to support their families and to lose a few days is detrimental for them.

The G20 sounds like a good idea - oh the world is getting together to work out issues and move forward but that's a load of bull. The G20 is really just a photo-op, these so-called world leaders will talk, sign a few papers, take a few photos, conduct a press conference, fly home, and forget about whatever happened. The cost of the G20 just isn't worth this photo-op but what do these people care about - it's not them paying the bill. It's not their neighbourhood that now hosts a huge-ass chain fence. It's not their business that had to close down for potential 4 days. It's not their hard-earned money that went toward building a fake lake (honestly, Harper, what the hell are you thinking). They say the government works for us but really we work for the government for no pay (in fact we front the government with our taxes) but the government really works for the corporate society - the corporate sectors rule the nest and it's up to the governments to be their bitches. I'm telling you, even if the the world leader agrees to something discussed at the G20 if their corporate backers don't agree then the deal is off - but then there really was no intention of following whatever is signed at the G20. The G20 is just a hell-of-an-expensive photo-op. Over 1 Billion and change. Thanks.

Pet Peeves

I hate girls/guys that dress like they are pro runners when they are jogging (yes, I'm using the dreaded word) at a pace slower than my walking. I don't know why but it just bugs me when I see REALLY SLOW joggers wearing 140$ ascis, tight short shorts, expensive brand named tech tanks, and those thin UA hairbands. When you look at these joggers it's easy to see that in a few days or a few weeks they're going to quit and never use these items again (it's just a vibe you can feel) - they just WASTED a ton of money. It just bugs me so much to see these people b/c to me they're just fakes and they're trying to be someone they're not. It's kind of funny but the true runners actually don't dress all that "pro", the everyday grinders I know are clad in the same kind of gear but in a way more relaxed feel and way less style conscious - our shorts and our shirts don't always match (GASP). Call me an elitist (even though I am far from an elite runner) but I think the short short running shorts are something that should be earned - I hate it when girls who are just jogging (and will quit in a few weeks or even days) wear short shorts b/c they are telling the world that girl runners are easy and devaluing the female body (that we are only useful for our bodies). Sure, I'm prey to those amazing short shorts by UA (2.5in to be exact) but I need those shorts and I have earned them - what else can wicker away sweat and cling to my legs so I don't feel anything when I run. What else keeps me as cool (well going bottomless would be ideal but I don't think that's legal on my streets). PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF MEN, PLEASE LEAVE THOSE SHORT SHORTS AT HOME UNLESS YOU'RE A RUNNER.

While we're at the pet peeve thing I have to say I hate it when people who are not serious about running come up to me during the day and tell me that they ran the other day. That's nice but WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THIS? Sure, I'm glad more people are taking up this healthy activity but unless you're going to be grinding it out for 5-6 days a week and taking it seriously as a sport I don't really care. Well, if they were my friend I would care a bit b/c it's about a healthy lifestyle but I don't know these people - they know me. People need to realize that while I took up running to live a healthier lifestyle in Sept 2008 I am no longer the same person. I no longer run for a healthier lifestyle, running is my life now - in fact, if you ask my parents, running is making me unhealthy. Running to live healthier and running as a way of life are two different things and people need to understand that, they need to realize how important running is to me so they don't get mad when I ditch plans b/c a) I need to run b) I need to run c) I need to workout to enhance my running d) I need to run. Thank the Lord my friends understand this and don't get mad when I ditch b/c I have to run - in fact they make sure the plans fit into my running schedule.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Earthquake in Toronto/Ottawa/Quebec then Tornado in Midland

First Earthquake in Toronto/Ottawa/Quebec then Tornado in Midland

Once again, either this is a government stimulated project to keep protestors at bay or it's 2012. Tornado in Midland, wow, that doesn't happen. It's Midland.

I can't help but thank the stars I don't live in Midland. Not only did they get hit by a tornado but there are no Asians there. I still remember my trip to Midland for track last year, it was an interesting experience - their high school had basically one Asian with the Asian being half. And those gr 5s on the Sudbury trip were from Midland. No Asians in that group - only not very bright, spoiled, uncultured children who looked like they have never seen anyone non-white. Midland. Oh Midland.

Regardless of the flaws Midland has (in my mind) and the jokes me make out of this little town, I hope everyone is alright. Safe, healthy, & with a roof over their heads

***Man, speedwork was brutal, wind nearly tipped me over. Times were soo off. Left calf feels tights which is not cool since I went to physio today

Earthquake in Toronto

There was an earthquake in Toronto (5.5 I believe) and I SLEPT through the whole thing. Anyone that lives in Ontario knows we don't get earthquakes very often due to the fact we're in the centre of a earth plate. This one was a surprise - my friends were all freaked out and texting each other on what was happening while I was snug in bed and totally knocked out since I hadn't slept forthe past 24h.

Two things come to mind when I think about this earthquake
a) It has been stimulated by the government to create fear so people will stop protesting against the G20 and the fake lake so Harper doesn't look like an idiot for the G20 this week. Think about it, if people are scared to leave their houses b/c of an earthquake then we won't need that huge ass chain fence in the downtown core.
b) 2012. First an erupting volcano, coupled with all the tsunamis of the world these recent years, and now an earthquake in an area that doesn't get earthquakes. Totally 2012 if you ask me.

The truth is there are "relatively active" fault lines along Lake Erie & Lake Ontario. But I had fun making up such conspiracy theories....

***missed my physio appointment b/c I was sleeping - they thought I had issues with the earthquake. Going at 4:30


I'm Done

Did my last exam (bio) today. HELLO SUMMER.

I think I passed the exam, there wasn't anything I didn't really know but I felt like some of my answers were incomplete - wth any other teacher they would be great answers but with mine....incomplete.


Man, when I got up this morning and looked in the mirror (I'm the sleep in bra & panties type kind of girl) in the washroom I had to take a double-take. I looked like a motorola razer. I was that skinny and flat. It was strange b/c my stomache is never flat regardless of the fact I don't really have body fat - it's the fact I'm so small and I eat/drink so much that everything usually looks like a snake swallowing a watermelon. It was strange yet nice - especially since I ate EVERYTHING in the house yesterday. I think it's the effects of taking up training seriously again. If it doesn't rain I have speed work tonight:).


