Saturday, February 20, 2010

First Parliamentary Debate!

I went to my first parliamentary debate tournament today and it's not too different from UNYCA which I have participated in before. I am exhausted, I didn't get to bed till 5am this morning b/c I was doing research to prep for the resolution that 'this house believes that public figures should be entitled to private lives" and I got up at 7, we were at the tournament unti 6:30+ and didn't get home till almost 7. I am so exhausted but so much work for me this weekend I can't sleep yet - j'ai besoin de travailler mon projet de Francais.
I certainly learnt alot today at debate, I am disappointed to reveal the fact my partner and I didn't win any of our debates but I am delighted to mention while we didn't win any debates I believe our average score is actually higher than some of the teams who won 2 debates. I am also extremely happy that I didn't score a single thing under 70 and even managed to get a 82 from one of the judges for one of the debates! I'm kind of pissed b/c with our 2nd debate the Proposition tried to define the House as American even though we were debating in the style Canadian Parliamentary Debate - the judge was an ass and even let those guys win even though they should be docked b/c of their attempts to change the debate format.

-off to do some french-

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