Monday, May 31, 2010

My First Sunburn!

Well slightly inaccurate since I've burnt my upper lip before after a long run but that doesn't really count b/c it's such a tiny patch of skin. I had to do a morning run today b/c of the heat and by 3k I had already stripped of my shirt and was running in a sports bra. 8k later, my left boob is slightly sunburnt. It's kind of red - not peeling but red and slightly uncomfortable; a sunburn but not a serious one. I can't believe I burnt my boob of all places. it doesn't really make sense - especially since I have one of the smallest sizes known to human history.

It also pisses me off that middle age men can't keep their eyes on the road - they were staring at me the whole time. Honestly, I'm not that interesting AND I'm still pretty covered - I was wearing shoes, socks, shorts, & sports bra - it's not like there are boobs for you to look at. If you want to look at legs & torso then I suggest you a) go home to your wife b) buy a copy of Victoria's Secret.

I hate morning runs.

Got back my muscle fatigue lab and I didn't pass - somehow my prelab wasn't stapled so tomorrow I have to go talk to my teacher and show her that I did do my prelab and ask her to mark it. I almost passed even without the prelab so I'm hoping if she marks the prelab my mark will be decent.

Starting training for the Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon tomorrow, trying to decide to run in the morning tomorrow or at night. I'm leaning toward night right now b/c running in the morning takes a lot of will power to drag myself from bed not to mention my muscles aren't warmed up in the morning so it's easy to injure myself - the back of my right knee is feeling TIGHT and the light stint in the weightroom afterschool didn't help.

Thinking of having an end of season/start summer xc training party at my house at the end of June for the cross country, running club, and track members. My house is tiny so I'm kind of reluctant but I think it will be fun - going to make it unalcoholic though since I'm not much of a drinker and I really don't want people breaking things in my house. I think it's only right for me to host the end of seasons party since I'm making everyone run this summer to prep for regionals - last chance for OFSAA next year so I'm pushing the whole team.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Apparently I lowered everyone's morality mark

I was talking to a friend who dropped out of the IB program after pre-IB earlier this evening. His morality teacher is one of my track coaches and apparently after he (the teacher) and I had a talk during one of the meets he started marking harder.

During the meet he kind of asked about what I was learning in my ToK class (philosophy) and he revealed he barely had any idea who any of the people we studied were - granted the ToK class is different from the philosophy course offered by my school. I guess after our little talk he felt he was too easy on his class so he started marking harder - sorry guys.

***was 27C at 8:49pm so I decided I'm going to run in the morning - I hate 6am morning runs. The fact I'm not done reading the assigned pages of Manon des sources or done my genetics problem set questions yet sucks.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sudbury Trip 2010

1) Never again will I go to Sudbury
2) Never again will I pull such an all nighter
3) Never again will I go on an all nighter with crazy IB kids

Sudbury was CRAZY. I am so exhausted right now, the trip was fun in a sense but at the same time I'm just glad to be home - by 9 pm I never wanted to see half of the people again.

Doing that bio lab until 1:30 was a mistake, waking up at 5am to run was a mistake - I should have slept before going onto that bus. At least I was smart enough to bring a blanket so I was passed out for most of the ride.

Highlights (timeline format):
Parry Sound
I don't think they have ever seen this many Asians at once in their town - other than the people from my school I did not see any Asians. Guy at Tim Hortons was not impressed when I asked for a turkey bacon club with no sause, no mayo - I guess he thought it would be extra work for his people but you can't expect me to eat anything with mayo. Hate mayo.

Ice cream sundae at McDonalds was amazing - we wanted to go through the drive through walking, in carm formation. We were going to do it on the way back but we were just too exhausted.

The old 50 year old man with a mullet, a pot belly, and his shirt hanging open and unbuttoned at MCD totally turned me off this town - never again do I want to visit Parry Sound . It's a pretty and quaint little town but as a city girl I live here.

Dynamic Earth

"Learnt" about what Sudbury mines for. Watched some lame movie thingy about the history of Sudbury - that was the most borning thing I ever watched. Lou the barber had the most boring voice ever.

Going down the mine shaft was kind of cool, other than the fact the floor of the mine was kind of wet so my feet got wet too -ew. Glad I'm short though b/c I never had to dunk during the whole tour.

The old washrooms of the old mines at Sudbury were disgusting - and to think the most wanted job was the toilet pusher for 1$ a day.

Appartently there was a thunderstorm outside so we had to walk up the mine shaft instead of taking the elevator - no worries, it wasn't a full size mine shaft:)

Science North

Dinner was digusting and unfilling - some weird chicken, salad, and potato wedges. Chicken was juicy with not much flavour. Salad had too much dressing. Potato wedges had no flavour, even their ketchup had no flavour. There were no seconds for chicken so I had extra wedges but they still did not fill me up.The ice cream was melted and tasted kind of like marshmellows instead of vanilla - we called it "marshmellow fluff".

After dinner we, for some reason, had to desire to climb this huge pole in the building. Some of my friends kept trying to go up the pole...and failing.

The fire presentation was one of the only things I was even remotely impressed with. The iMAX film made me dizzy. The star gazing made me have a headache. The popcorn was stale. The cookies at snack time were ICE COLD - and they didn't have water, only milk or coke. Arg. I need water.

The butterfly section was really pretty though - over 500 butterflies in there. Apparently butterflies have a lifespan of approx 2 week in the wild but at Science North they live for about 4 weeks. They were so pretty and it was so cool seeing them fly around you.

The insects...for some insane reason, everyone wanted to hold them and take pictures with them. Because I was one of the few who brought their camera onto the trip, I had to take an insane amount of pictures. I felt so bad b/c someone wanted to hold a 'walking stick' and the guide tried to take them out of the glass but 2 of them were kind of umm stuck together, like they were mating. One of my friends made a pretty funny comment, at that time I was still awake enough to process it in my mind
H: so umm are they like doing it?
J: I think they are...that's what it looks it. They're like...on top of each other
H: hmm so they are doing it. I wonder how it if there is a whole in it and stuff. Where does it stick it in?
J: Errr this is a totally inappropriate comment to be making at ___________(I totally can not remember what time it was maybe 9? or 12?)

I actually kind of enjoyed the rock cutting activity - if it were not at 12 or 1 or 2 am in the morning - I have no idea what time it was, I would have loved it. I cut out a demented looking heart from a cube of rock:) It looks kind of demented but whatever, it was early in the morning and I was on my last leggs of insanity. Around 9pm I was already hitting the stage where anything and everything was funny b/c I had stayed up late the night before, doing my bio lab, woke up early to run, and did not get to nap before dinner like normal. When we were cutting the rocks I was hitting that stage again - eveything was funny to me. My classmates chipping at rock was funny. Lame jokes became funny.

A(with some strange weird accents): We be working like the kids in Mexico (I think it was Mexico at least), chopping hard, making powder like those kids making cocaine

As I recall this, I don't find it funny but I still remember bursting out in laughter over this - I thought it was the funniest thing ever. Exhaustion just makes everything so much funnier.

Soo pissed, in the "sports zone" I just failed. Apparently I can't sprint nor do I have power in my legs - people were beating me in this run up stairs thing. 90% of the kids there have not worked out ever or in the past 3 years. My friend also accidently stepped on my 2nd toe on my right foot and now I think it's broken - have it taped up and everything - b/c of this I have to take today off from running. I will do a double tomorrow I think.

