Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick Personal Update

Had no idea what happened downtown today - bunch of protests I think? Need to catch up on G20 stuff later since I was out all day.

Today was one of the best days I've had in a long time. Just J, D, & myself. We noshed on sushi at Maison - love that place. It was nice to be there since we haven't gone since forever. They changed the calamari recipe - just wasn't the same. I still love it there but I couldn't help but think we've out-grown the place.

We used to go there at least once a month (or every 2 months) and we have so many great memories there. As we were leaving Maison we saw a bunch of 9ers celebrate the end of the school year at this one table and J & I just kind of looked at each other and drew back the memories we had as niners and how we used to come so often. It feels strange that I'm going to be one of the oldest kids in school next year - these 3 years have gone by so fast.

Prince of Persia is one HOT movie. Loved it - totally hot. It was such a great movie. The plot was great and the symbols and such within the movie was awesome. It was just truly one of the better movies I've seen in a while.

I picked up a copy of Ally Carter's 'Only the Good Spy Young' and it was kind of disappointing - the plot just wasn't as in your face as the other books.

After such a rollercoaster year with the decision to drop IB and everything I'm just not sure where I'm heading in life. I have a few more months to decide what I want to study for university and I'm just not sure. Honest to God, I love math but I think IB ruined my love for math b/c of how fast everything was taught - I still remember my love at first sight for trig identities (they are so much fun). B/c I didn't take gr 12 physics the engineering program is out of bounds for me. I'm thinking of going into the business and finance field which I think I would be good at but at the same time my passions lie within the philosophy, psych, language, & politics field. I'm so lost with what I want in life - what I am capable of doing and what I'm not capable of doing.

Kind of random but it's been on my mind since I came home, I hate to say this but I think one of the reasons to why I had such a great time today was b/c one of my closest friends wasn't there. I know this is seriously bitchy of me but while I love her very much there are some things about her that just seem to dampen the mood. Whenever we go out as a group or even when it's just me and her, it seems like everything as to be about her and how great she is. If we're talking about my inability to play ball sports she'll jump in and tell us how great she used to be at baseball, basketball, volleyball, &etc and how she was the captain of every sport at her old school. I'm not jealous of her talents - in fact I love that she's so talented (that way if I ever end up on her team I won't lose, with my inability to play eye-hand-coordination required sports) but it doesn't always have to be about her. If we're talking about my racing schedule (which our plans kind of have to revolve around) then she'll jump in about how she was running the other day and how guys were hitting on her. If D talks about her co-op placement or anything she'll jump in and tell us how great the mural on the wall she (not D) painted there looks like. She's a great friend and a great person but sometimes I feel like she just dampens the mood b/c she just wants to talk about herself and acts like everything should be centered around her. I know I sound like a major bitch but this has been on my chest for a long time and it just gets to me sometimes.

Also, she always seems to act superior to everyone and it just bugs me. I thought I was the one with the problem b/c these are some really unkind thought but apparently I'm not the only one that thinks she's a bit condescending and spoiled. It came up very briefly today so I guess it's not just me. She is such a great person and so fun to get around but sometimes I just wish she could stop being just so self-centered. I love her and everything but it gets really annoying sometimes.

So I figured out the no-hydration problem for my long run tomorrow, the school is still open (for now) so when I hit around 13-18k I can drop by the school and grab a drink from vending. Sounds good but I hope I don't see anyone (grad breakfast tomorrow) b/c I"ll be all gross and sweaty - I really don't want to see JDC. I'm fully over him with no regrets but I just don't want to see him...does this make sense?

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