Friday, June 4, 2010


Amazing amazing time at UNYCA today! It was so much fun and I just loved it! This year wasn't the best but I had soo much fun and it was just an interesting day.

-4/5 of my delegation either received an honourable mention or won an award
-D won an award for most active
-S won best delegate in EcoSoc
-A won most active in EcoSoc (he's France though) {apparently he and I were basically tied for most active - but I personally think he deserves it more, he onto Speaker's List for every topic (sometimes twice) and asked POIs for every topic}
-the majority if not all of my amendments to the resolutions passed - my babies were well accepted
-A bunch of countries declared war on France & Germany (me!) b/c my buddy in SC was kind of extreme and yeah...
-Before war was declared I sent a page w/the instructions to extradite, expel, and announce removal of my delegate in SC's citizenship.
-After war was declared the SC Chair actually announced this to the SC. LOL
-sadly, my buddy was down in GA explaining something so he missed his extradiction
-The delegation from China was mostly composed of white, black, & brown girls LOL. (not meaning to sound racist)
-Germany was composed of Asians and brows
-None of us had blue eyes or blond hair - we were Hitler's worst nightmare
-guy from USA was cute but I kind of pissed him off b/c we were complaining how HR was missing the US delegate - at least the USA delegate wasn't missing in SC - imagine if that happened

I think I want to be a Chair next year - they asked me to be one this year but I declined b/c I wanted to debate

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