Monday, June 7, 2010

H's Sexy 17th

Found ourselves back at Berlin Nightclub last night for H's 17th birthday.

Fun night, danced ourselves silly, noshed on sweet things (candy, chocolate, cake), just chilled. JC and I hit the poles a couple of times and lordy, he is amazing on them. He did these kind of upside down things - and none of us have had any training or anything. I swear if we are ever broke university students we can pay our way through school by dancing on poles.

It was kind of lame in the sense D, J, K, JC, & I were the only people dancing for most of the night - everyone else was just being lame. But I think it was largely b/c the DJ was kind of horrible, he actually disappeared for most of the night and the same songs kept playing over and over again.

The photographer was cute but eh, pissed me off when he took a picture of me kind of stuck while climbing out of the coat check thing. He also heard me calling him cute but whatever, never going to see him again anyways.

The poles were a huge hit though, I think most of the people at least attempted to dance there....

*painted my nails this amazingly brilliant blue!

doing speedwork tonight if all goes well
bio quiz tomorrow

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