Monday, June 21, 2010

boys are weird

So, my friend D. had the whole issue thing with this guy G. a few weeks ago - when she told him she liked him he just went "is that it?"

Today, she was kind of less happy in her co-op class and he was trying to cheer her up and stuff. He gave her a piggyback ride, and told her that her parents were wrong in saying she's "useless" (her parents are chill so they don't mean it but it's funny when they say it). He was just basically the sweetest guy ever according to her. Then he tells her that he likes her back.

Wow. I don't know what to say. First you break her hear with the stupid response above but you actually like her? I don't get this, I think it's cute that he likes her and all but why was he such a douche bag before? I'm confused. BOYS ARE WEIRD.

Even though JDC wrote such an uncreative msg I'm glad I got him to sign b/c it gives me closure to all the crap my hormones put me through this year. Bye bye old crush and here's to finding a new one. - Makes me sad b/c for the last 3 years I've liked gr 12 guys at some pt. during the school year and I always have to say bye to them. He is the first one going to the States though - DC to be exact. Closure feels good.

back to ToK & bio. I still can't believe I totally forgot the principles of Plato & Aristotle last night - I just couldn't remember them. The only one I can remember is Spinoza.

I'm not failing bio!

I've been struggling through my bio course this whole semester, my teacher updated the marks and I'm not failing bio (yet). Not a great mark but compared to what I thought I was getting, this is enlightening - 71%. I thought I was in the down low 60s since for the whole semester my tests were always in the 50-60%. But,for the test we got back today, I got a 80%!

I am actually really proud of myself even though 80% isn't actually that great of a mark. I finally beat through the system and realized what she wants when she askes a question. Before this test, at every test I was confused to what exactly she wanted - she wants EVERYTHING relavent to the topic question as long as you don't go too off topic.

I hope I can do well on the exam....I just want a 70%+. No high requirements since I'm retaking bio this summer.

I talked to my teacher today and jokingly told her how I now know not to take bio in university and she tells me I'm a good kid and she knows I've tried. She also tells me that she doesn't think I'm such a total disaster but with some of the stuff I know it well. In my mind the whole time I couldn't stop thinking about how low the marks on my tests were - but apparently I'm not horrible.

I think if I had a different teacher I would be getting 90s but I wouldn't learn as much - the kids in her class truely learnt a lot as long as they tried I think. I mean no one else for a question regarding the consequences of base substituation mutation in relation to transcription & translation using sickle cell anemia as an example, will need to define hemoglobin, sicke cell amenia, base subsitution, before answering the question. AND when answeing the question you have to show the transcription & translation process. Let's just say, after this class, retaking bio in the summer should be a piece of cake.

Talked to Civ about hydration while running since I have a 28k next week and he's suggesting that I get a belt - omg, I'm going to have to look like one of those losers with a belt. GAH, I associate the beginner runners with the belt so this SUCKS.

Got PM, FB, JDC to sign my yearbook and wow, boys are some of the most increative and messy writers I know. Actually, their msgs suck - how hard is it to provide a bit of creativity rather than just tell me to run. THEY ALL TOLD ME TO RUN. well, everyone wrote that...but still. getting tired of reading the same msg. over and over again.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

so slow

first long run since the Hartwell Half where I literally died since I was running it sick - everytime we pass by Aurora I just have to crack that I littered used tissues all over the town.

23.7k = 1:51.01. GAH. I think in March I was running this same distance in 10 min less. I feel so slow and so out of shape even though this was expected. GAH.

have a 28k planned for next week.

Went I got home I was caked in sunscreen and salt - not a pretty sight. Ice cold water never felt so good.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

weekend of death

ToK exam on Tues
Bio exam on Wed.

Studying like crazy this weekend. Making ToK study notes right now then bio study notes. I need most of my study notes done by tomorrow afternoon. Going to bio Mon. morning but leaving right after to go back home and study. I thought the weekends of death were over with the IB exams but I guess not.

The only thing keeping me sane right now is Italian music. Listening to the top 10 Italian songs of the week on CHIN (online). Love love love la musica italiana. Mi piace la music italiana♥

Hate family dinners, our dinner didn't end till 10:30 - didn't get home till 11 so I couldn't run. It's hot today and there's no way I can do a double b/c I have a long run tomorrow. It just totally messed up my WHOLE workout schedule. I'm not a fan of family dinners - expensive, greasy, fatty food. I had to take some days off the past 2 weeks b/c I wasn't up to par physically but now that I am up to par physically I can't find the TIME to hit the roads. So frustrating.

So stressed and tired.

Watched Netherlands vs. Japan - WOW. they are HOT.
Aussie vs. Ghana - didn't watch much but I'm rooting for Ghana - they seem so energetic

Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Stalking Abilities

We had a JDC fest in ToK today - just chatting about how hot he is and whatnot - I'm totally over him but he's nice to look at:D. Moving onwards, my friend tells me how she was his square dancing partner and how he basically loved being partners with her - it was a cute story.- I think he has a fetish for Asian chicks....based on what I've heard.

Apparently JDC is actually a loudmouth and he loves to talk. This surprises me so much b/c he NEVER talks when he's around me - he only talks to me or he's pretty quiet. This lead to one of the girls telling me that's b/c he might like me. In my dreams. But it's so shocking to me that he's talkative b/c he NEVER talks around me. It's still shocking me right now.IDK, I've known him since last year during our stints in the weightroom and since XC and I've always thought he's relatively quiet unless he has something to say - like how he saw me running (it seems like the whole york region has seen me running). Or how he agrees with EVERYONE (MK, Civ, JS, & people who I don't even know) that me and camping = disaster and not going to happen (we were talking about bug bites and the topic of J asking me to go camping w/her came up).

Anyways, as we were chatting we started to wonder where he's going next year - I had heard he was offered a scholarship to the States for soccer but I wasn't sure which school. So, I employed by stalking/espionage skills and asked my accounting teacher from last year (he finally called me by my name - he usually leaves out the A). I was going to ask JDC himself but I couldn't find him. And he is going to the States - my espionage skills are amazing. Or I'm just good at stalking. My friend also asked around and our results match. Heres to our stalking skills:).

