Friday, February 5, 2010

Sem 2 is going to kill

Start of new semester and start of a new death; this semester is heavy on work. My bio homework for this week is making my head spin and making me want to cry, on top of that I have to work on both my group oral for French and my individual oral for French, as well as a ton of math homework on vectors, and a paper and oral presentation for ToK. I wish I could start on this boatload right now but first I have to do all that Italian homework I have - still have to read a story and answer some questions and do a written assignment on the song Volare - such a beautiful song. - Italian quiz on imperfetto tomorrow!

Sometimes I wonder about my sanity as I take on so many things, apparently I am no longer a sub for Parliamentary Debate, but an actual debater - not sure whether to be happy about it or to be scared of the extra work I'll have to do. On the plus side, my partner has the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen; they're fluid, big, brown, and warm - kind of like melted chocolate♥

I took my 3rd day off running this week even though I'm supposed to be back to "inseason" but my thighs are killing from weight lifting on Wed - 26x4 of 45lb overhead squats + no weights single legged squats + leg lifts kill. I need to get my running back on track, I have already signed up for the Southlake Half and I really want at least a 1:38 for that race, the lower the better. I need to run well.

I had a chat with one of the track coaches yesterday and she thinks I shoud aim for OFSAA track - I don't think so, making it to centrals this year will be hard enough - especially since I'm more specialized in long distance running. Running 3000m is a sprint and a pain for me, I'm hoping to get to centrals for steeplechase this year but honestly, my 1500m time isn't looking good - I just don't have enough speed. OFSAA should have long distances such as an half marathon.

je veux visiter Quebec avec mes amies apr├Ęs les examens de BI.

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