Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vancouver 2010


4 words; THIS IS OUR GAME.

CANADA > all :)

but seriously, I expected Van2010 to be a bust but honestly, 14 GOLDS! we are amazing
I love our athletes & our team from Alexandre Bilodeau to Maelle Ricker to Jasey Jay Anderson to Haley Wickenheiser to Joannie Rochette (such a brave athlete) to Kristen Groves to Charles Hamelin to Clara Hughes to Asheigh McIvor to Jennifer Heil to Ken Martin to Jennifer Humphries to Tessa Virtue&Scott Moir to Jessica Gregg to Sidney Crosby to John Montgomery (beer pitcher!) to my personal favourite on the men's hockey team, Brendan Morrow (he played amazing throughout the Games). Actually I love everyone on our team but I can't recall all their names, not to mention I don't have the time since I have to do my bio prelab & study for my math test tomorrow.

I'm just so happy about the 14 golds & our mens hockey gold! During the game my heartrate was so high,
I thought I was going to go into cardiac arrest!

Post game I went out for a run and people were screaming out their open car windows and just screaming down the street - I live in the burghs in TO so imagine what downtown TO must have been like or VanCity! The beerstores & pizza places are probably raking in so much money tonight.

I have to say the closing ceremony was a bust though, the parts I watched were pretty boring and I still can't believe that guy's french "votre contribution a était magic" "merci bien" - his french sucks big time. It was a really boring ceremony (even more boring than the opening one) and really, K-os sicked. The only performer I actually enjoyed very much was Nickleback, Avril isn't good live, Hedley who I love dearly wasn't all that great - I wish Classiflied was there with his "Oh Canada" or Protest the Hero or Creature or Promise Run or Sweet Thing....

I'm out - need to finish my work.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Je veux tuer une personne! C'est le plus importante projet pour Francais mais le traville qu'elle fait c'est mal

Je ne suis pas content, je ne suis pas heureuse. Le 2 mars est la date pour le plus importante projet orale de ma vie pour francais mais j'ai une partenaire qui est imcompétente. Elle ne peut pas faire une chose correcte - je veux pleurer. C'est 10 h 24 mais je ne peux pas faire mes devoirs de maths ou de bio parce que je dois corrige le script pour le projet - alors, si je suis correcte je n'ai pas besoin un script mais elle le veut alors j'ai dit elle doit l'écrire mais le script est très mal est je pense qu'elle est la seule personne qui peut comprendre. Ma autre patenaire le pense est très mal aussi - c'est ennuyent que je dois faire les choses que je pense que c'est inutile. Je pense que je peux faire la presentation sans un script mais elle pense que nous avons besoin un script - je detest les scripts beaucoup car j'aime etre fluide quand je parle - avec un script je suis robotique. J'ai crée la brochure et faire les peintures, ma autre partenaire a crée les choses pour notre spectacle de marionnettes - nous avons travillé beaucoup mais la primère partenaire fait un petit petit et les choses qu'elle fait sont imcompétent.

Je suis fatiguée et je veux dormier mais je ne peux pas - je ne suis pas content que je sois en cette position.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

First Parliamentary Debate!

I went to my first parliamentary debate tournament today and it's not too different from UNYCA which I have participated in before. I am exhausted, I didn't get to bed till 5am this morning b/c I was doing research to prep for the resolution that 'this house believes that public figures should be entitled to private lives" and I got up at 7, we were at the tournament unti 6:30+ and didn't get home till almost 7. I am so exhausted but so much work for me this weekend I can't sleep yet - j'ai besoin de travailler mon projet de Francais.
I certainly learnt alot today at debate, I am disappointed to reveal the fact my partner and I didn't win any of our debates but I am delighted to mention while we didn't win any debates I believe our average score is actually higher than some of the teams who won 2 debates. I am also extremely happy that I didn't score a single thing under 70 and even managed to get a 82 from one of the judges for one of the debates! I'm kind of pissed b/c with our 2nd debate the Proposition tried to define the House as American even though we were debating in the style Canadian Parliamentary Debate - the judge was an ass and even let those guys win even though they should be docked b/c of their attempts to change the debate format.

