Thursday, June 10, 2010

boys suck

D. liked this guy, G. - he's a gr 12. They kind of chilled all semester and he was giving indications that he liked her back. B/c he was giving these vibes and D. isn't the type to wait around, she told him today that she liked him. His response? "Is that it?" before walking away.

What is this? Can't you at least say something along the lines of "I'm sorry but I don't like you back" - just be polite for heaven's sake. It's not that hard you know. What an asshole. It's not like he's a totally hot superstar either, does he really he's so great that he doesn't have to be polite? I really wanted to smack him multiple times when I saw him today.

Then onto me, so, J, mentioned in a few posts ago, I thought my crush on him was over. But it wasn't - it came back after the time he checked me out. It's all physical attraction and not even as strong as the crush I had on Mark last year (I REALLY liked Mark). But he's been on and off my radar for the last couple of months - he went off again last night b/c he looked like a Spanish hit-man - see, physical attraction.

Today, I swear, he seemed to be popping up everywhere I was. I turned around and there he. It was kind of bizzare b/c in all the other 8 months of school I would only see him after school or once in a moon, in the halls. He walked onto the field when we were sitting there, our exchange,

He comes toward us on his way to the field, nods at me

Me: congrats on the awards last night
Him: Why thank you, thank you, thank you

my friends and I burst out laughing as he walked away, he sounded like a freakin Spanish hit-man but sexy at the same time.

He popped up as J. was buying a slushie, as we chilled by the bouncy castle thing, when I went to talk to a teacher about whether or not he's teaching Int. Business next year (why is it that everyone forgets the A in my name on purpose).

The problem is the on/off physical attraction thing is driving me NUTS - I want either my crush to be there solid or just not be there at all. B/c he is the source of the attraction I'm blaming my flaring hormones on him. Too bad for him.

***love how this guy pretended another girl's dog was his...when I asked for the dog's name (Bailey) I recognized it and realized it wasn't his dog. Bailey is soo big now! He was so tiny the last time we saw her. He loved me:)

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