Wednesday, June 9, 2010


actually ROFL - no joke
my mom somehow got the key to the front door stuck in the door
we couldn't get it out for 10min
my mom kept yelling at me to use more force and freaking out
but I found it terribly funny and couldn't stop laughing
after some wiggling I got the key out:) yay go me
but then I decided to stick the key back in again,
It got stuck. Again.
Uncontrollable laughter from both of us while the neighbours stared at us across the street,
Another 10min later, we got the key out - I don't think we'll be using the front door for a while....

knee is feeling a bit better....but still kind of hurts when I bend. Feels like the day I raced the 3000 at Bill Crothers....

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