Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Something about the G8 that made me SMILE

My friend posted this on my fb wall and it just made me smile - the only thing probably about the G8 that made me smile

G8 through students' eyes at Spruce Glen:
What is G8?
1) "G8 is a thing where eight of the richest countries come together to talk about stuff"
2) "They are leaders of the G8 countries. Toronto is one. They are walking around Huntsville to see if things go well...."
3) "G8 members are coming to talk about the town keeping clean."
4) "The G8 is a group of people from eight countries. Canda is one of them. US is one. They are president and prime ministers. Queen Elizabeth is the only woman."
5) "G8 is leaders who protect our Earth"

What would you ask the G8 leaders?
1) Is your limo VIP proof? (my personal favourite)
2) How old are you? Are you marFor results of the Toronto District School Board's vote to close schools, see thestar.com.ried?
3) When did you start the G8?
4) How do you keep cities and countries safe?
5) Does your clothing match?

Since I'm in a hurry to take a quick pre-run nap my own G20 analysis will have to wait - didn't do it this morning b/c I got biten by a bug last night at the corner of my eye and it's all swollen and when I woke up I could barely open and close it.

but want to share an account of the G20 protest by a U of T professor with you - I don't really agree with everything he says (I think he's amping it up a bit) but it's a good read for good prospective


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