Sunday, May 16, 2010

Starting to Feel Nervous

Flashback one year ago, I totally hated track and the only reason to why I was on the team was b/c the head coach was my gym teacher in gr 9 and she was too nice to say no to.

Flashforward one year (present day), I am absolutely nervous for the YRAA finals tomorrow, I really want to make Centrals but I get the feeling I'm not going to make it this year. I just didn't train hard enough this season - to date I've been to 2.5 offical practices & 2 meets (1500 & 3000, both once). I'm running the 1500 steeplechase tomorrow morning at 9:45 (hopefully we will get there on time this year so I won't fight with girls at the washroom) and I'm honestly so scared, I haven't ran steeple in a year. My school doesn't have barriers for steeple training, much less a water pit. The only steeple training I've had is jumping over snow piles and clearing puddles during the winter/early spring. My competitors are all club girls which really scare me b/c I don't run club and I barely did any speed work this season - I'm just relying on the endurance I built up. Right now I'm really worried & scared I won't be able to get over the barrier b/c I'm kind of short.

Tomorrow is going to be hectic b/c I need to go to track and I need to be at my bio trip (York Region Water Festival - I'm teaching kiddies something about water....) so after steeple my mom is picking me up, driving me across york region to Bruce's Mill. At 1 she has to pick me up and drive me back to York (University) for the flat 1500 at 3 - I need time to warm up and just get into the whole racing mood.

I have no expectations for the 1500 whatsoever so that is really just a "fun" race for me. I do hope I can get some points for the school though. I'm kind of scared b/c all the club 800 & 3000 girls will probably be running the 1500, I hope I don't come last.

I really hate how trackdatabase isn't putting up the start list + seed times online, I would really like to know what I'm going to be up against tomorrow & Tues.

Tues, I'm running the 3000 and I hope I do well b/c that is one of the events in which I have a slim shot at making Centrals for - but I'm kind of not thinking too deeply b/c a lot of club girls run the 3000. I'm just not conditioned the same way as them so I'm at a disadvantage.

***Flipped through my yearbook from last year and some of the comments from my friends make me laugh
I read over M's comment (M is an old crush) and I just can't help but giggle as I recall that day at the weightroom. I wonder how M is doing now, I wish him all the best even though I no longer like him. He was very cute though.
"This is the only piece of space I could find, so ya. You kill me in running and it's cool. Run like the Wind" -AR - this comment just made me burst out laughing b/c his msg. was crammed into this tiny corner of a page b/c J had taken up so much room (J's picture also made me laugh, apparently my shorts are too short to be seen)
I seriously need to take some pictures of the drawings on my yearbook, they are hilarious but I think my gr 9 yearbook is even moreso

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