I wanted JDC to sign my yearbook - I have the rest of the XC team there but he's missing but I couldn't find him. GAH! I've seen him everyday this week and I kept forgetting to ask him so I hope he's at school Monday when I'm there so he can sign it. Ever since the Mark episode last year I need the whole team to sign it for good luck.

His friend, our team mate, AR, is hilarious. He wrtes down the usual good luck kind of thing then pops in "nice legs" - we've had such good times together. Never will I forget that one run last year w/the tree and the need to go to the washroom. Love this guy. going to miss him next year since he's graduating - going to miss everyone so much.

Man, the kilt does wonders. I had 3 different guys check me out today which was nice since I didn't even have time to brush my hair this morning LOL.

Moving on, I was having a convo with my friend today about what to do when running in the heat. The answer, strip. I told him how I ran shirtless last night (still wearing a sports bra) and this random guy behind us was just listening intently the WHOLE time. I was not sure if I was to be amused, flattered, or angry. I picked confused.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Akeelah and the Bee

Akeelah and the Bee has got to be one of the cutest movies ever. She is such a cutie as is Javier, such a cute couple. As we watched the move in math for the last two days we realized how horrible we are at spelling. I totally respect spellers but I still don't understand why it's considered a sport and it's played on TSN.

Last night I got an email with a link to a pdf file that lists the average times universities in the States (tier 2) start recruiting from and it seems really messed to me. I am a few seconds off being recruited for the 1500 and the 3200 but minutes off for 5k for XC. According to this file I am more likely to be recruited for the 1500 and the 3200 than for cross country - totally wacked b/c I'm a long distance runner. Based on my training run times I'm pretty decent for a half marathon though my 10k time seems to be lacking (a lot). I just don't understand how based on this, my best events would be the 1500 & the 3200. And the fact I'm not fast enough for walk-on for cross country.

Anyways, back to Akeelah and the Bee, I told my coach about the situtation above and he starts telling me I should focus on the 1500 & 3200 b/c there's a higher chance of being recruited. He also tells me he wants me to aim for top 3 at the YRAA next year which I think is impossible b/c of all the great runners out there but then he throws in Akeelah and the Bee and how she's an underdog and how I should aspire to be like her. I really don't think I can get top 3 - top 10 sounds likely since I was 11th this year however this year was a weak year in terms of the XC runners so it will be hard getting into top 10 this year.

Habs traded Halak - I think Halak is overrated but he is so much better than Price.

Test on Manon des Sources tomorrow! I don't remember any of the book....tiem to reread - i have 7h till I need to get up and leave for school.
***excuse the bad grammar & writting style - I've been in French mode for the last couple of hours

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Never Knew I was so Tight

I never knew I was that tight. Went to physio today and my knee feels so much better right now. The therapist only worked on my knees a bit today b/c it was an assessment but it already feels so much less tight and much more relaxed.

She was poking around my lower body and wow, I never knew how tight the area above my hips were. When she pressing these areas, my muscles were screaming. That area was that tight. I can imagine that if I was the one pressing into those areas I would have thought I was pressing into steel.

My knees feel so good right now:). I'm so happy. I have to say, during the therapy part I was literally screaming in pain at times b/c of how tight the muscles behind my kneecap were - she totally loosened them up and wow, it feels so much better.

The good news is I can continue to run and I don't need to slow it down but the bad news is I have to go once a week (she wanted me back twice a week but I can't fit that in) and that's really expensive. But I think it's something I really need to do

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm Going Nuts

I have decided I'm trying out for softball next year. That's right.

This is absolutely crazy but the idea just popped into my mind a few minutes ago. I have no idea what softball is, other than the fact it's different from baseball but they both consists of bats, balls, and bases.

I doubt I will be much help for the team if I do make it but I think it's time to expand my horizons and add another sport in so I can cross train more. My eye-hand coordination skills aren't the best so I doubt I'll be much help in bat - especially since I'm scared of the ball. But, I'm sure I can be useful somewhere.

This is one of the craziest ideas of the year and hopefully, I will remember to show up for tryouts next year.

Early Morning 5k

left calf tendon is no longer tight and cramping

I hit the roads early this morning for a quick 5k to assess my body and that calf is no longer bother me, but since it was only a 5k and not one at full force it's hard to tell. I still have to go see the therapist on Wed though since I need to find out why my joints have been popping and find a way to stop it.

21:56.49 - with a time like this it's hard to believe I was running a 21:05 in the fall. But I do think this run was slightly over 5k. Also have to consider that I ran this in the morning so my muscles were not warmed up and I was not hydrated as well nor as well fed (toasted pita with humus for breakfest YUM!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

He Broke Down

My father broke down - I think my mom talked to him.

He was all chatty when I went down to grab a snack and since he does have to pay for my sports therapy I have to forgive him - that bill isn't cheap and since I don't have a job this summer I need SOMEONE to pay. Might as well be him.

I have to say I'm such a pushover b/c he didn't apologize yet I'm forgiving him. He's my father but he still can't treat me this way but at the same time he's my father so I should forgive him. ARG. I'm such a easy pushover. But he is paying for my therapy. I am horrible at justifying things. HORRIBLE. no wonder I did so poorly on the logic section in ToK.

Well, it is easier to ask him for money for the contests/races this summer that I plan to do when we're not fighting. AND I feel bad for my mom - she has enough on her plate without family members not speaking to each other.

***knee popped out AGAIN, no run tonight. It's been 2 days and it's driving me nuts.


My mind is going all over the place today.

It was exploding in ToK today and I totally messed up my presentation, I forgot some stuff and emphasized on the wrong stuff. I think I left the class very confused. GAH. Hopefully I get a 90+ on the exam to make up for it. I love my ToK teacher and how much we actually learn in his class but sometimes I wish we had the other teacher so we could get higher marks.

I want to do this with my friends this summer - sounds FUN & A GREAT WAY TO LEARN MY CITY. Yeah, I was born in T.Dot but I don't know my city all too well. I still remember trying to find the 510 CNE Loop stop....that was an interesting day. And skipping the Bloor stop b/c we were "too busy" talking. And the time we wandered around Kensington Market - those were cool hats. Let's not forget how I somehow got lost while using the skywalk on my way to the Convention Centre from Union.....