Porky the porcupine was such a cutie and he danced for me! He was sooo cute but he smelt horrible....just absolutely horrible, but he was such a cutie. Apparently when he was little they would lift him out of the enclosement and hold him and everytime he wants to be held, he dances. He was dancing most of the night when we were there but we couldn't hold him b/c of his quills. Poor boy.

By the time we got to the Dino exhibit we were so exhausted we just laid out on the floor - I couldn't fall asleep there but it was nice to get to close my eyes - totally helped with the headache.

Breakfast was horrible - ice old muffin, ice old nature grain bar, 1 orange slice, and juice. I ate about 1/4 of the lemon poppy seed muffin - I couldn't finish it and lemon poppy seed is my favourite. 3/4 of the nature grain bar, I hate the fruit fillings so I didn't eat that part either. Orange was too cold and I skipped the juice. Add in an apple from my bag - the taste of the muffin ruined the apple taste for me so I couldn't finish that.

As soon as I got on the bus I slept - I was passed out and slept till the PA system woke me up in Parry Sound for a washroom break. Peed. went back onto the bus and slept till Aurora/Newmarket. Woke up, called brother.

We were early by 2h to the school b/c we left Sudbury early - lucky for my bus b/c the other bus still wasn't at Science North yet when we left Sudbury.

The school almost did not let me sign out b/c my brother picked me up and he wasn't my legal guardian but with he swamp of all the IB kids wanting to sing out they just gave up and let me go.
Sec 1: you need to call your parents
Sec 2: How old are you?
Brother: I'm 21
Sec 2: How are you getting home
Brother: I'm driving
Sec 1: She still needs her parents
Sec 2: Just let her go
:). I think they just wanted me out of the office b/c the whole IB gr 11 population was coming in

Had such crazy times on this trip, almost tipped over a dino that I sat on, and I'm going to miss these crazy people next year when I drop.

but right now, I don't want to see any of these faces for a long long time.

Monday, May 24, 2010


IB French Exams DONE. J'ai FINI:)

Paper 1 was meh, I don't think I got every single question right but I think I did ok.
Paper 2. hilarious. it was a journal intime about what would happen if we met someone with the same first and last name as us

I based it on what would happen if a girl and I were in the same track race (the 3000) and we both had the same name. I wrote about how the commentors would have a hard time. I then got inspired and said the other girl was a sore loser and how I didn't want to have the same name as her b/c it ruins the perception of me. I also said I would lose individuality. At the last moment I added that my name was a gift from my parents and they named me after their best friend who died the day before I was born so it was a lot of meaning to me. yeah...I spent my 1.5h very wisely in the examination room. I even drew pictures so it would look like a journal.

After the exams, K,J & myself went to see The Trotsky. Amazing, amazing movie. It was soo cute & the fact it was filmed at McGill was pretty cool for us - we never see movies based in Canada.

J& I went back to her house after and I met her family - her aunts, uncles, & cousins are soo funny!
BBQ at her place, her mom makes amazing ribs....yum
fireworks after - will post pics later

Indiana Tech University's track/cross coach sent me an email! Not just any old email, but one about RUNNING for them! I"m pretty surprised b/c I had such a horrible track season and my spring road season was pretty bad. I'm so happy right now! WHOOOO

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Le nouveau Quebec

La page d'accueil de mon "Facebook" est le nouveau Quebec. Comme Canada, la majorité d'utilisateurs écrivent en anglais mais il y a une percentage qui écrivent en francais ce weekend.

Demain est Victoria Day mais les étudients de BI en Canada doivent écrire deux examens - ce n'est pas juste mais c'est la vie. Sur "Facebook", tous les étudients de BI s'écrivent en francais- c'est une forme de practique. C'est amusant pour nous mais les autres étudients de notre lycée pensent que nous sommes ennuyeux. Mais, nous devons étudier.

J'espere que l'examen est une pièce du gateau (une expression idiomatique!). Si je veux une bonne note je dois étudier beaucoup et quand j'écris l'examen je dois utiliser les choses comme les expressions idiomatiques, les pronoms relatifs, les phrases hypothétiques avec "si", les mots de liasion, le subjonctif, le future antérier, le conditionnel passé, le conditionnel présent, le plus-que-parfait, et l'impératif.

Je ne peux pas attendre pour la fin de ces examens - après ces examens nous regarderons un film - je ne sais pas quel film à ce moment mais je veux en regarder un avec beaucoup de garcons très chauds. Après que nous aurons regardé le film nous irons à chez J pour BBQ - je ne peux pas attendre!

à ce moment, ma salle est Quebec mais chez moi est Canada car les examens de BI - je veux dire "merci" à BI pour cela.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

the UN & Iraq - Sanction

à ce moment je ne veux plus étudier pour mon examen de francais - je l'ai étudié pour beaucoup de heures aujourd'hui. Je me suis revée depuis 8h ce matin pour étudier le francais.

The UN & Iraq - The Sanction

In the early 90s 800000 Iraqi people lost their lives due to a sanction imposed by the UN (supported by countries such as Canada, the US). They deemed Saddam Hussein was a "bad guy" and he was going to tear down the Western countries through the uses of nuclear weapons (kind of ironic since the Western countries give Iraq some of its first more advance weapons).

The UN deemed a sanction on Iraq was necessary; they strangled Iraq economically. Iraq was not allowed to import or export anything, for example, Iraq could not import chlorine. The UN feared Hussein would use the chlorine to build weapons - this is understandable, but with all things, there is another side to it. No chlorine doesn't just mean Hussein can't build chlorine based weapons; it also means there is no clean water. The people of Iraq had to drink unfiltered, contaminated water. During the time of the sanction, sewage filled homes and even full city blocks - imaging living in these conditions.

Hospitals in Iraq became badly equipped because of the sanction. Disinfectants, cough syrup, and parts for ambulances were lacking - in one of the only videos released (by CBS) during this time period, concerning the sanction and the conditions in Iraq, a mother is told her child can not receive any cough syrup because there is none left. At another hospital 4 babies had to share a broken incubator - the doctors can not fix the incubator because no parts can be imported from the West. During the time period of 1999-early 2003 over 1/2 million children died - most of these days were due to the sanction placed.

And what was Saddam Hussein doing at this time? During this time period, Hussein was building palaces and enjoying life - and most likely importing material needs by the means of illegal importation. The sanction placed by the UN did not do much in terms of limiting Hussein's moves for anything can be imported if one has a Swiss bank account. On the other hand, the sanction destroyed the lives of thousands of the average Iraqi.

Sanctions don't work, this is only one example of the failure a sanction holds. History has proven this, yet we continue to go down that familiar path to destruction - as of this moment there are very serious talks in sanction Iran b/c of their nuclear program. I agree with the fact Iran shouldn't have nuclear weapons (personally I don't think anyone should have access to nuclear weapons) but I really think a sanction will only, once again, destroy the lives of the average Iranian and only that.

"Everytime history repeats itself, the price goes up" - Ronald Wright

Is it not "fishy" that there are so few released details about the lives of Iraqis during the sanction period?

