Wednesday, May 19, 2010

YRAA Day 2

Times were posted late last night but I was too lazy and too busy (studying for the ToK test) to analyze my race and everything.

3000m- 12:04.57

This was the worst time of my season, I ran a 11:49.34 last week and thought it was easy so I was expecting a 11:30-11:45. In theory I should be able to run a 11:15 flat with no problems since I have at times ran consecutive 3x 3:45/k during a 11k run. I think what majority screwed me over was the fact the UHS girl had put down 11 min as her seed time - she couldn't 11 min, and I highly doubt she has ran under 12 the whole season.

I'm just pissed right now. I thought the UHS girl could run 11 so I stuck with her the whole race, she screwed me over. I hate it when people lie about their seed times, I don't know what you're trying to prove by putting down a fake seed time but it's dishonest and you end up screwing people like me over. What's the point of putting down a seed time you can't run? Most girls will put down either a seed time that is exactly their fastest time but the majority will put down a seed time slower than what they can really run. I'm not going to lie but for one of my races this year my coach put down 11 as my seed time but that's only b/c she was busy when I was telling her my seed time so she only heard the 11 part.

I was so relaxed during the race and I just wasn't tired at all, I should have passed the UHS girl at the start and tried to stick to some other girl b/c the UHS girl was slow, only I didn't know that b/c I didn't use my watch during the race. As I was starting the 4th lap the guy with the gun saw that I was running with my eyes closed and he just had to comment,"look that girl's eyes are closed" - that was one of the only comments I heard during the race.I was kind of pissed b/c some guys from other schools were saying stuff like "the Asian girl will get tired, she's Asian, you can beat her" - way to be racist much. I'm just glad when I run I close my eyes and I hear about 20% of the comments directed toward me b/c, otherwise, I would probably take someone down b/cof my displeasure at their comments - I hate how everyone seems to think Asians can't run.

I think I over took 2 girls with 150m left in the race and I just flat out sprinted to the finish line b/c I had that much energy left. It's sad but i think I also lapped 2 girls - considering my time was pretty bad I can't believe I lapped them.

This track season was a bust - actually my whole spring racing season is a bust. I didn't PR for any of my road races (other than 5k but it was my 5k debute for road so it doesn' count). I managed to PR in the races that didn't count, but honestly, it's not hard for me to PR on track b/c I don't run it. I went to 2.5 offical practices, the rest of my training was long distance training or heading over to BCSS with my dad and doing a tiny bit of speedwork.

I have decided to take the rest of the month very easy and then jump onto the hardcore training in June - ultimately I'm training for the Toronto Waterfront Half but at the same time I'm training for the 2011 Around the Bay, 2011 Toronto Waterfront Marathon, and the cross country season. I think as of right now I can probably run a 5k in 20:50something (my last 5k was a bust b/cof the wind) but I think if training goes well I can run a 20:30something or lower by Sept.

I think I have more speed than I'm running at now but I just need to find it - if I train properly then maybe I'll make OFSAA again in 2010. fingers crossed.

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