Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vancouver 2010


4 words; THIS IS OUR GAME.

CANADA > all :)

but seriously, I expected Van2010 to be a bust but honestly, 14 GOLDS! we are amazing
I love our athletes & our team from Alexandre Bilodeau to Maelle Ricker to Jasey Jay Anderson to Haley Wickenheiser to Joannie Rochette (such a brave athlete) to Kristen Groves to Charles Hamelin to Clara Hughes to Asheigh McIvor to Jennifer Heil to Ken Martin to Jennifer Humphries to Tessa Virtue&Scott Moir to Jessica Gregg to Sidney Crosby to John Montgomery (beer pitcher!) to my personal favourite on the men's hockey team, Brendan Morrow (he played amazing throughout the Games). Actually I love everyone on our team but I can't recall all their names, not to mention I don't have the time since I have to do my bio prelab & study for my math test tomorrow.

I'm just so happy about the 14 golds & our mens hockey gold! During the game my heartrate was so high,
I thought I was going to go into cardiac arrest!

Post game I went out for a run and people were screaming out their open car windows and just screaming down the street - I live in the burghs in TO so imagine what downtown TO must have been like or VanCity! The beerstores & pizza places are probably raking in so much money tonight.

I have to say the closing ceremony was a bust though, the parts I watched were pretty boring and I still can't believe that guy's french "votre contribution a ├ętait magic" "merci bien" - his french sucks big time. It was a really boring ceremony (even more boring than the opening one) and really, K-os sicked. The only performer I actually enjoyed very much was Nickleback, Avril isn't good live, Hedley who I love dearly wasn't all that great - I wish Classiflied was there with his "Oh Canada" or Protest the Hero or Creature or Promise Run or Sweet Thing....

I'm out - need to finish my work.

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