What are the governments hiding?

How can we get around the perceptions they build up to get to the truth?

Is history all perception?


Rudely awaken by family members at 8am this morning - who the heck wakes up at 8am on a Saturday morning? They disrupted my dream which I can still remember rather well.

In this particular dream I qualified for OFSAA for XC but I was close to not making it on time to the race site - in fact I'm not sure if I made it to the start line on time b/c I was rudely awaken. - I woke up just when I was pulling on my spikes in the dream.

They say when you are asleep your brain is still working and your consciousness, awareness, and cognitive trap are more alert. Personally, I've found myself in situations that I have dreamt about during thre few times I can actually sleep for more than 3-4h straight.

In the terms of this particular dream I think it represents that fact I have the ability to make it to OFSAA for XC again but it will be a tight qualifying race. I also think it reaffirms my belief while I have the ability to make it to OFSAA I have to work my butt off and stick to the training plans I have drawn up for myself, for this summer/early fall.

****Up since 9-10, studying for the french exam
J'ai peur pour l'examen de Francais de BI - je dois étudier beacoup. Je dois écrire l'examen lundi, ce n'est pas juste! Lundi est une vacances pour mon payé.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


1) I love Aussies!
In the middle of my math class one of the VPs came and informed us we were getting some visitors, from Australia. Naturally our class was extremely excited b/c nothing exciting happens during math - we were all scrambing about and saying how we were going to be on our best behaviour & wondering what the reason for such a visit was. One of my friends, JC, said it was b/c we were an IB class and we had a smartboard - she said it was mostly for the smartboard though - most of us laughed it off.

A few minutes later, 7 people entered the room and the tension was thick. All the big shots were in the room so we tried to be on our best behaviour (I know I sound like we're in gr 3 but honestly, IB kids are very loud and kind of inappropriate). Picture a dark classroom with the light source being a smartboard, 30 kids (most of them Asian), a teacher pointing at things on the smartboard - a comfy picture, no? Then the VP enters, the IB coordinator/another VP enters, the Principal enters, 2 superintendents enter, and last but not least, 2 Australian educators enter. Our classroom has been so quiet ever.

The first thing these visitors asked about was the smartboard - this prompted our classes to try to hide giggles b/c we had laughed off the idea we had visitors who just wanted to talk about the smartboard. I was turning beet red from trying to hold in my giggles and b/c some visitors were standing in front of me I turned around but that only made me want to giggle more b/c my friend was trying to hold in her giggles and I had the full view of that.

The giggling only got worst when they asked why we liked the smartboard so much. They kept asking our teacher if she had a website and the students if we found posted lessons online. We totally forgot it was our teacher last semester who had the website with the posted notes which he taught first on the smartboard - we were basicallly feeding these visitors the wrong information without a thought. They left our room telling us "good luck" and full from a bunch of false information.

Before the Aussie guy was even out the door, the whole class was expressing the love of the Aussie accent and how we wish they would stay all day - I bet that guy wanted to stay here all day.

{when the Aussie guy goes home}
Aussie guy to his wife: Those Canadians loved me, they couldn't get enough of me. They wanted me to stay

2) Beautiful

K: (to D & myself) You're so beautiful....
D: thanks
K: (insert my name)!

3) Stories from Ottawa
My friends came home recently from a music trip to Ottawa where they won gold!
"We got to the museum so early it wasn't open yet"
"Mr. P got criticized for moving too much by the judicator"
"We drove around the PM's house so much the guards got worried that we were terrorists"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Things that made me Laugh/Cry/Smile Today


1) In bio today we touched upon a little about genetics and abnormalities in meiosis, we then came across trisomy and downs syndrome. There was a picture of a little white boy on our notes and our teacher tries to explain the physical effects of downs syndrome through the picture of the little white boy

Bio teacher: Look at the picture of the boy, what can you tell me about this boy?
Class: errrrrr
Bio teacher: Come on guys! This is a white organism, what is making him different?
Class: errr....he has Asian eyes?
Bio teacher: Good job guys! Often, children with downs syndrome will have Asian looking eyes when they're white
Class mutters among themselves, we're wondering how we can tell if the child is mixed or has downs syndrome. Class starts laughing b/c we laugh at everything, even when it's not funny.
Bio teacher: What's so funny?

It was so jokes and just politcally incorrect, I think she was trying to help us remember the physical signs of downs syndrome but we just couldn't stop laughing.

2) As I was leaving the library b/c I couldn't sit for the UNYCA meeting any longer I saw a fluffy white animal in the hallway. I broke my right eye contact yesterday so I couldn't see very well so I thought this white fluffy animal was an oversize bunny - in my mind I was telling the guy holding the leash that his bunny needed to go on a diet. As I neared the bunny I realized it was not a bunny at all, but rather a fluffy white dog with long white ears.

As I leaving the school, my xc running coach saw the dog, the owner and just had to add in his 2 cents
"T, take your girlfriend home"
my running coach isn't exactly the nicest guy....

We got the Unit 3 Part 1 bio test back. I passed, just barely. The highest mark in our class was a 75 and apparently a ton of kids actually did not pass. This is kind of scary b/c we're the same kids that used to complain a 85% was a bad mark. We're getting murked in this class.

After the rollarcoaster day I had, I came home to a really sweet email from my brother - I never knew he could be this sweet.

"ur not perfect u have a lot of flaws

but i am not perfect and have a lot of flaws too

but i will always love u because u are my sister =]

ADD OIL to ur studies!!"

My brother is such a fob now that he spent 4-5 months in Asia - is it politically incorrect to say fob? isn't it fop now? b/c they don't take boats anymore

YRAA Day 2

Times were posted late last night but I was too lazy and too busy (studying for the ToK test) to analyze my race and everything.

3000m- 12:04.57

This was the worst time of my season, I ran a 11:49.34 last week and thought it was easy so I was expecting a 11:30-11:45. In theory I should be able to run a 11:15 flat with no problems since I have at times ran consecutive 3x 3:45/k during a 11k run. I think what majority screwed me over was the fact the UHS girl had put down 11 min as her seed time - she couldn't 11 min, and I highly doubt she has ran under 12 the whole season.

I'm just pissed right now. I thought the UHS girl could run 11 so I stuck with her the whole race, she screwed me over. I hate it when people lie about their seed times, I don't know what you're trying to prove by putting down a fake seed time but it's dishonest and you end up screwing people like me over. What's the point of putting down a seed time you can't run? Most girls will put down either a seed time that is exactly their fastest time but the majority will put down a seed time slower than what they can really run. I'm not going to lie but for one of my races this year my coach put down 11 as my seed time but that's only b/c she was busy when I was telling her my seed time so she only heard the 11 part.

I was so relaxed during the race and I just wasn't tired at all, I should have passed the UHS girl at the start and tried to stick to some other girl b/c the UHS girl was slow, only I didn't know that b/c I didn't use my watch during the race. As I was starting the 4th lap the guy with the gun saw that I was running with my eyes closed and he just had to comment,"look that girl's eyes are closed" - that was one of the only comments I heard during the race.I was kind of pissed b/c some guys from other schools were saying stuff like "the Asian girl will get tired, she's Asian, you can beat her" - way to be racist much. I'm just glad when I run I close my eyes and I hear about 20% of the comments directed toward me b/c, otherwise, I would probably take someone down b/cof my displeasure at their comments - I hate how everyone seems to think Asians can't run.

