Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Someone Series: Dear K

****once again, I don't know if anyone reads my posts but if you do, take some time this week and write a letter to a friend and tell them what their SO should be like. You don't have to post it here but just take a few min. and tell them that you love them and what they deserve.

So, to finish off the series I'm writing to K. who is the last of my closest friends - slow progressive b/c I'm currently studying the kreb cycle & watching Penguins vs. Habs - COME ON PENS!

Dear K.

My tall Russian friend who always makes me feel short and a little more normal, after 3 years I'm still wondering if you're sane at times. Your intelligence amazes me as well as your ability to make me laugh. B/c I'm still trying to spell half of the stuff for the Kreb Cycle for the quest on Mon. I'm going to cut to the chase and tell you what I think you deserve and need in an SO (I'm sure J. & D. already told you what I'm doing). So, here goes (btw your notes all over by bio notes are making me laugh as I read them over):

Someone who is extremely tall to counter your envyable height,
Someone who will protect you from the stalking boys at Richtree,
Someone to drive you everywhere so the rest of the world will be safe from your fast driving,
Nevermind, I take that point back, someone to buy you a nice fast car so you can drive me (who still doesn't have her G1) everywhere,
Someone to match your drinking abilities (since you Russians can toss back vodka so well),
Someone with impeccable knowledge to match your intelligence,
Someone who makes a pit stop at BCBG before going home just b/c he knows it will make you smile,
Someone who knows how to skate so "pizza face" boys won't have to come after you as you make epic falls,
Someone who has the ability to not burn crucibles during chem (like you and I did),
Someone who will give you nice massages after a long day,
Someone that will be your partner-in-crime for tricking the very guilable D.,
Someone who will come to the Rioch with us and protect you from the douches who may be sitting behind us (especially those that sing and have the desire to jump into your lap),
Just someone that will make you laugh and smile no matter what happens,
Someone that makes you feel complete.


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