-off to do some french-

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Final Decision

I have to hand in my course selection form today, I haven't decided whether or not to stay in IB but after dicussion with my IB coordinator I have decided I will delay that decision until midterms - I will hand in my course selection form and register for the 2010-2011 academic school year as a main stream student. However, if at midterms my bio mark is decent I will switch back to the IB program, this way I can play safe and if I decide to drop the IB program afterall I will get the courses I want. The downside is b/c I will not be handing in my form as an IB student now I will not be guaranteed a spot for economics and I will have to take the history/political science package instead. I think this is the best way to handle such a decision now, to ensure I will have a chance at getting into a good university after high school. I don't know if I will regret this decision but I think I am making the right choice.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rollercoaster Ride of Decisions.

I am back to 50%-50% in the case of whether or not to stay in IB. I was down to 80% for leaving the program earlier today after talking to my guidance counselor but after talking with my dad I'm back to 50-50. My guidance counselor looked at my marks last semester and told me to drop, the only thing is, he doesn't understand that after this year my math & french don't count and the possiblity of getting 80%+ in both easily after the exams is very high. The reason to why I want to stay in IB is for IB english & IB economics, next year I'm basically taking only English (HL), Econ (HL), Chem (HL), & Bio (SL) + exercise science (regular stream course). In the worst case scenario I do poorly in both Chem & Bio but b/c of my excessiveness in taking summer school courses + language courses I can always replace Chem & Bio w/either exercise science, polisci, physics, or italian and submit to universities English (2), Econ, French, Math (2), physics, exercise science, polisci, and italian. I am so lost.....

****interesting run today
-some guy walking his dog stopped & stared at my shorts
-some old ladies told me to put some clothes on
-some guy smoking pot said 'wow'

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lost & Confused

During the course-selection assembly today the admin announced that they thought students should have at least 70s going into gr 12 if they continue the IB program, I am so lost about what to do, especially since I basically failed last semester and I only have a 65% in chem so I don't know if I should continue. I really should not have slacked so much last semester - I think if I were to continue I would be fine but I don't know if the school thinks I should continue. I want to continue IB but I don't think I's hard to make this decision b/c I spent 3 years thinking of graduating as an IB student.

I'm so confused with what to major in and all that too, at dinner tonight my dad revealed how much he dislikes the idea of me majoring in Kine. He then enforced his opinion that I should study marketing or economics. I love the idea of studying Kine. but at the same time I'm not sure how hard the calculus is, I'm not doing too well in IB SL math so yeah...I kind of like the idea of the Kine. BA + Marketing but my dad still doesn't like that, I'm so confused and lost. I need to know whether to continue IB or not so I can choose courses according either that or what I want to major in so I can pick my courses....

Lost. Confused. Litte. Sheep

Monday, February 8, 2010

IT band is tight but I think I did a 8k PR

IT band is tight, stretched it last night with some yoga poses and it helped alot but I'm still tight. I expected my run today to be horrible but it was pretty sweet - I think I pr'ed for 8k b/c I ran with the club until roughly 2.5k and my watch said it was 3:17, I finished my run (10-11k) at 3:48 hence 31min for that 8kish run. I'm pretty surprised since I took it pretty light today with my IT band tight and all. I need to get back on track with my running, took some days off last week b/c my IT band was tight and I just wasn't feeling well - need to get back to training with the Southlake Half less than 3 months away.

Leafs vs. Sharks tonight!
Kadri got called up as well as Stalberg & Deveaux - haha Deveaux, will never forget the mental harm I pressed to him - me still thinks he can't look at an Asian girl without flinching
Go Leafs Go!