I think I over took 2 girls with 150m left in the race and I just flat out sprinted to the finish line b/c I had that much energy left. It's sad but i think I also lapped 2 girls - considering my time was pretty bad I can't believe I lapped them.

This track season was a bust - actually my whole spring racing season is a bust. I didn't PR for any of my road races (other than 5k but it was my 5k debute for road so it doesn' count). I managed to PR in the races that didn't count, but honestly, it's not hard for me to PR on track b/c I don't run it. I went to 2.5 offical practices, the rest of my training was long distance training or heading over to BCSS with my dad and doing a tiny bit of speedwork.

I have decided to take the rest of the month very easy and then jump onto the hardcore training in June - ultimately I'm training for the Toronto Waterfront Half but at the same time I'm training for the 2011 Around the Bay, 2011 Toronto Waterfront Marathon, and the cross country season. I think as of right now I can probably run a 5k in 20:50something (my last 5k was a bust b/cof the wind) but I think if training goes well I can run a 20:30something or lower by Sept.

I think I have more speed than I'm running at now but I just need to find it - if I train properly then maybe I'll make OFSAA again in 2010. fingers crossed.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I have weird motivation

Talking to my friend JL right now made me realize that I have really strange motivation for the things I do

Making OFSAA: the OFSAA hoodies are cute, I want another one
Making OFSAA for track: track hoodies are cuter than xc hoodies
Making OFSAA for XC: just b/c I want a xc hoodie with my name on (unlike the current hoodie I have now)
Of course I want to make OFSAA b/c it looks good for when I apply for university but honestly, it's the hoodies that I care about

I think there's something wrong with me.

***really want to/need to make OFSAA for xc next yeary
***taking the rest of this month easy, June-Sept will be brutal training
***need to study for ToK test tomorrow
***finish the math hw

Monday, May 17, 2010


Making Centrals is not looking good, I failed to make Centrals for both steeplechase & 1500 flat. I'm really upset right now b/c I missed the 5th spot for steeple by less than 2s and I had so much engery left at the end of the race. With the 1500 I'm even more pissed b/c the girl who came 5th ran a 5:30 and I've ran the 1500 faster than 5:30 multiple times - I came in as 7th with a 5:32.87 - so disappointed b/c I could have made Centrals.

1500 Steeplechase: 6:10.48 (at least I didn't fall into the pit, over 20s improvement from last year), I think what went wrong was during warmup I hit my shin pretty hard on one of the barriers so I was scared of them during the race. Still a run race though, really wish I made it to Centrals (I hate being 6th)

1500: 5:32.87 - I ran a 5:27 on the same track a few weeks ago so I'm just disappointed, if I ran the same time I would have easily been cleared for Centrals.

I'm just not in a good state mentally right now, so much disappointment in one day.

I'm pretty sure I'm not heading to Centrals this year, I checked the start list for the 3000 tomorrow and some of the girls are running times I can't even imagine. The only way I can make it in for Centrals is if someone pulls out of a race b/c they've already made it for something else - there were a bunch of girls who pulled out of the 1500 b/c they already made it to Centrals for steeplechase.

I really wish I trained more this season.

On the brightside, HC & JF made me laugh - before JF's race HC was taking 8349834793874 pictures of one of our coaches, as if he had a man-crush on him. It was pretty funny b/c some random guy was watching us and he thought we were the strangest people ever (thanks H, now people think I'm retarded).

***bio lab is driving me nuts

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Starting to Feel Nervous

Flashback one year ago, I totally hated track and the only reason to why I was on the team was b/c the head coach was my gym teacher in gr 9 and she was too nice to say no to.

Flashforward one year (present day), I am absolutely nervous for the YRAA finals tomorrow, I really want to make Centrals but I get the feeling I'm not going to make it this year. I just didn't train hard enough this season - to date I've been to 2.5 offical practices & 2 meets (1500 & 3000, both once). I'm running the 1500 steeplechase tomorrow morning at 9:45 (hopefully we will get there on time this year so I won't fight with girls at the washroom) and I'm honestly so scared, I haven't ran steeple in a year. My school doesn't have barriers for steeple training, much less a water pit. The only steeple training I've had is jumping over snow piles and clearing puddles during the winter/early spring. My competitors are all club girls which really scare me b/c I don't run club and I barely did any speed work this season - I'm just relying on the endurance I built up. Right now I'm really worried & scared I won't be able to get over the barrier b/c I'm kind of short.

Tomorrow is going to be hectic b/c I need to go to track and I need to be at my bio trip (York Region Water Festival - I'm teaching kiddies something about water....) so after steeple my mom is picking me up, driving me across york region to Bruce's Mill. At 1 she has to pick me up and drive me back to York (University) for the flat 1500 at 3 - I need time to warm up and just get into the whole racing mood.

I have no expectations for the 1500 whatsoever so that is really just a "fun" race for me. I do hope I can get some points for the school though. I'm kind of scared b/c all the club 800 & 3000 girls will probably be running the 1500, I hope I don't come last.

I really hate how trackdatabase isn't putting up the start list + seed times online, I would really like to know what I'm going to be up against tomorrow & Tues.

Tues, I'm running the 3000 and I hope I do well b/c that is one of the events in which I have a slim shot at making Centrals for - but I'm kind of not thinking too deeply b/c a lot of club girls run the 3000. I'm just not conditioned the same way as them so I'm at a disadvantage.

***Flipped through my yearbook from last year and some of the comments from my friends make me laugh
I read over M's comment (M is an old crush) and I just can't help but giggle as I recall that day at the weightroom. I wonder how M is doing now, I wish him all the best even though I no longer like him. He was very cute though.
"This is the only piece of space I could find, so ya. You kill me in running and it's cool. Run like the Wind" -AR - this comment just made me burst out laughing b/c his msg. was crammed into this tiny corner of a page b/c J had taken up so much room (J's picture also made me laugh, apparently my shorts are too short to be seen)
I seriously need to take some pictures of the drawings on my yearbook, they are hilarious but I think my gr 9 yearbook is even moreso

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Better than Expected

Times were finally posted and I did so much better than expected! 11:49.34 - considering my left leg isn't exactly aligned and it just wasn't that great a race for me in general I think I did pretty well - I was sure I was running a 12 so I'm happy:).

To think I was unsure if I was even going to run up until the end of 2nd period. Wow, I'm happy - I know I can cut my time down even further - hoping for good races Monday & Tuesday

Bill Crothers Invitational

Once again, I hate waiting for my times to be posted. The 3000 did not go too well today, my left leg feels out of alignment - hopefully a good night sleep will realign my leg since I have regionals on Monday & Tuesday.

I really did not run well, I was so relaxed and couldn't believe my race ended when I was done - I didn't even really work up a sweat. I think there were 7-9 girls running (I showed up late so I couldn't see) the 3000 and I came 4th. I'm kind of pissed at myself b/c I could have been 3rd easily, I started the final sprint too late not to mention my pace throughout the whole race was relaxed and just down right slow. I'm postive the times are in the 12 area and maybe 13 area since I was feeling so relaxed.