So, there's this writing contest that I want to enter into, just so I'll be creative ready for Writer's Craft next year. The objective is to write one chapter of a mystery novel centered for 12year olds about Paul Martin (Former PM) - I think this is totally the thing for me b/c I love Paul Martin. I think he was an awesome PM and great Finance Minister - the reason to why Canada didn't "die" like the US during the recession is b/c of his policies.

Got an appointment with a sports therapist on Wed @ 1:30pm - they asked me if I wanted another time but I was quick to respond the negative since there is no way I actually want to sit in French. I'm actually understanding Manon des Sources to an extent but my teacher never picks me to answer the questions when I clearly have my hand up. It un-nerves me b/c we get marked on participation and if I don't get picked to answer questions then I don't get marked. GAH.

Meeting w/the XC girls tomorrow. hope all goes well - got called crazy today when I expressed my plans to do speedwork at 4am. LOL. Maybe I'm a little off my rocker.

I realized today that I always re-realize how short I am everytime I see JDC - he's a freakin beast, I wonder how tall he is. I hate being short.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm Done

Family dinner with some relatives at my house tonight and my mom tried to repair the relationship b/w my dad and I but it's not going to happen. She forced him to say something to me in front of everyone but he still couldn't keep disgust out of his voice. Considering the fact that he is the one that initiated the fight and blamed me for something that is utterly not my fault, I should be the one with disgust in my voice. If he had apologized to me within the 3 day window or responded to my attempts to make peace (even though it wasn't my fault - I took the higher road) then I will forgive him. But with his actions, I'm done. I'm done trying and I doubt I'll be able to talk to him without disgust for a very long time.

I'm the kind of person that feels bad for yelling at people for their incompetence. I give second chances the way Paris Hilton spends money. I'm what people call nice - a lot of my friends tell me I'm too nice. Sure, I have a bitchy side that comes out when I'm mad but I generally don't get mad. Some of my closest friends will consider me a bit of a diplomat and a blank slate b/c most of the emotions I show are excitement, happiness, & gratefulness - I try to not utilize the negative emotions b/c that will only bring me down more. This fight was my father's fault and until he apologizes or reaches out in a big way I'm done.

I'm sick and tired of this bullshit which is just pulling me into a hole so I'm done. From now on, I'm a blank slate to him - no emotion will be shown. He doesn't deserve to see the emotional side of me.

I am finished.
J'ai fini.
Io ho finito.

Field Day in Front of the Laptop

Tok Presentation? What's that.

When there's track (NY) to watch & FIFA, there is no such thing as ToK Presentation. Vicky and I opted to watch England vs. United States instead of working on our ToK presentation.

Very upset about the goal Green let it, such a weak goal - I could have saved that. Well not really, but still, it was a weak goal. Did not want US to win or tie.

I felt so bad for Green when he let the ball in, he looked like he was going to cry. Wanted to give him a hug and some ice cream to make him feel better - though I doubt he would have appreciated the ice cream.

Cheering of England & Italia!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Asian parents just don't understand

Asian parents just don't understand
I've been ignoring the signs that I need to go see an athletic therapist for the last 3 months - I've had tightness in muscles that shouldn't be happening, different parts of my body have popped in and out of place, and I'm just not hitting the times I had in late fall. There is no reason for these aliments as I'm not even running as much distance each month - May was my all time low (partly b/c of sickness, injury, and track training) so I shouldn't be experiencing this.

When I popped my hip in Oct. my Dr. said I didn't need to see a therapist or anyone else and now I really regret taking her advice. Again, with the fall in April I should have gone to a therapist regardless of her views b/c right now I'm experiencing some left knee issues - the impact spot of my fall.

Post 2nd run today I told my mom I needed to see an athletic therapist asap and she got pissed - she started yelling about how I shouldn't have done the 2nd run and that normal people don't run twice a day. Honestly, I'm not even running as much as I ran in the fall, I cut back my distance b/c of all the studying I need to so it's not an overuse injury. Everyone in my family is yelling about how it's an overuse injury when it isn't. They don't understand. Being Asian and anti-sport they think everything is an overuse injury. I hate how they like to brag to their friends about my placing in races when they don't even understand how hard I need to train to do well.

You want me to do well in my next race? Just pay for my treatment and stop yelling at me. You think I want to spend money on this? I would rather buy a pair of bioms.

I need a sports therapist & deep tissue massage ASAP.

My father is such a stubborn and child-like man, every single time we fight I'm always the one that reaches out. It's been 4 days since we last spoke (the day of the fight) and he's still not talking to me. I felt bad last night and reached out and he ignored me. He's still wouldn't talk to me during dinner today. What an asshole. I never had much respect for him b/c of the way he treats me (inferior to my brother &etc), but now, I lost all respect for him and I don't regret it one bit.Asian parents just don't understand
I've been ignoring the signs that I need to go see an athletic therapist for the last 3 months - I've had tightness in muscles that shouldn't be happening, different parts of my body have popped in and out of place, and I'm just not hitting the times I had in late fall. There is no reason for these aliments as I'm not even running as much distance each month - May was my all time low (partly b/c of sickness, injury, and track training) so I shouldn't be experiencing this.

When I popped my hip in Oct. my Dr. said I didn't need to see a therapist or anyone else and now I really regret taking her advice. Again, with the fall in April I should have gone to a therapist regardless of her views b/c right now I'm experiencing some left knee issues - the impact spot of my fall.

Post 2nd run today I told my mom I needed to see an athletic therapist asap and she got pissed - she started yelling about how I shouldn't have done the 2nd run and that normal people don't run twice a day. Honestly, I'm not even running as much as I ran in the fall, I cut back my distance b/c of all the studying I need to so it's not an overuse injury. Everyone in my family is yelling about how it's an overuse injury when it isn't. They don't understand. Being Asian and anti-sport they think everything is an overuse injury. I hate how they like to brag to their friends about my placing in races when they don't even understand how hard I need to train to do well.

You want me to do well in my next race? Just pay for my treatment and stop yelling at me. You think I want to spend money on this? I would rather buy a pair of bioms.

I need a sports therapist & deep tissue massage ASAP.

