Friday, July 2, 2010

Anyone need a physiotherapist?

Does anyone need a physiotherapist for cheap? I'm for hire. JKS

But honestly I think maybe kine. should be in my list of majors again b/c I now think I would make a kick ass physiotherapist. My mom has been have aches in her body for the longest time and today I took some time to work on her body. I was able to hit all the right spots and while she's still REALLY tight ALL OVER I can already feel the tight muscle groups are less tight.

IDK, if anyone needs a physiotherapist I'm for hire - inside of 60$/h I'm only charging 40$/h :D
good deal?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Treating my sport as a means of transportation

I am one of the laziest people you can ever meet - I hate moving unless it is absolutely necessary. I will never run to the ice cream truck; the ice cream truck will come toward me.

B/c this is part of my personal nature I guess it can't be surprising that I'm not too pleased my parents are now treating my sport as a means of transportation.

B/c my ankle was still a little sore and I woke up too late to make it back in time to go out for yum cha with some family members I decided to postpone the dreaded (not really dreaded) long run for yet another day (bad idea now that I think about it b/c I can't do speed work on Sat like I planned). At 11am my mom popped her head into my room to tell me that if I couldn't be ready to leave in 10min my parents were going to leave me at home and I would have to run to the yum cha place. Obviously I can't get ready in 10min even though I'm pretty low-maintainance (brushing my hair is considered a good day) since I have to take off my night contacts, clean them, &etc. My parents left without me, they told me the restaurant I was supposed to meet them at and then left. I was left with only one method of transportation since I have yet to get my G1 (I really do need to get my G1 asap) - running.

It took me 10:16.06 to get there, roughly 2.4k - kind of slow since some cars cut me off even though I had the right of way and I wasn't warmed up and I was dehydrated. It wasn't a bad run but I was just pissed that my parents are now taking my sport as a means for transportation. If you start using your hobbies as a necessity it takes away from the joy of doing and I've already lost some of the enjoyment from running due to the fact I want to impress scouts. I don't want to lose more enjoyment from running b/c I have to use it as a means of transportation and I wish my parents could understand this.

K, not exactly UFA but T.Dot got a bit more swag with Versteeg last night. I know this trade overall is good but I'm a little sad at losing Stalberg. He was great with the team this year. Also very sad about losing Paradis - such a sexy son of a gun. Great times with him in the Marlies when we were at the Rioch (note* night of the douche)

Got Colby Armstrong - little expensive but meh.

We need to resign Kulemin!

Waiting for news about Kaberle....