I'm also pissed the laces of my spikes came undone during my 2nd or 3rd lap - I ran most of the race with my left shoe untied. That's not good, during my final sprint I felt my shoe literally slide off my foot - not cool.

This race was literally a disaster - I'm so pissed b/c the girl who passed me and went on to win 3rd, her team was soo mean. When they saw my lace was untied and I was slowing down as an effect they were cheering that on "I'm so glad that girl's shoes are not tied b/c ___________ can win" - I'm like wtf, where's your sportsmanship? honestly, suck it. I do like their coach though b/c he saw how much energy and power I had left in the tank and knew if my shoe wasn't undone I could have beat the pants off of his athlete.

I'm sad to report there were no hot guys at the meet - I looked b/c that's what I do but there were none. I was quite upset.

I'm taking the rest of today off but have a standard 11k planned for tomorrow afternoon and a speedwork planned for the night - going to need to sleep (especially since I need to be at bio at 7:30 tomorrow).

Speaking of hot guys when I was at Chapters yesterday there was a cute cashier there and he was trying really hard to get me at his cash. When he saw me in line he dropped whatever he was doing and jumped to open his cash and kind of "msged" his cooworker to be slow. The cute guy rushed to finish the customer before me so I would end up at his cash but no luck for him, his coworker got me. I was kind of sad b/c he was pretty cute - as I left he looked over at me and gave me a sad smile.

Also, I was buying "The Prince" "Brave New World" & "Animal Farm" - as I was looking for "The Prince" one of the older employees was helping me b/c I was too short to see the book and he couldn't believe I was in Gr 11. It was actually pretty funny.

***I"m going to murder someone soon if the times are not posted soon. GRRRRRRRRR.
***my refresh button is about to break b/c of how many times I pressed it today in hopes the results will be put up

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I did a time trial for 3000 today and it did not go well - the first time trial was at school and I stopped after 3.5 laps b/c felt like throwing up - eating a panzerotti before running on a geese poop infested track = desire to barf. Around 5-6 I head over to BCSS for a trial (the track where I'm racing at tomorrow) and 3000 ended up being a 12:22 - this is horrible. The worst case scenario was to be a 11:50 - granted I wasn't going full out not to mention there were little kids running on lane 1 when I was doing my trial but a 12:22 is horrible. I have done road races where my 3k split is under 12:22 - I don't understand why I'm getting such a high time.

In a way I think it's b/c I never went to practice and I skipped a full week of running hard when the math exams hit. I really regret not going to more practices now - if I had gone to practices I would have literally a set ticket to OFSSA but at the rate I'm going I don't think I'll even make it to Centrals - there goes the MVP award and one of the last chances to impress schools.

While I can blame myself for not stepping up to training for the last 2 weeks I don't think there is much I could have done b/c I was still recovering from the virus, the knee, the longer distance races and the math exams are just more important than training. I'm just so disappointed right now b/c I really want to make OFSAA this year and it looks like there's no way I'm going to make it for track now.

My hip is aching right now, I don't think I'm going to race well tomorrow - I can't even really find a set pace I need per lap - I'm just going to have to sick to the other runners and see what happens

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Final Decision in Dropping iB

I made the final decision to drop IB about one or two weeks ago - before this I had applied for next year as an academic student but I was 80% sure I would switch back to IB by the end of the year. After looking at my current marks and the field I may be heading in, I decided it would be better for me if I drop the program b/c my marks are horrible right now (low 70s) and at my school the IB is more focused on the sciences so if I want to head toward the business field I should leave the program. I feel this is the right decision but it's a really hard decision b/c I spent the last 3 years thinking I would graduate high school with an IB diploma. I find it hard b/c I know I can finish the program but it's the marks that are bringing me down - my marks untranslated are really low but once translated it should be good enough for 80s - which are decent but not great.

When I drop I know I'm going to be under a lot of pressure b/c if I have an average lower than 90% I don't know what I will do with myself. But at the same time I know if I stay with the program there will be even more pressure with the IOC, ToK essay, Extended Essay, and the CAS hours. I think I would actually be fine with doing the IOC, the ToK essay, Extended Essay, and the CAS hours but what's really dragging me from continuing is IB chem - I don't like chem and I don't think I will be able to survive IB chem, especially since it's HL. It's also a hard decision b/c I know I will be able to de decent/well in IB English & IB Econ. so it's kind of a tough spot. What really made me change my decision is my mark in IB bio right now - 70s, in bio I realized how much I despise doing labs - especially IB style labs.

Overall, even though my marks are terrible this year I'm glad I chose to continue to do Yr. 1 IB - I learnt a lot during this year and the friendships I made over the 3 year period of Pre-IB & IB are truly amazing. With the friends I have supporting me I feel like I can conquer the world. I'm truly going to miss the friends I have who are staying in IB (especially K) and I really want to thank them for our great friendship.

Moving onwards, I really need a 90 average next year and I need to do well with the SATs in Sept - my dad thinks I should apply to NYU, Brown, & UPenn - there's a chance I'll get in if my average is a 90+ next year. If I don't get into the schools in the States I really want to get into Rotman (still a 90%+ school) and maybe switch to somewhere in Europe after first year. I'm not really sure if I even want to study business but it's such a broad field I can always switch out of it if I hate it a lot.

***skipped my run for the 2nd day in a row, so cold and tired today - will do morning run

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Markham Women's 5k - Racing w/my mom

Happy Mother's Day

I know my mom had a great Mother's day - not only did my brother fly home in time for Mother's Day but she got to go yum cha, not to mention we did a 5k together this morning! Well I ran the 5k and she walked about 4k and ran about 1k - I'm so proud of my mommy. At first I think she agreed to do it b/c it would let us spend some time together but after today I think she's actually going to take up jogging/running and she wants to do this again next year! - well maybe the Yee-Hong one since w'll win!

Personally my race didn't go as planned - I think they forgot to post the kilometre markers till after the more serious runners were done b/c I don't recall any markers but my mom say she saw markers when she was walking (apparently she was at the 1k mark when I was at the 4k mark). I really wanted a sub 21 today but I ran a 21:16.6 - it could have been a sub 21 even with the horrible weather conditions (the first half, I felt like I was going to be blowen over and for the homestretch I was literally blown over - I actually swerved so far to the right b/c of the wind). I could have passed the girl in front of me if I knew exactly where the finish was - I was so fresh at the end. I guess I just have no idea how to run a 5k anymore after focusing on distance for the past while. - negative split, not sure of the pace b/c I couldn't see any markers.

Post race I met Mr. Mac's wife & daughter - his wife is really nice and her daughter is really cute. I found it hilarous b/c she seemed to know so much about me - makes me think I'm the focus of their dinner conversations (probably what not to do LOL). She knew about my hip, my knee, and the last races I did- kind of funny b/c my parents couldn't tell you any of this.

All in all, it was a great day w/my mom - we can now say we raced in the snow in May (only in Canada will it snow in May) TOGETHER.

