Monday, June 7, 2010


you know how many times I've stood at my front door after a run and rang the doorbell for minutes without anyone opening it even though they're just sitting there watching tv? COUNTLESS.

my dad went out for a walk tonight and when he came home I was in the middle of a bio genetics question and my mom was doing god knows what. He stands there and rings the doorbell for 2min even though he has his keys. After 2 mins I got sick of the doorbell which was ruining my concentration and opened the door for him. He fucking yells at me and just goes ape-shit of how I'm supposed to be responsible enough to open the door. He drones on and on and one about how I don't do shit at home.

Holy fuck. Honestly, you're one to talk considering you do less than me at home. You create messes for US to clean up. You complain about other people's messes when yours is the worst. You can't even eat an apple without my mom peeling it first. At least I try to clean my room a few times a year. Every once in a while I try to help with dinner even though my mom hates having people in her kitchen. My mom has athritis and I seem to be the only one that tries to make her fingers feel better.

A few weeks ago my mom's athritis flared up and she couldn't bend her fingers very much yet my dad tells her she has to cook for his dad as well. He is such a fucking asshole - can't you see she's in pain and cooking for us is hard enough? His solution is he will chop garlic for her from now on - he keeps saying he does so much around the house but YOU CHOPPED GARLIC ONE FUCKING TIME. yeah, I get that he spends a shit load of time at work and comes home tired. But guess what? I have school, I run, and I do a shitload of stuff around school. You don't see me complaining?

EVEN HE WENT SO FAR AS TO FUCKING SAY I SHOULD STOP RUNNING B/C IT RUINS MY ACADEMICS AND I SHOULD BE HELPING OUT AROUND THE HOUSE RATHER THAN RUNNING. I took tonight off running b/c I have a bio quiz tomorrow. I try to help but my mom is picky and needs everything to be done HER way so she tells me to sit my ass down and do my homework.


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