Saturday, June 5, 2010


I popped into Fitness Source today b/c I thought they were going to have gels & hydration packs (Running Room is so expensive I'm trying to avoid going there with all my power) but they didn't. Instead, I found a guy who was working there that has seen me run. He wasn't shy about it at all - he straight out tells me that he's seen me running & my shorts. LOL. I have never seen this guy before yet he is somehow able to ID me. I guess I have become my town's landmark or something.

My competitive nature never comes at the right times, out on my run today some guy was running with his dog and I just HAD to pass him. I wasn't warmed up yet but I still sped up and do I regret it now. My, the muscles at the back of my right knee are abnormally tight yet loose. Never again will I speed up without a proper warm up.

working on ToK presentation, doing powerpt instead b/c documentary building takes too much time and I still need to do a ton of bio.

The Helena Guergis & Rahim Jaffer Affair: Where perceptions, incomplete knowledge, appetite and a questioned desire for the truth comes to play.

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