My brother got me a "Miss Marc" Marc Jacobs bag - sorry but I kind of find it kind of ugly but I can't tell him this b/c he thinks it's the cutest thing ever. I'm not much of a "quirky" kind of person - I like classics, the money would have been better spent on buying me leather - I'll even take a pair of Asics over the bag. I do really really appreciate the thought though.
I didn't do the time trial I promised my coach about but I'll tell her 11:50 for 3k but I know I can run it faster than that b/c 2.5k according to the 5k time today (which isn't my fastest) is roughly 10:30 and I know I have enough in the tank to push further- I'm aiming for a 11:45 for a 3k but I don't know how it will go b/c I haven't gone to practice in the longest time.
Starting to freak for bio quest tomorrow - have kreb's cycle + glycolysis memorized but nothing else yet
Starting to freak for IB French on May 24 b/c that's 2 weeks! need to start reading an hour of french each day and writing compositions in my spare time

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Someone Series: Dear K

****once again, I don't know if anyone reads my posts but if you do, take some time this week and write a letter to a friend and tell them what their SO should be like. You don't have to post it here but just take a few min. and tell them that you love them and what they deserve.

So, to finish off the series I'm writing to K. who is the last of my closest friends - slow progressive b/c I'm currently studying the kreb cycle & watching Penguins vs. Habs - COME ON PENS!

Dear K.

My tall Russian friend who always makes me feel short and a little more normal, after 3 years I'm still wondering if you're sane at times. Your intelligence amazes me as well as your ability to make me laugh. B/c I'm still trying to spell half of the stuff for the Kreb Cycle for the quest on Mon. I'm going to cut to the chase and tell you what I think you deserve and need in an SO (I'm sure J. & D. already told you what I'm doing). So, here goes (btw your notes all over by bio notes are making me laugh as I read them over):

Someone who is extremely tall to counter your envyable height,
Someone who will protect you from the stalking boys at Richtree,
Someone to drive you everywhere so the rest of the world will be safe from your fast driving,
Nevermind, I take that point back, someone to buy you a nice fast car so you can drive me (who still doesn't have her G1) everywhere,
Someone to match your drinking abilities (since you Russians can toss back vodka so well),
Someone with impeccable knowledge to match your intelligence,
Someone who makes a pit stop at BCBG before going home just b/c he knows it will make you smile,
Someone who knows how to skate so "pizza face" boys won't have to come after you as you make epic falls,
Someone who has the ability to not burn crucibles during chem (like you and I did),
Someone who will give you nice massages after a long day,
Someone that will be your partner-in-crime for tricking the very guilable D.,
Someone who will come to the Rioch with us and protect you from the douches who may be sitting behind us (especially those that sing and have the desire to jump into your lap),
Just someone that will make you laugh and smile no matter what happens,
Someone that makes you feel complete.


back to Krebs cycle

The Someone Series: A Response from J

Omg, Jo-, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
So I'm doing both!
gaah, I love you so much. That actually made my already amazing day 200x better.
My mom's looking at me weird from the strange expression on my face..
>< you're so sweet.
I'm gunna save this forever, and whenever I'm having a bad day,
I'm gunna come and read it, and start to lary (a combination of laughing and crying.. don't try to pronounce it, it sounds very similar to Larry... but it's NOT)(come to think of it, it sounds like Larry but french..)
Okie, so I showed your message to D. this morning, and I told her that I was gunna write you one back so here is the kind of guy you diserve (p.s. It may be shizz, cuz I'm just uncreative like that):

Someone who will carry your muiltitude of bags, and never call you a bag lady,
Someone who will hold the door open for you, so you can squeeze by, no matter how many shoes are shoved into your bag ;),
Someone who will buy you running shoes every three or four months, no complaint,
Someone who will go canvasing door-to-door for the Liberals with you, and protect you from the scary houses with barking dogs in them,
Someone who loves your legs ;p,
Someone who will go to pick up your random clothes lying on my doorstep, so I can have some 'heart-to-heart' chats with him,
Someone who has kick-ass abs because he wants to be healthy, and not just to look hot for you,
Someone who's cool with you checking out hockey players butts, AND asking to slap them,
Someone to pretend to be scared of your brother,
Someone who can put up with K., D. and I,
Someone to beat up the creepers and idiots honking at you and asking 'is that girl for real?'
Someone to take you out dancing :P,
Someone who will build you a library, and fill it to,
Someone who won't be intimidated by your inherent awesomeness,
Someone to spot you in the weight room,
Someone who will help you reach the top shelf,
And finally, someone to appreciate your beauty, inside and out, and to remind you everyday just how much he loves and cherishes you :)
She knows me well - when I meet the guy who I think is my SO I'm def. going to both her list & D's list so I can make sure he's the right guy.

****once again, I don't know if anyone reads my posts but if you do, take some time this week and write a letter to a friend and tell them what their SO should be like. You don't have to post it here but just take a few min. and tell them that you love them and what they deserve.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Someone Series: A Response from D.

I haven't had the time to write K's yet but I will tonight (hopefully) but I have gotten responses from both D & J and I think I'll post D's response up now. It's so sweet & funny I can't help but love her even more.

D's response:

good actually made me CRY...
omg...that was the most SWEETEST thing ever, Jo...thanks, so much! && i love you toooo! ♥
oh's so hard remembering the times that you WEREN'T there...
and it wasn't my fault that Varun was stalking me...
LOL gr.9 was awesome...what stands out the most was my 'war' with him...i had to kick him 'there' to get him to stop annoying me...and it didn't work...even though i did it like...twice?
i remember your bubbliness and how scared i was sometimes to hang out with you 'cause you were close with Jess...she scared the crapp outta i can't imagine why... XDDD
honestly, we made so many amazing memories together...last year, 2nd semester was were there, in all my classes and we had so much laughs...remember the Phantom filming? or our 'dream houses'? XDDDD
OMG..."MONKEY GO BOOM BOOM!" ...Mansey FTW! =]
You've been through all the crap with me [...Graziani...argggg...] and thro...ugh all my triumphs...["I placed 3rd!" ..."Danielle, you're holding up only 2 fingers..."]...omg...remember how you asked a niner for a pen and freaked him out? feels like you've been by my side FOREVER, and i'm honestly REALLY looking forward to making a TON more memories in the future! =]
you make me laugh and you make me love life, itself. i don't know ANYONE who feels depressed around're like the friggin' sun ;]
LOL i have attempted to compile my own list for your ideal need:
Someone who will hold YOUR hand as you cross the street so that you don't get [almost] hit by anymore cars...
Someone who is willing to run with you everyday, rain or shine...and who happens to carry a bag to keep your clothes in XDDDD
Someone who can dance as insanely as youuuu ;]
Someone who already knows Italian so that they can help you improve yours...and someone who might even take you to Italyyyy ;]
Someone who's not intimidated by you, nor afraid to take control of the relationship
Someone who is in to eating healthy so that you don't have to lecture them, as you do meee...and he should probably be able to cook too!
Someone who will go with you to the polling stations to support the Liberals [even though Conservatives are bettterrrr...]
Someone who will understand your love of shoes, bags, and sunglasses ;]
Someone who will take you to Leaf games and who will wear their jersey as often as you do ;]
Someone who will go for all your races and s...upport you, no matter what =]
Someone who will take AWESOME photos of you running so that you don't have to use the ones with watermarks
Someone who will take you to the zoo whenever you want, so that you can see the polar bears
Someone who will go along with you spy delusion ;]
Someone who will calm you down when you're stressed out or angry
Someone who will hug you and remind you how beautiful you are
Someone who loves you for you
...cause you're just THAT beautiful of a person ♥