My father is such a stubborn and child-like man, every single time we fight I'm always the one that reaches out. It's been 4 days since we last spoke (the day of the fight) and he's still not talking to me. I felt bad last night and reached out and he ignored me. He's still wouldn't talk to me during dinner today. What an asshole. I never had much respect for him b/c of the way he treats me (inferior to my brother &etc), but now, I lost all respect for him and I don't regret it one bit.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

boys suck

D. liked this guy, G. - he's a gr 12. They kind of chilled all semester and he was giving indications that he liked her back. B/c he was giving these vibes and D. isn't the type to wait around, she told him today that she liked him. His response? "Is that it?" before walking away.

What is this? Can't you at least say something along the lines of "I'm sorry but I don't like you back" - just be polite for heaven's sake. It's not that hard you know. What an asshole. It's not like he's a totally hot superstar either, does he really he's so great that he doesn't have to be polite? I really wanted to smack him multiple times when I saw him today.

Then onto me, so, J, mentioned in a few posts ago, I thought my crush on him was over. But it wasn't - it came back after the time he checked me out. It's all physical attraction and not even as strong as the crush I had on Mark last year (I REALLY liked Mark). But he's been on and off my radar for the last couple of months - he went off again last night b/c he looked like a Spanish hit-man - see, physical attraction.

Today, I swear, he seemed to be popping up everywhere I was. I turned around and there he. It was kind of bizzare b/c in all the other 8 months of school I would only see him after school or once in a moon, in the halls. He walked onto the field when we were sitting there, our exchange,

He comes toward us on his way to the field, nods at me

Me: congrats on the awards last night
Him: Why thank you, thank you, thank you

my friends and I burst out laughing as he walked away, he sounded like a freakin Spanish hit-man but sexy at the same time.

He popped up as J. was buying a slushie, as we chilled by the bouncy castle thing, when I went to talk to a teacher about whether or not he's teaching Int. Business next year (why is it that everyone forgets the A in my name on purpose).

The problem is the on/off physical attraction thing is driving me NUTS - I want either my crush to be there solid or just not be there at all. B/c he is the source of the attraction I'm blaming my flaring hormones on him. Too bad for him.

***love how this guy pretended another girl's dog was his...when I asked for the dog's name (Bailey) I recognized it and realized it wasn't his dog. Bailey is soo big now! He was so tiny the last time we saw her. He loved me:)

long day

Morning run at 5:50am b/c I overslept....the run was slow since my knee isn't fully in place yet.

Was supposed to run tonight but decided on staying in and studying bio for the quiz tomorrow instead. Bio is the death of me. Arg.

The bio assignment today was fun though we made a baby! He was very ugly with his 6 legs, 3 body segments, & 4 wings. He was a XY but he looked like a girl - I have drawing issues....

People at my school walk so SLOW - my class was the last class to leave the school for the morning mass at Le Parc (yearly event) but we were not the last ones there - people walk so SLOW. I'm a slow walker but I still beat them - bio teacher says she might coach XC next year:).

Lunch of burgers, chips, & orange (from home). Then popcorn. Then ice cream. Then cotton candy. Then snow cone. Did not eat healthy at all today. But eh, whatever. - well I should care b/c I'm back into training how but since I haven't hit the hardcore times yet it doesn't matter AS much.

Battled w/D on the bouncy castle thing and I lost. I actually lost to D. what a shame. and I'm apparently not very strong - only hit 60 on the strenght thing. I'm such a failure....

Talked to Civ today about the Senior Girls for XC next year and I'm hoping we make it to OFSAA but in order to do so we need to be the top 2 teams. It's not looking good b/c BCSS has a strong team next year. Both Aurora & Sacred Heart will have slightly weaker teams (in comparison to this year's) next year - I'm hoping we can beat out Aurora again and beat Sacred Heart. But that's not looking good b/c Scared Heart, Aurora, BCSS all have club runners. Arg. frustrated - we can do it but I need ALL the girls to run this summer and actually work their butts off but it seems like some of them don't want to.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Athletic Banquet

What a fun night:)
Got to chill w/NC & HC - it was a "Chan" reunion

N: J, you want to come to the washroom with me?
Me: sure
H: Can I come too?
N & Myself: errr
H: Wait that's awkward.

honestly that was so adorable and just plain funny:D

Surprisingly I got the XC MVP - really surprising for me b/c I thought JS was going to get it since she put in so much work every year and she's just a cheerful person to be around - I'm not the most cheerful person there is not to mention I'm not exactly motivating. Nor do I have any leadership skills.

Everyone expected me to get the Track MVP so I felt like I was letting everyone down when I didn't get it - I know it wasn't going to be me b/c the MVPs are usually gr 12s b/c it's their last year. Also, this year just wasn't amazing for me - I failed to qualify for any of my events for Centrals AND my times didn't improve by too much.

I love what the XC coaches did, they hid the fact we got medals at the YRAA and they saved it for tonight. We had no idea that we, the senior girls XC team, had won BRONZE medals for our 3rd place at the YRAA championships. WHOO. ROCKIN IT. love them so much.

Was going to run after the banquet but my knee isn't fully popped back in like I thought & apparently there is a thunderstorm tonight so my mom won't let me out - the last time I got caught in a storm was not fun.


5:30am morning run since I have a 7:30am morning bio class.


actually ROFL - no joke
my mom somehow got the key to the front door stuck in the door
we couldn't get it out for 10min
my mom kept yelling at me to use more force and freaking out
but I found it terribly funny and couldn't stop laughing
after some wiggling I got the key out:) yay go me
but then I decided to stick the key back in again,
It got stuck. Again.
Uncontrollable laughter from both of us while the neighbours stared at us across the street,
Another 10min later, we got the key out - I don't think we'll be using the front door for a while....

knee is feeling a bit better....but still kind of hurts when I bend. Feels like the day I raced the 3000 at Bill Crothers....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Something is messed w/my IT band - post run it started to click and now bending my knee is an issue. It hurts soo much.

I don't get it b/c I felt amazing during the run, the time wasn't the best but it was my first sub 50 (49:56.36) for 11k since May so it was pretty decent. I was relaxed and could have pushed harder so I really don't understand why my IT band is messed up. It's not like I've been over training for the past few weeks - if anything I've been undertraining so none of this makes sense.


Athletic Banquet tomorrow. Fun.

