Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm not failing bio!

I've been struggling through my bio course this whole semester, my teacher updated the marks and I'm not failing bio (yet). Not a great mark but compared to what I thought I was getting, this is enlightening - 71%. I thought I was in the down low 60s since for the whole semester my tests were always in the 50-60%. But,for the test we got back today, I got a 80%!

I am actually really proud of myself even though 80% isn't actually that great of a mark. I finally beat through the system and realized what she wants when she askes a question. Before this test, at every test I was confused to what exactly she wanted - she wants EVERYTHING relavent to the topic question as long as you don't go too off topic.

I hope I can do well on the exam....I just want a 70%+. No high requirements since I'm retaking bio this summer.

I talked to my teacher today and jokingly told her how I now know not to take bio in university and she tells me I'm a good kid and she knows I've tried. She also tells me that she doesn't think I'm such a total disaster but with some of the stuff I know it well. In my mind the whole time I couldn't stop thinking about how low the marks on my tests were - but apparently I'm not horrible.

I think if I had a different teacher I would be getting 90s but I wouldn't learn as much - the kids in her class truely learnt a lot as long as they tried I think. I mean no one else for a question regarding the consequences of base substituation mutation in relation to transcription & translation using sickle cell anemia as an example, will need to define hemoglobin, sicke cell amenia, base subsitution, before answering the question. AND when answeing the question you have to show the transcription & translation process. Let's just say, after this class, retaking bio in the summer should be a piece of cake.

Talked to Civ about hydration while running since I have a 28k next week and he's suggesting that I get a belt - omg, I'm going to have to look like one of those losers with a belt. GAH, I associate the beginner runners with the belt so this SUCKS.

Got PM, FB, JDC to sign my yearbook and wow, boys are some of the most increative and messy writers I know. Actually, their msgs suck - how hard is it to provide a bit of creativity rather than just tell me to run. THEY ALL TOLD ME TO RUN. well, everyone wrote that...but still. getting tired of reading the same msg. over and over again.

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