Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Someone Series: A Response from J

Omg, Jo-, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
So I'm doing both!
gaah, I love you so much. That actually made my already amazing day 200x better.
My mom's looking at me weird from the strange expression on my face..
>< you're so sweet.
I'm gunna save this forever, and whenever I'm having a bad day,
I'm gunna come and read it, and start to lary (a combination of laughing and crying.. don't try to pronounce it, it sounds very similar to Larry... but it's NOT)(come to think of it, it sounds like Larry but french..)
Okie, so I showed your message to D. this morning, and I told her that I was gunna write you one back so here is the kind of guy you diserve (p.s. It may be shizz, cuz I'm just uncreative like that):

Someone who will carry your muiltitude of bags, and never call you a bag lady,
Someone who will hold the door open for you, so you can squeeze by, no matter how many shoes are shoved into your bag ;),
Someone who will buy you running shoes every three or four months, no complaint,
Someone who will go canvasing door-to-door for the Liberals with you, and protect you from the scary houses with barking dogs in them,
Someone who loves your legs ;p,
Someone who will go to pick up your random clothes lying on my doorstep, so I can have some 'heart-to-heart' chats with him,
Someone who has kick-ass abs because he wants to be healthy, and not just to look hot for you,
Someone who's cool with you checking out hockey players butts, AND asking to slap them,
Someone to pretend to be scared of your brother,
Someone who can put up with K., D. and I,
Someone to beat up the creepers and idiots honking at you and asking 'is that girl for real?'
Someone to take you out dancing :P,
Someone who will build you a library, and fill it to,
Someone who won't be intimidated by your inherent awesomeness,
Someone to spot you in the weight room,
Someone who will help you reach the top shelf,
And finally, someone to appreciate your beauty, inside and out, and to remind you everyday just how much he loves and cherishes you :)
She knows me well - when I meet the guy who I think is my SO I'm def. going to both her list & D's list so I can make sure he's the right guy.

****once again, I don't know if anyone reads my posts but if you do, take some time this week and write a letter to a friend and tell them what their SO should be like. You don't have to post it here but just take a few min. and tell them that you love them and what they deserve.

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