Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today's Easter Island

ToK Today:
In Brief: Easter Island
In 1772, Cooke approached Easter Island where the explorers saw beautiful wooden statues however when they entered the island they found remnants of people - no one was alive. Everyone on the island was dead, these people had a religion where they had to revere to their gods and they believed to do so they had to build these beautiful statutes, in order to do so they chopped all the trees and vegetation. There is proof that these people knew they would starve and die by doing so but they kept on proceeding.

We think that these people were so stupid but in truth, we are the exact same - instead of a small island putting themselves into extinction, we today, are putting a whole planet into extinction. Today, we aren't necessarily directly building statues of gods but we are building beautiful skyscrapers of metal, polluting automobiles, and harmful nuclear weapons - we are building 'beautiful metal statues' and even though we know by doing so we are harming the earth and ourselves in the long road we continue to do so. We are no different from the people of Easter Island. Just think, some of the most furtile land in our earth is now covered by concrete & asphalt, take Toronto for example, Toronto has some of the most furtile land on our planet but nothing can be grown here - as we continue to "progress and develop" we are essentially destroying the things we need. Those 'beautiful' nuclear weapons developed by humans? we know it will kill us yet we continue to develop new ones - why? These will only harm us - in a few years we will be the people of Easter Island - we will be the people others study who have put themselves into extinctions through our worship of the gods of materialism & self power.

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