Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lost & Confused

During the course-selection assembly today the admin announced that they thought students should have at least 70s going into gr 12 if they continue the IB program, I am so lost about what to do, especially since I basically failed last semester and I only have a 65% in chem so I don't know if I should continue. I really should not have slacked so much last semester - I think if I were to continue I would be fine but I don't know if the school thinks I should continue. I want to continue IB but I don't think I should....it's hard to make this decision b/c I spent 3 years thinking of graduating as an IB student.

I'm so confused with what to major in and all that too, at dinner tonight my dad revealed how much he dislikes the idea of me majoring in Kine. He then enforced his opinion that I should study marketing or economics. I love the idea of studying Kine. but at the same time I'm not sure how hard the calculus is, I'm not doing too well in IB SL math so yeah...I kind of like the idea of the Kine. BA + Marketing but my dad still doesn't like that, I'm so confused and lost. I need to know whether to continue IB or not so I can choose courses according either that or what I want to major in so I can pick my courses....

Lost. Confused. Litte. Sheep

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