Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rollercoaster Ride of Decisions.

I am back to 50%-50% in the case of whether or not to stay in IB. I was down to 80% for leaving the program earlier today after talking to my guidance counselor but after talking with my dad I'm back to 50-50. My guidance counselor looked at my marks last semester and told me to drop, the only thing is, he doesn't understand that after this year my math & french don't count and the possiblity of getting 80%+ in both easily after the exams is very high. The reason to why I want to stay in IB is for IB english & IB economics, next year I'm basically taking only English (HL), Econ (HL), Chem (HL), & Bio (SL) + exercise science (regular stream course). In the worst case scenario I do poorly in both Chem & Bio but b/c of my excessiveness in taking summer school courses + language courses I can always replace Chem & Bio w/either exercise science, polisci, physics, or italian and submit to universities English (2), Econ, French, Math (2), physics, exercise science, polisci, and italian. I am so lost.....

****interesting run today
-some guy walking his dog stopped & stared at my shorts
-some old ladies told me to put some clothes on
-some guy smoking pot said 'wow'

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