Thursday, June 10, 2010

long day

Morning run at 5:50am b/c I overslept....the run was slow since my knee isn't fully in place yet.

Was supposed to run tonight but decided on staying in and studying bio for the quiz tomorrow instead. Bio is the death of me. Arg.

The bio assignment today was fun though we made a baby! He was very ugly with his 6 legs, 3 body segments, & 4 wings. He was a XY but he looked like a girl - I have drawing issues....

People at my school walk so SLOW - my class was the last class to leave the school for the morning mass at Le Parc (yearly event) but we were not the last ones there - people walk so SLOW. I'm a slow walker but I still beat them - bio teacher says she might coach XC next year:).

Lunch of burgers, chips, & orange (from home). Then popcorn. Then ice cream. Then cotton candy. Then snow cone. Did not eat healthy at all today. But eh, whatever. - well I should care b/c I'm back into training how but since I haven't hit the hardcore times yet it doesn't matter AS much.

Battled w/D on the bouncy castle thing and I lost. I actually lost to D. what a shame. and I'm apparently not very strong - only hit 60 on the strenght thing. I'm such a failure....

Talked to Civ today about the Senior Girls for XC next year and I'm hoping we make it to OFSAA but in order to do so we need to be the top 2 teams. It's not looking good b/c BCSS has a strong team next year. Both Aurora & Sacred Heart will have slightly weaker teams (in comparison to this year's) next year - I'm hoping we can beat out Aurora again and beat Sacred Heart. But that's not looking good b/c Scared Heart, Aurora, BCSS all have club runners. Arg. frustrated - we can do it but I need ALL the girls to run this summer and actually work their butts off but it seems like some of them don't want to.

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