Monday, February 1, 2010

New Semester Tomorrow, going to buckle down and actually try.

New semester tomorrow, I'm actually kind of excited b/c it's going to be a fresh start and this semester I'm actually going to try. Last semester I only tried for math and english, and kind of dismissed chem and french which may be the reason why I have high 60s- low 70s in both - well my math is a low 60 even though I tried and I have a high 70 in english (stupid Frye test & exam is costing me a 80). Getting exam marks tomorrow, not looking forward to it b/c I know I bombed all of them:(. I'm still trying to decide whether to continue IB or not, I want to continue but it's honestly giving me really bad marks so I kind of want to quit. I think whether or not I continue depends on what I get in bio - if it's really high 80s or low 90s I'm def staying but anything lower I think I'm going to drop. I looked online and I need at least a 83% to get into kine. at McGill - if I were in academic I would get 90% easy but IB = low 70s and even high 60s. I don't know what to do, I'm so lost and confused.

***saw When in Rome w/J today. Such a cute movie. Love how I could understand the Italian in the movie.

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