All I can say is D. knows me way too well - she is one of the stars in my sky and I just love her. Her msg. made me laugh, cry, and just appreciate her even more. She's like a sister, actually more than a sister - she is my Under Armour to a runner. ♥

***Ground breaking ceremony for the dome being built at my school happened today & while our class was invited to watch our teacher said no, we had double bio instead. It was pretty much death.
***Almost got hit by lightening, I swear it was literally 6ft in front of me when it hit the ground - I will listen to my mom from now on when she tells me not to run b/c it will rain
***had a 8ounce steak for dinner :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Someone Series: Dear J

***before I start with my letter to J. I have to say I'm really disappointed with humanity these days, I almost got hit by a car during my run, again. Thank God I decided to run with my ipod today, thank God I decided I needed to change my song before crossing the street. The light was red (not yellow) when some car crossed the line - his/her whole car was past the line. If I didn't change the song on my ipod I would have been hit. As I crossed I used hand motions to ask the driver if he/she was going to continue forward or go back - they didn't respond so I indicated I was going to go behind the car (safer than in front b/c of the way the road was) and as I was behind the car, the driver backed up the car a bit - not much but enough to scare me. Thanks, I love how you want to kill me.

***Once again, I don't know if anyone reads my posts but if you do, take some time this week and write a letter to a friend and tell them what their SO should be like. You don't have to post it here but just take a few min. and tell them that you love them and what they deserve.

Dear J,

Of all of my closest friends right now, I feel you're the one that I've known the longest b/c of how many classes we had together in gr 9 - though I was very scared of you b/c of Arvin's hair for the longest time - his hair was so scary in religion w/Racco I couldn't make myself talk to you. Everytime I think about the memories we have together I just want to laugh & smile - and then giggle b/c I know w'll have more by the end of our friendship (which will never end b/c it will continue onwards after death (I'm not going to say heaven no worries)). Now that we both decided to drop IB it makes me think about how we thought we would graduate as IB kids in gr 9, how we never understood how much work IB really means. IB, as overrated it is in terms of getting us into university has it pro points - IB has brought us together. B/c of how much I love you I have decided to compose the list of what your SO should be like - well I already told you I'm composing this list but I decided to do it now instead of later b/c I don't feel like doing bio. So, as your friend, here's what I think you need & deserve:

Someone to wear the pants in the relationship,
Someone strong enough to beat up your brother when he hurts you,
Someone to go after your brother after he breaks into your house (with a key) and steals your money,
Someone to help realize how beautiful you are (inside &out),
Someone to tell you how beautiful you are (everyday),
Someone to buy you diamonds, pearls, flowers, &chocolates just b/c they know it will make you smile,
Someone to go to concerts with you and make sure the mock pit doesn't kill you,
Someone to lift you up onto their shoulders at concerts so you can see,
Someone who realizes that you actually are 5'3ish and not a dwarf,
Someone who will realize how strong you actually are (despite your inability to push over people),
Someone willing buy the biggest size ipod there is so you can fit your 83498579834758947985749857 songs,
Someone who will cuddle w/you and keep you cozy at night,
Someone who doesn't care about the fact you sleep with a hooker bear every night,
Somone that will become family & make your family sane (well as sane as it can get),
Just someone that will realize how lucky he is to have you.

The Someone Series: Letters to My Friends

My convo w/D last night inspired me to write these. Going to send them off in a bit.

I think I'll start w/D b/c I haven't seen her in a while & I think she needs me the most right now.

Dear D,

As one of your best friends I have realized over the 3 years that we've known each other (is it only 3? it seems like we've known each other for forever) that you're an amazing person and without you I'm a lot less happy and a lot more stressed. Even though we didn't click until later in gr 9 (remember how I hated you for the longest time b/c of your association w/VJJ?) I feel like I'm a sister you don't have, b/c of how much I love you I have complied a list of things your future significant other must be, he must be:

Someone that will pretend that the .25in above 5ft matters so you won't feel as short,
Someone that will pretend to believe you're as brown as you claim to be (even though you & I both know you're not brown),
Someone that will be willing to let you buy candy from RW&co without a question,
Someone that will hold your hand as your cross roads (b/c you and I both know that a car will hit you otherwise),
Someone that is willing to have losts of kids since you want a big family,
Someone that will not be scared to laugh and shut down the ideas about naming your kids "In-quiry" "Tomorrow" & other such strange names,
Someone that will refuse to let you drive for the sake of humanity,
Someone that will protect you from all the Aamirs & Daniels of the world,
Someone to go to sushi w/you,
Someone you can hug and won't kill by the means of choking (you almost cut off my air supply that day outside ToK),
Someone that will understand your hatred of Kumon,
Someone that will laugh at the stupid things we used to do/write in French class,
Someone that will pretend your corny jokes are funny,
Someone that realizes you are the star in the sky,
Someone that will hold you tight, kiss you on the head, & tell you everything is going to be alright;
Just someone that will love you like I do. ♥

Io ti amo♥

Done IB MATH SL P2! I feel so liberated!

Done. I'm done the math exams! So happy, free, and liberated right now.

Before I left for school this morning I was reading some stuff off the event wall on fb and people in TZ1 were saying P2 was hard but while it was harder than P1 I can't say it was that bad. I messed up on the probability question with the "what is the probability of _____ if the probability is 15%" - I did most of it so I should get part marks. I'm also not sure if my area for the last question is correct but I know my steps were pretty much all correct so I should get part marks for that. I hope IBO doesn't set the grade boundaries too high b/c I really need a 6. 6 = 90% = ticket to Rotman (or Queen's Commerence but I don't want to go to Queens' b/c it's such a small hip town).

I think I did ok on the exam. Crossing my fingers it will at least be a 6.

Feeling happy, liberated, and free right now.

Lunch with J, Jonny-Boy, YMK, V.T., &M.L. was fun - "Teresa's good intelligent boy" - that made me laugh so hard. Those beef noodles were good but instead of sweet&sour soup&noodles we got some random bowl of noodles which was really gross.

YMK was really pissing me off today at bubble tea when he kept throwing these chocolate wrapers down the front of my dress so they would land in my boobs. HONESTLY, can you not? and stop touching my hair, I hate it when other people touch my hair. - I did feel bad when I made an O comment - I had no idea they broke up.....

It was kind of awkward the whole time we were at bubble tea since the guys were looking at Asian magazines and rating girls....the only girls there were J and I. I do appreciate V.T. for looking at the guys in Asian magazines and commenting & trying to find an asian guy we think is hot b/c he made it less awkward for the two of us. He lost the bet though b/c we didn't find any hot asian men - I find it so funny how I don't find Asian men hot yet I'm Asian.

J & I went to Winners to find sunglasses for her (we found Oscar de la Renta ones for less than 20$!) and YMK came with us which I found really weird since neither of us knew him well...oh well.