Monday, June 7, 2010


you know how many times I've stood at my front door after a run and rang the doorbell for minutes without anyone opening it even though they're just sitting there watching tv? COUNTLESS.

my dad went out for a walk tonight and when he came home I was in the middle of a bio genetics question and my mom was doing god knows what. He stands there and rings the doorbell for 2min even though he has his keys. After 2 mins I got sick of the doorbell which was ruining my concentration and opened the door for him. He fucking yells at me and just goes ape-shit of how I'm supposed to be responsible enough to open the door. He drones on and on and one about how I don't do shit at home.

Holy fuck. Honestly, you're one to talk considering you do less than me at home. You create messes for US to clean up. You complain about other people's messes when yours is the worst. You can't even eat an apple without my mom peeling it first. At least I try to clean my room a few times a year. Every once in a while I try to help with dinner even though my mom hates having people in her kitchen. My mom has athritis and I seem to be the only one that tries to make her fingers feel better.

A few weeks ago my mom's athritis flared up and she couldn't bend her fingers very much yet my dad tells her she has to cook for his dad as well. He is such a fucking asshole - can't you see she's in pain and cooking for us is hard enough? His solution is he will chop garlic for her from now on - he keeps saying he does so much around the house but YOU CHOPPED GARLIC ONE FUCKING TIME. yeah, I get that he spends a shit load of time at work and comes home tired. But guess what? I have school, I run, and I do a shitload of stuff around school. You don't see me complaining?

EVEN HE WENT SO FAR AS TO FUCKING SAY I SHOULD STOP RUNNING B/C IT RUINS MY ACADEMICS AND I SHOULD BE HELPING OUT AROUND THE HOUSE RATHER THAN RUNNING. I took tonight off running b/c I have a bio quiz tomorrow. I try to help but my mom is picky and needs everything to be done HER way so she tells me to sit my ass down and do my homework.


H's Sexy 17th

Found ourselves back at Berlin Nightclub last night for H's 17th birthday.

Fun night, danced ourselves silly, noshed on sweet things (candy, chocolate, cake), just chilled. JC and I hit the poles a couple of times and lordy, he is amazing on them. He did these kind of upside down things - and none of us have had any training or anything. I swear if we are ever broke university students we can pay our way through school by dancing on poles.

It was kind of lame in the sense D, J, K, JC, & I were the only people dancing for most of the night - everyone else was just being lame. But I think it was largely b/c the DJ was kind of horrible, he actually disappeared for most of the night and the same songs kept playing over and over again.

The photographer was cute but eh, pissed me off when he took a picture of me kind of stuck while climbing out of the coat check thing. He also heard me calling him cute but whatever, never going to see him again anyways.

The poles were a huge hit though, I think most of the people at least attempted to dance there....

*painted my nails this amazingly brilliant blue!

doing speedwork tonight if all goes well
bio quiz tomorrow

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I popped into Fitness Source today b/c I thought they were going to have gels & hydration packs (Running Room is so expensive I'm trying to avoid going there with all my power) but they didn't. Instead, I found a guy who was working there that has seen me run. He wasn't shy about it at all - he straight out tells me that he's seen me running & my shorts. LOL. I have never seen this guy before yet he is somehow able to ID me. I guess I have become my town's landmark or something.

My competitive nature never comes at the right times, out on my run today some guy was running with his dog and I just HAD to pass him. I wasn't warmed up yet but I still sped up and do I regret it now. My, the muscles at the back of my right knee are abnormally tight yet loose. Never again will I speed up without a proper warm up.

working on ToK presentation, doing powerpt instead b/c documentary building takes too much time and I still need to do a ton of bio.

The Helena Guergis & Rahim Jaffer Affair: Where perceptions, incomplete knowledge, appetite and a questioned desire for the truth comes to play.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Amazing amazing time at UNYCA today! It was so much fun and I just loved it! This year wasn't the best but I had soo much fun and it was just an interesting day.

-4/5 of my delegation either received an honourable mention or won an award
-D won an award for most active
-S won best delegate in EcoSoc
-A won most active in EcoSoc (he's France though) {apparently he and I were basically tied for most active - but I personally think he deserves it more, he onto Speaker's List for every topic (sometimes twice) and asked POIs for every topic}
-the majority if not all of my amendments to the resolutions passed - my babies were well accepted
-A bunch of countries declared war on France & Germany (me!) b/c my buddy in SC was kind of extreme and yeah...
-Before war was declared I sent a page w/the instructions to extradite, expel, and announce removal of my delegate in SC's citizenship.
-After war was declared the SC Chair actually announced this to the SC. LOL
-sadly, my buddy was down in GA explaining something so he missed his extradiction
-The delegation from China was mostly composed of white, black, & brown girls LOL. (not meaning to sound racist)
-Germany was composed of Asians and brows
-None of us had blue eyes or blond hair - we were Hitler's worst nightmare
-guy from USA was cute but I kind of pissed him off b/c we were complaining how HR was missing the US delegate - at least the USA delegate wasn't missing in SC - imagine if that happened

I think I want to be a Chair next year - they asked me to be one this year but I declined b/c I wanted to debate

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Nice to Know that Someone Believes

As I was leaving the school after running the trail today, I decided to pop into the gym office and tell one of my track coaches how much I appreciate her. Mac & Civ are the ones that got me to start running and not stop after a few days, but she is the one that pushed me to work on speed and just helped me refine my running.

This led to a mini-discussion of how she thinks I have the drive to run well in the future. When I told her about the email from Indiana Tech (haven't emailed the coach back b/c I can't fill out the form he wants me to - haven't done my SATs or ACTs nor do I have times for 3200 or 1600) she wasn't surprised that I was getting such an email (I was so surprised when I got that email b/c my times aren't the best AND I'm not exactly googleable). She went on to say I have a ton of potential and the I'm what coaches call "raw talent" (I'm guessing it's b/c I'm not training with a club and I haven't been running for long but yeah...not sure what "raw talent" is) and how she believes I will succeed in the future. She also reminded me that I should be using sports and sports should not be using me - don't let anything try to control what I think is right and wrong for me.

Idk, I think it was really nice of her to say this to me and it's nice that she believes in me - especially since after the spring season I started to lose a bit of belief in myself. The fact she thinks I have the potential and the drive is really nice - especially since it is rumored that she was once one of the best throwers in Canada. In my yearbook she wrote "I can't wait to see you in the Olympics" - while I obviously won't make it to the Games it's nice to see it put figuratively.

