Monday, June 14, 2010

He Broke Down

My father broke down - I think my mom talked to him.

He was all chatty when I went down to grab a snack and since he does have to pay for my sports therapy I have to forgive him - that bill isn't cheap and since I don't have a job this summer I need SOMEONE to pay. Might as well be him.

I have to say I'm such a pushover b/c he didn't apologize yet I'm forgiving him. He's my father but he still can't treat me this way but at the same time he's my father so I should forgive him. ARG. I'm such a easy pushover. But he is paying for my therapy. I am horrible at justifying things. HORRIBLE. no wonder I did so poorly on the logic section in ToK.

Well, it is easier to ask him for money for the contests/races this summer that I plan to do when we're not fighting. AND I feel bad for my mom - she has enough on her plate without family members not speaking to each other.

***knee popped out AGAIN, no run tonight. It's been 2 days and it's driving me nuts.

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