Gelato @ FMP isn't as great as Dolce Gelato downtown - the limone was less crisp & fresh but still good. J & I just chilled around and talked about her &N, me & my past crushes (J, J, &A) and just other girl stuff. OMG. I hate to admit it but today, when the guys asked each other what they look for in girls I really wanted them to answer each other - apparently they like taller girls (here goes my theory that guys like shorter girls.....).

We both agreed we just want someone that will love us for who we are - I told her what I told D. last night after the whole D thing and she thought my words were very cute. :).

The conversation continued as we went back to my place and honestly, I feel so much closer to her now - we were pretty close in gr 9 but b/c we never had classes in gr 10 & sem 1 together we grew apart. After an afternoon of bitching, girltalk, and just memories I'm all happy and semi-ready to tackle my mountain of bio.

Off to do some bio & run (was going to speedwork & time trials w/my dad tonight but the wind is rendering me to delay that for a day or 2) - racing on Sun. & I'm not ready.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

IB Math Exam Paper 1

Just had a bit of food after Paper 1, I want to kiss the person who wrote P1 for N. American TZ1. Once upon a time I was really good at math but this year, I kind of sucked but honestly P1 was pretty good in my opinion. I don't think I got a 7 b/c I probably made quite a few errors in the steps but somehow ended up with the correct final answer b/c that's the way I am. I hope I didn't lose too many marks b/c of lack of steps or something stupid like an addition or subtration error (I almost made a subtration error on the matrix question! but I caught myself). I'm hoping I got a 6 on this paper (a high 6).

The probability question & the log question I know I didn't get right but I did do most parts of it correctly so I'm hoping for part marks!

Since P1 was pretty easy enough I'm so scared P2 tomorrow is going to rape me. I still have some issues with integrating ln so I need to practice more tonight!

***I felt like I was going to barf today from the time I woke up until I read the exam
***so stressed this morning that my 5k run was torture and I couldn't run all of it, my muscles were dying

Off to go study for P2.

Monday, May 3, 2010

What do we really know? East Timor & Cambodia

Just woke up from my nap and before I dive back to studying for math (I really did sell my soul to IB when I decided to enter gr 11 IB didn't I?) I want to bring up an issue that we discussed in ToK today (went to school for 1st, 2nd , and part of 3rd).

East Timor & Cambodia: 1975

The events in E. Timor and Cambodia occurred at the same time however while the events in Cambodia had a lot of coverage, the events in E. Timor had little to no coverage at all. This is so b/c the Western governments were indirectly involved with the events in E. Timor and didn't want the people to look into it, also b/c of the time period. At this time the Red Scare was working to keep the people united together against one group - if the people of a nation are united against "the enemy" they will think their own government is for the best, the media only exposed the events in Cambodia b/c it showed how we need to fear the communists - they used the Red Scare. The media often declares itself as "free" and "unbias" but is it really? We need to think and understand the media is owned by cooperations and they determine what we know is what we know.

Background Details (notes are all over the place):

East Timor

* east controlled by Dutch, west by Portugal
* East Timor people were some of the oldest communities
* One of the worst genocides
* was Portuguese colony until 1975
* President Suharto of Indonesia refuses to recognize E. Timor's independence
* Dec 7, 1975 - Suharto orders the invasion of E. Timor
* At least 200000 Timorese were slain
* Members of the Timorese independence group, Fretilin were especially at target
* Indonesia occupies E.Timor until 1999

-Suharto was favoured by the Western powers b/c they didn't want Indonesia to be communist (at that time China was already communist as well as some other Asian countries)
-Indonesia invaded E. Timor for many reasons: resources (oil), submarine reconassise (US put pressure), fear the Indonesian islands would want independence (used E. Timor as showcase of what would happen if they rebeled)
-Ford was president at the time, he was in Indonesia, knew about invasion, he asked for delay, wait till "I"m out of the country"
-As soon as Ford was on plane, Suharto sent the troops to E. Timor
-Western world knew nothing about it - the government didn't want the media to expose their terrorist acts
-to this day, there is not full coverage on this issue


* taken over by Pol Pot & the Khmer Rouge
* Radical communists who ruled 1975-78
* approx. 1.5million Cambodian slain by the Khmer Rouge
* Pol Pot read a thesis by some guy in Oxford about turning a society back to the beginning
* w/Pol Pot year 1975 became Year One
* People were moved from the cities and sent to work in agriculture
* Many died of starvation, execution, & force labour
* Labour was harsh
* Many teachers and students were killed - if they didn't agree with the ideas of the Pol Pot government they were killed instantly

-these events were reported heavily by the Western media b/c it was an example of how devasting a communist government will be
-government, media, cooperations wanted the general public to be focused on issues like this so they will be distracted from going into further issues regarding the wrongs their own government were committing ex. E. Timor

The example of the events in E. Timor and Cambodia make me think about "What do we actually know?" what is the government hiding from us and what is the media hiding from us? I already have issues with the current Canadian government and their inability to reveal the truth about the torture of the Afghan detainees but now, I'm having even more questions about what is hidden from us? We need to think about the stuff we're being fed and think about what we really know. Is what we know the truth or is it some conspired theory, what else is hidden from us?

What do we actually know?
Is what we know the truth?
What is the truth?
What is being hidden from us?
How are we to find the truth?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sporting Life 10k

Eh. not particularly the best race I've ran but it was better than Southlake. The weather definitely played a huge part in my results. I hate the weather right now,it's been humid and hot for the last two days - it's going to rain but it hasn't yet. Ever since I popped something in my hip last fall I've had issues with my hip before it rains - it just aches and aches before it rains though it doesn't ache when it rains.

I started off well at a 4:20 pace give or take but around 3 or 4k I had to twice b/c BOTH of my shoes became untied. Lovely, eh? Around 5 or 6k I had to stop again b/c my hip was aching really badly - it was 6:00/k - ouch. I picked it up again at 7-8k for a 4:37. My 8-9 k was basically a 4:00 flat. The last k came in at 4:19 with a huge sprint in the end - I'm just so disappointed b/c if it were not for my hip I could have done a sub 45 easy.

Sporting Life 10k 2010: 46:52

It feels really weird b/c the Sporting Life 10k that I did last year was my first road race and now, roughly a year later I've done so many more road races, the count up to today:
-4 x 10k (Sporting Life twice, Angus Glen 10k, Toronto Island Girl 10k)
-2 x half marathon (Toronto Waterfront Half, Southlake Half)

Personal bests:
10k - 45:59 @ the Island Girl 10k
Half marathon - 1:42:40 @ the Toronto Waterfront Half
5k - 21:00 - trail @ school

I know I can get under 45 and maybe into the 43-44 range, physically I am able to do it now as long as the race course is fast and the weather conditions are good. I've also done training runs where I hit 21k at around 1:22-26 so I know I need to aim for that for the next half (Toronto Waterfront half) b/c I know I can do it physically - mentally, I still need some work.

I have yet to do a 5k on road and I'm looking forward to that next week as long as it isn't too hot. I'm hoping to hit the sub 21 range which I think I can do b/c I've done the trail in 21:00 and there are hills on the trail.

Got to get back to studying

***Some guy died during the Sporting Life today, he was 60 something and I guess he overexerted himself. One of the teachers with us is a fireman and he checked for the guy's vitals. RIP.
***we came in as the 2nd overall school - if it were not for the fact I had a bad race we would have came in 1st