With her words in mind I'm going to attack my summer training head on and just try to succeed. What she said about not letting sports use me is right - I think my spring season was so horrible b/c I was so focused on getting better times; she's right in the fact I need to do my sport b/c I love it and by loving it I will do well. Also, Hallarn was right yesterday when he said we all have to do things the best we can - we have to be the best of our abilities. On someone's grad message he wrote, "We all have the ability. The difference is how we use it" - he couldn't have chosen better words.

I'm about to be part of a study! Two profs in Ontario want to conduct a study about the IB program - even though I'm dropping out they want some info - about why I'm dropping &etc. It's actually kind of cool in my mind. I wish I was staying with the program but I know it's better for me to drop.

***my alarm didn't ring this morning so I didn't do a morning run
5k after school in pouring rain - 21:59, slow but it's expected b/c it's my first 5k since early May and first run with hills in a while - not to mention the rain was kind of bad
doing an 11 later tonight

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Got our yearbooks today and I'm actually kind of upset (and I never get upset), on the cross country page they decided to give individual shots of the senior girls team and one of the girls got posted twice while I didn't get an individual shot. Normally I don't care about something this minor but she was posted TWICE and I didn't get an individual shot - I don't mind the fact I didn't get my individual shot that much but I'm pissed she got posted twice. In a way I guess it's b/c in my mind, not to sound like I'm bragging, I kind of lead the lead to provinicials - it was my time that helped lower our team time score.
^^I sound like a pompous ass in the above statement, don't get me wrong, I love how hard EVERYONE on our team worked but it seems like I never get recognized for the effort I put into things
^^kind of pissed b/c I asked a yb buddy and she told me it was b/c one of the girls on the team who was a photographer didn't give her the pics - the photographer is the one that gave me my set of pictures not to mention yb should have asked me for pics - the coaches handed me a set of the xc photos.

As I was leaving the school today, walking down the small gym hallway, an old crush, J, was checking me out. He kind of glanced at me then turned away and looked back again, and again - what wonders a kilt can do. I still can't believe last year I thought he was kind of uglish but this year I think he's just HOT. Looking back, I think my crush was purely based on physical attraction - I don't really know him, just one season of xc. I also think it's b/c he's amazingly fast and I was attracted to the idea of running at that pace. Who knows. all I can say is he's hot. no longer crushing on him but he's mighty fine to look at - and I'm not the only one who thinks this way.


RAIN IS DRIVING ME NUTS. Around my running time (8pm) it was raining like no tomorrow so I couldn't run today and now my legs are just driving me nuts. I've wanted to run since this MORNING. B/c of this I have to do a double tomorrow, 11k in the morning and speedwork at night. I hate doing both a longer run and speedwork in the same day- leaves me totally drained.

J drew me in my yearbook pantless last year, and this year she drew me without a shirt (with a sports bra), wondering if she'll draw me nude or fully clothed next year.

Dad was out late for a meeting and when my mom gets up in the morning, boy will she be pissed. Instead of eating the congee Mom warmed up for him before she went to bed, he left and drove to MCD for a chicken sandwich. HE. IS, DEAD. MEAT.

Monday, May 31, 2010

My First Sunburn!

Well slightly inaccurate since I've burnt my upper lip before after a long run but that doesn't really count b/c it's such a tiny patch of skin. I had to do a morning run today b/c of the heat and by 3k I had already stripped of my shirt and was running in a sports bra. 8k later, my left boob is slightly sunburnt. It's kind of red - not peeling but red and slightly uncomfortable; a sunburn but not a serious one. I can't believe I burnt my boob of all places. it doesn't really make sense - especially since I have one of the smallest sizes known to human history.

It also pisses me off that middle age men can't keep their eyes on the road - they were staring at me the whole time. Honestly, I'm not that interesting AND I'm still pretty covered - I was wearing shoes, socks, shorts, & sports bra - it's not like there are boobs for you to look at. If you want to look at legs & torso then I suggest you a) go home to your wife b) buy a copy of Victoria's Secret.

I hate morning runs.

Got back my muscle fatigue lab and I didn't pass - somehow my prelab wasn't stapled so tomorrow I have to go talk to my teacher and show her that I did do my prelab and ask her to mark it. I almost passed even without the prelab so I'm hoping if she marks the prelab my mark will be decent.

Starting training for the Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon tomorrow, trying to decide to run in the morning tomorrow or at night. I'm leaning toward night right now b/c running in the morning takes a lot of will power to drag myself from bed not to mention my muscles aren't warmed up in the morning so it's easy to injure myself - the back of my right knee is feeling TIGHT and the light stint in the weightroom afterschool didn't help.

Thinking of having an end of season/start summer xc training party at my house at the end of June for the cross country, running club, and track members. My house is tiny so I'm kind of reluctant but I think it will be fun - going to make it unalcoholic though since I'm not much of a drinker and I really don't want people breaking things in my house. I think it's only right for me to host the end of seasons party since I'm making everyone run this summer to prep for regionals - last chance for OFSAA next year so I'm pushing the whole team.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Apparently I lowered everyone's morality mark

I was talking to a friend who dropped out of the IB program after pre-IB earlier this evening. His morality teacher is one of my track coaches and apparently after he (the teacher) and I had a talk during one of the meets he started marking harder.

During the meet he kind of asked about what I was learning in my ToK class (philosophy) and he revealed he barely had any idea who any of the people we studied were - granted the ToK class is different from the philosophy course offered by my school. I guess after our little talk he felt he was too easy on his class so he started marking harder - sorry guys.

***was 27C at 8:49pm so I decided I'm going to run in the morning - I hate 6am morning runs. The fact I'm not done reading the assigned pages of Manon des sources or done my genetics problem set questions yet sucks.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sudbury Trip 2010

1) Never again will I go to Sudbury
2) Never again will I pull such an all nighter
3) Never again will I go on an all nighter with crazy IB kids

Sudbury was CRAZY. I am so exhausted right now, the trip was fun in a sense but at the same time I'm just glad to be home - by 9 pm I never wanted to see half of the people again.

Doing that bio lab until 1:30 was a mistake, waking up at 5am to run was a mistake - I should have slept before going onto that bus. At least I was smart enough to bring a blanket so I was passed out for most of the ride.