**** 11:11 we lost tonight, good try boys

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sem 2 is going to kill

Start of new semester and start of a new death; this semester is heavy on work. My bio homework for this week is making my head spin and making me want to cry, on top of that I have to work on both my group oral for French and my individual oral for French, as well as a ton of math homework on vectors, and a paper and oral presentation for ToK. I wish I could start on this boatload right now but first I have to do all that Italian homework I have - still have to read a story and answer some questions and do a written assignment on the song Volare - such a beautiful song. - Italian quiz on imperfetto tomorrow!

Sometimes I wonder about my sanity as I take on so many things, apparently I am no longer a sub for Parliamentary Debate, but an actual debater - not sure whether to be happy about it or to be scared of the extra work I'll have to do. On the plus side, my partner has the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen; they're fluid, big, brown, and warm - kind of like melted chocolate♥

I took my 3rd day off running this week even though I'm supposed to be back to "inseason" but my thighs are killing from weight lifting on Wed - 26x4 of 45lb overhead squats + no weights single legged squats + leg lifts kill. I need to get my running back on track, I have already signed up for the Southlake Half and I really want at least a 1:38 for that race, the lower the better. I need to run well.

I had a chat with one of the track coaches yesterday and she thinks I shoud aim for OFSAA track - I don't think so, making it to centrals this year will be hard enough - especially since I'm more specialized in long distance running. Running 3000m is a sprint and a pain for me, I'm hoping to get to centrals for steeplechase this year but honestly, my 1500m time isn't looking good - I just don't have enough speed. OFSAA should have long distances such as an half marathon.

je veux visiter Quebec avec mes amies après les examens de BI.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today's Easter Island

ToK Today:
In Brief: Easter Island
In 1772, Cooke approached Easter Island where the explorers saw beautiful wooden statues however when they entered the island they found remnants of people - no one was alive. Everyone on the island was dead, these people had a religion where they had to revere to their gods and they believed to do so they had to build these beautiful statutes, in order to do so they chopped all the trees and vegetation. There is proof that these people knew they would starve and die by doing so but they kept on proceeding.

We think that these people were so stupid but in truth, we are the exact same - instead of a small island putting themselves into extinction, we today, are putting a whole planet into extinction. Today, we aren't necessarily directly building statues of gods but we are building beautiful skyscrapers of metal, polluting automobiles, and harmful nuclear weapons - we are building 'beautiful metal statues' and even though we know by doing so we are harming the earth and ourselves in the long road we continue to do so. We are no different from the people of Easter Island. Just think, some of the most furtile land in our earth is now covered by concrete & asphalt, take Toronto for example, Toronto has some of the most furtile land on our planet but nothing can be grown here - as we continue to "progress and develop" we are essentially destroying the things we need. Those 'beautiful' nuclear weapons developed by humans? we know it will kill us yet we continue to develop new ones - why? These will only harm us - in a few years we will be the people of Easter Island - we will be the people others study who have put themselves into extinctions through our worship of the gods of materialism & self power.

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Semester Tomorrow, going to buckle down and actually try.

New semester tomorrow, I'm actually kind of excited b/c it's going to be a fresh start and this semester I'm actually going to try. Last semester I only tried for math and english, and kind of dismissed chem and french which may be the reason why I have high 60s- low 70s in both - well my math is a low 60 even though I tried and I have a high 70 in english (stupid Frye test & exam is costing me a 80). Getting exam marks tomorrow, not looking forward to it b/c I know I bombed all of them:(. I'm still trying to decide whether to continue IB or not, I want to continue but it's honestly giving me really bad marks so I kind of want to quit. I think whether or not I continue depends on what I get in bio - if it's really high 80s or low 90s I'm def staying but anything lower I think I'm going to drop. I looked online and I need at least a 83% to get into kine. at McGill - if I were in academic I would get 90% easy but IB = low 70s and even high 60s. I don't know what to do, I'm so lost and confused.

***saw When in Rome w/J today. Such a cute movie. Love how I could understand the Italian in the movie.