Sunday, June 27, 2010

Overstepping the Bounds

The coverage of the G20 in Toronto right now is hilarious, I can't find very much info on what went on in the meeting (like most G20 meetups) but this is beyond the normal; there is only coverage of the protestors. The American stations such as CNN are reporting the insights of the meeting but I really don't like the biasness of CNN so I'm just going to have to wait for the hype of the protestors to die down so I can find more about the actual G20. Also too lazy to read french newspapers.

Right now, in my mind, the police, the media, the protestors, and the rioters are all at fault. Let's start by dissecting the worst of the bunch, the rioters.

I already ranting about them yesterday so I'll keep this one short, thanks for ruining by city when you don't even live here. I've heard that quite a few of these arrested Black Bloc tactic groups are American. What the hell? You destroyed my city guilt-free and will leave with no punishment (I hate this word but I can't think of a better one right now) - no regrets since you're scotfree.

Moving onto the protestors - if you're one of those that protested peacefully and with a cause, KUDOS to you. You are the kind of people that make my day and make me SMILE. You're the 'Savage' of my "Brave New World".

However, if you're one of those "protestors" that are not rioters but kept whining about the fact you were detained and the detention centres are dirty, suck it up. The police may have over stepped their powers (which I'll attack later on, no worries) but if they ask you to move somewhere so they can do their job (maybe to protect you from other violent protestors/rioters) then let them. Don't complain about how it's a police state b/c it isn't. I've had people compare Toronto to communist China & communist North Korea today, and this makes my blood boil. In communist China & communist North Korea I highly doubt you would have been let out on the streets to protest. Also, they would have brought out real bullets instead of the rubber ones. A lot more tear gas would be used if my reasoning is correct. DO NOT CALL THE EFFORTS OF THE POLICE TO KEEP THE PEOPLE SAFE A POLICE STATE.

When CP24 interviewed some girl from the States I was just furious. The girl had been detained and she was complaining about how the holding cells were dirty, wet, and cold. Considering it was raining in TO last night I think she was the one that tracked in the wetness. Also do you expect a temporary holding cell to be clean, dry, comfy, and nice? THIS ISN'T A FRICKEN 5 STAR HOTEL! Also she was given CLEAN, DRY SWEATS - DON'T COMPLAIN. Especially if you're American and your tax dollars aren't even the ones used to clothe you to keep you warm. There have been reports that the police were respectful, professional, and giving out sandwiches so don't complain. The police are handling the situtation pretty well (but then I'm no expert).

Going down low to the media. WHY THE HELL IS MOST OF THE COVERAGE JUST ON THE VIOLENT PROTESTORS AND THE 'POLICE BRUTALITY'? why is the damm media talking up shit? (serious words for someone that cut the potty mouth and hates swearing in written forms) First off, the G20 itself should be covered - the media is there to inform.To inform the people of what was discussed so the people can demand their governments to act upon the resolutions or so the people can show their disagreements and try to make the governments act differently. CP24 had basically no coverage whatsoever on the G20 itself - only coverage on the violent protestors (not much on the peaceful ones) and the supposed acts of police brutality - but then I slept for most of the day so what do I know?

Onto so-called police brutality? What do you know about police brutality? Sure there are some cases where I don't think the police acted appropriately either but to claim police brutality in such a laid-back and loose way is politically incorrect. Do you think the police enjoys hitting people? Do you think they enjoy standing in the rain and trying to move people home so they won't get sick (both themselves and the protestors) - I really don't call banging a baton against a shield brutality. I don't call wrestling a guy to the ground while trying to arrest someone brutality. Brutality is hitting someone with bricks, with stones, with wine bottles from the recycling bin. Get your facts straight.

Also, what is with the media and thinking they are above the law. If a police officer is trying to direct you so they can do their job then follow their instructions - to detain a police officer from doing their job can grant you an arrest or detention. It's as simple as that. The media was complaining about how the police were arresting them but honestly, they asked you to move but you didn't so they had the right and the responsibility to arrest you. Don't just pull up your media badge and claim you have to right not to be arrested when you broke the law. THE MEDIA IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW. Not to be a heartless person but I was actually happy when the CTV producer was arrested b/c that just sends the message that the media IS NOT above the law. Just suck it, I don't want to hear it.

No one gets out of my ranting gasp, including the police. Kudos to the officers that tried their best to keep peace but I do have a few bones to pick. There was one footage that I saw and you were treating this girl in purple like a ragdoll - that is just unacceptable. I realize she probably was resisting arrest but to treat someone in such a rough matter is just not ok. It makes me sad when I see others treated this way.

Also, there are reports that the police was arresting people during a peaceful protest and I just don't like that. If the protest was peaceful then they should be granted their rights to freedom of thought and speech as granted by the Charter. You can't just arrest them without a reason - I surely hope you have a good enough reason for all the viewers and the people who got arrested.

And searching people just b/c they were wearing black? I understand you want to find the members of the Black Bloc but these are not the appropriate grounds to take - just b/c they're wearing black does not mean you have concrete evidence - that is in a way infringing on the right to privacy - although I do think it's better than just arresting them b/c they were wearing black.

Anche, where were you yesterday when they were tearing down everything in sight? Couldn't we have had some sort of help? I understand this could have been a tactic so the rioters don't get even more abusive and angry but think of the poor shop owners. Think of the old man with the jewelery store at Gerrard & Yonge - they torn down his store which is probably the love and baby of his life. And the feds, the province, and the city are telling people they have to pay for the damages themselves - well they told them to buy insurance but you can't buy insurance for riots. Isn't the job of the police to protect the people and to prevent crime? Maybe you were told by the feds to let this happen to justify the $1 Billion pricetag on security but you also have to remember the oath you took when you became a police officer.

One more shout out, PM HARPER! You were advised NOT to host G20 in Toronto b/c this was going to happen but you didn't listen. Thanks asshole. B/c you had the knowledge that this was going to happen it is your responsibility as a knower to help us clean up and repair the city. And I'm not talking about committing fed dollars to clean up b/c that's NOT YOUR money but rather ours. Our money that you wasted already and we're not paying a cent more for something that you have the responsibility as a knower to prevent. Why don't you very graciously donate your salary to cleaning up this mess? I like this idea the most. On the brightside, at least you weren't taking a leak during the G20 photo for once - at least you look liberal use of the photo-op this time.

Also, to future protestors/rioters:

People, the next time you want to protest, please protest like Winston Smith & Julia. At least all the damage they were capable of was over-populating Oceania. Next time, use sex as a way to protest - not only is it more enjoyable but it's less disruptive.

- JC

Also, to the City of Toronto, I think you should sell stuff animals to help pay for clean up - little stuffed horses in riot gear. I think that would be terribly cute and I would stock up. Just a thought

Off to go find press conference online - can't believe I slept the whole day away.

***long run was cut short today b/c stupid bottle flew out of my hydration belt - doing it Tues, planning my run around a gas station so I can buy fluid
***saw a fox chasing a rabbit today - so cute but felt bad for rabbit
***apparently protests are still going on tomorrow so I'm not heading downtown but rather to lunch @ Maison.
***Been asking people but no one knows when clean up is going to start
***Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky!!! must find & rent.

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