Highlights (timeline format):
Parry Sound
I don't think they have ever seen this many Asians at once in their town - other than the people from my school I did not see any Asians. Guy at Tim Hortons was not impressed when I asked for a turkey bacon club with no sause, no mayo - I guess he thought it would be extra work for his people but you can't expect me to eat anything with mayo. Hate mayo.

Ice cream sundae at McDonalds was amazing - we wanted to go through the drive through walking, in carm formation. We were going to do it on the way back but we were just too exhausted.

The old 50 year old man with a mullet, a pot belly, and his shirt hanging open and unbuttoned at MCD totally turned me off this town - never again do I want to visit Parry Sound . It's a pretty and quaint little town but as a city girl I live here.

Dynamic Earth

"Learnt" about what Sudbury mines for. Watched some lame movie thingy about the history of Sudbury - that was the most borning thing I ever watched. Lou the barber had the most boring voice ever.

Going down the mine shaft was kind of cool, other than the fact the floor of the mine was kind of wet so my feet got wet too -ew. Glad I'm short though b/c I never had to dunk during the whole tour.

The old washrooms of the old mines at Sudbury were disgusting - and to think the most wanted job was the toilet pusher for 1$ a day.

Appartently there was a thunderstorm outside so we had to walk up the mine shaft instead of taking the elevator - no worries, it wasn't a full size mine shaft:)

Science North

Dinner was digusting and unfilling - some weird chicken, salad, and potato wedges. Chicken was juicy with not much flavour. Salad had too much dressing. Potato wedges had no flavour, even their ketchup had no flavour. There were no seconds for chicken so I had extra wedges but they still did not fill me up.The ice cream was melted and tasted kind of like marshmellows instead of vanilla - we called it "marshmellow fluff".

After dinner we, for some reason, had to desire to climb this huge pole in the building. Some of my friends kept trying to go up the pole...and failing.

The fire presentation was one of the only things I was even remotely impressed with. The iMAX film made me dizzy. The star gazing made me have a headache. The popcorn was stale. The cookies at snack time were ICE COLD - and they didn't have water, only milk or coke. Arg. I need water.

The butterfly section was really pretty though - over 500 butterflies in there. Apparently butterflies have a lifespan of approx 2 week in the wild but at Science North they live for about 4 weeks. They were so pretty and it was so cool seeing them fly around you.

The insects...for some insane reason, everyone wanted to hold them and take pictures with them. Because I was one of the few who brought their camera onto the trip, I had to take an insane amount of pictures. I felt so bad b/c someone wanted to hold a 'walking stick' and the guide tried to take them out of the glass but 2 of them were kind of umm stuck together, like they were mating. One of my friends made a pretty funny comment, at that time I was still awake enough to process it in my mind
H: so umm are they like doing it?
J: I think they are...that's what it looks it. They're like...on top of each other
H: hmm so they are doing it. I wonder how it if there is a whole in it and stuff. Where does it stick it in?
J: Errr this is a totally inappropriate comment to be making at ___________(I totally can not remember what time it was maybe 9? or 12?)

I actually kind of enjoyed the rock cutting activity - if it were not at 12 or 1 or 2 am in the morning - I have no idea what time it was, I would have loved it. I cut out a demented looking heart from a cube of rock:) It looks kind of demented but whatever, it was early in the morning and I was on my last leggs of insanity. Around 9pm I was already hitting the stage where anything and everything was funny b/c I had stayed up late the night before, doing my bio lab, woke up early to run, and did not get to nap before dinner like normal. When we were cutting the rocks I was hitting that stage again - eveything was funny to me. My classmates chipping at rock was funny. Lame jokes became funny.

A(with some strange weird accents): We be working like the kids in Mexico (I think it was Mexico at least), chopping hard, making powder like those kids making cocaine

As I recall this, I don't find it funny but I still remember bursting out in laughter over this - I thought it was the funniest thing ever. Exhaustion just makes everything so much funnier.

Soo pissed, in the "sports zone" I just failed. Apparently I can't sprint nor do I have power in my legs - people were beating me in this run up stairs thing. 90% of the kids there have not worked out ever or in the past 3 years. My friend also accidently stepped on my 2nd toe on my right foot and now I think it's broken - have it taped up and everything - b/c of this I have to take today off from running. I will do a double tomorrow I think.

Porky the porcupine was such a cutie and he danced for me! He was sooo cute but he smelt horrible....just absolutely horrible, but he was such a cutie. Apparently when he was little they would lift him out of the enclosement and hold him and everytime he wants to be held, he dances. He was dancing most of the night when we were there but we couldn't hold him b/c of his quills. Poor boy.

By the time we got to the Dino exhibit we were so exhausted we just laid out on the floor - I couldn't fall asleep there but it was nice to get to close my eyes - totally helped with the headache.

Breakfast was horrible - ice old muffin, ice old nature grain bar, 1 orange slice, and juice. I ate about 1/4 of the lemon poppy seed muffin - I couldn't finish it and lemon poppy seed is my favourite. 3/4 of the nature grain bar, I hate the fruit fillings so I didn't eat that part either. Orange was too cold and I skipped the juice. Add in an apple from my bag - the taste of the muffin ruined the apple taste for me so I couldn't finish that.

As soon as I got on the bus I slept - I was passed out and slept till the PA system woke me up in Parry Sound for a washroom break. Peed. went back onto the bus and slept till Aurora/Newmarket. Woke up, called brother.

We were early by 2h to the school b/c we left Sudbury early - lucky for my bus b/c the other bus still wasn't at Science North yet when we left Sudbury.

The school almost did not let me sign out b/c my brother picked me up and he wasn't my legal guardian but with he swamp of all the IB kids wanting to sing out they just gave up and let me go.
Sec 1: you need to call your parents
Sec 2: How old are you?
Brother: I'm 21
Sec 2: How are you getting home
Brother: I'm driving
Sec 1: She still needs her parents
Sec 2: Just let her go
:). I think they just wanted me out of the office b/c the whole IB gr 11 population was coming in

Had such crazy times on this trip, almost tipped over a dino that I sat on, and I'm going to miss these crazy people next year when I drop.

but right now, I don't want to see any of these faces for a long long time.