Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bill Crothers Invitational

Once again, I hate waiting for my times to be posted. The 3000 did not go too well today, my left leg feels out of alignment - hopefully a good night sleep will realign my leg since I have regionals on Monday & Tuesday.

I really did not run well, I was so relaxed and couldn't believe my race ended when I was done - I didn't even really work up a sweat. I think there were 7-9 girls running (I showed up late so I couldn't see) the 3000 and I came 4th. I'm kind of pissed at myself b/c I could have been 3rd easily, I started the final sprint too late not to mention my pace throughout the whole race was relaxed and just down right slow. I'm postive the times are in the 12 area and maybe 13 area since I was feeling so relaxed.

I'm also pissed the laces of my spikes came undone during my 2nd or 3rd lap - I ran most of the race with my left shoe untied. That's not good, during my final sprint I felt my shoe literally slide off my foot - not cool.

This race was literally a disaster - I'm so pissed b/c the girl who passed me and went on to win 3rd, her team was soo mean. When they saw my lace was untied and I was slowing down as an effect they were cheering that on "I'm so glad that girl's shoes are not tied b/c ___________ can win" - I'm like wtf, where's your sportsmanship? honestly, suck it. I do like their coach though b/c he saw how much energy and power I had left in the tank and knew if my shoe wasn't undone I could have beat the pants off of his athlete.

I'm sad to report there were no hot guys at the meet - I looked b/c that's what I do but there were none. I was quite upset.

I'm taking the rest of today off but have a standard 11k planned for tomorrow afternoon and a speedwork planned for the night - going to need to sleep (especially since I need to be at bio at 7:30 tomorrow).

Speaking of hot guys when I was at Chapters yesterday there was a cute cashier there and he was trying really hard to get me at his cash. When he saw me in line he dropped whatever he was doing and jumped to open his cash and kind of "msged" his cooworker to be slow. The cute guy rushed to finish the customer before me so I would end up at his cash but no luck for him, his coworker got me. I was kind of sad b/c he was pretty cute - as I left he looked over at me and gave me a sad smile.

Also, I was buying "The Prince" "Brave New World" & "Animal Farm" - as I was looking for "The Prince" one of the older employees was helping me b/c I was too short to see the book and he couldn't believe I was in Gr 11. It was actually pretty funny.

***I"m going to murder someone soon if the times are not posted soon. GRRRRRRRRR.
***my refresh button is about to break b/c of how many times I pressed it today in hopes the results will be put up

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