Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Athletic Banquet

What a fun night:)
Got to chill w/NC & HC - it was a "Chan" reunion

N: J, you want to come to the washroom with me?
Me: sure
H: Can I come too?
N & Myself: errr
H: Wait that's awkward.

honestly that was so adorable and just plain funny:D

Surprisingly I got the XC MVP - really surprising for me b/c I thought JS was going to get it since she put in so much work every year and she's just a cheerful person to be around - I'm not the most cheerful person there is not to mention I'm not exactly motivating. Nor do I have any leadership skills.

Everyone expected me to get the Track MVP so I felt like I was letting everyone down when I didn't get it - I know it wasn't going to be me b/c the MVPs are usually gr 12s b/c it's their last year. Also, this year just wasn't amazing for me - I failed to qualify for any of my events for Centrals AND my times didn't improve by too much.

I love what the XC coaches did, they hid the fact we got medals at the YRAA and they saved it for tonight. We had no idea that we, the senior girls XC team, had won BRONZE medals for our 3rd place at the YRAA championships. WHOO. ROCKIN IT. love them so much.

Was going to run after the banquet but my knee isn't fully popped back in like I thought & apparently there is a thunderstorm tonight so my mom won't let me out - the last time I got caught in a storm was not fun.


5:30am morning run since I have a 7:30am morning bio class.

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