Thursday, May 20, 2010


1) I love Aussies!
In the middle of my math class one of the VPs came and informed us we were getting some visitors, from Australia. Naturally our class was extremely excited b/c nothing exciting happens during math - we were all scrambing about and saying how we were going to be on our best behaviour & wondering what the reason for such a visit was. One of my friends, JC, said it was b/c we were an IB class and we had a smartboard - she said it was mostly for the smartboard though - most of us laughed it off.

A few minutes later, 7 people entered the room and the tension was thick. All the big shots were in the room so we tried to be on our best behaviour (I know I sound like we're in gr 3 but honestly, IB kids are very loud and kind of inappropriate). Picture a dark classroom with the light source being a smartboard, 30 kids (most of them Asian), a teacher pointing at things on the smartboard - a comfy picture, no? Then the VP enters, the IB coordinator/another VP enters, the Principal enters, 2 superintendents enter, and last but not least, 2 Australian educators enter. Our classroom has been so quiet ever.

The first thing these visitors asked about was the smartboard - this prompted our classes to try to hide giggles b/c we had laughed off the idea we had visitors who just wanted to talk about the smartboard. I was turning beet red from trying to hold in my giggles and b/c some visitors were standing in front of me I turned around but that only made me want to giggle more b/c my friend was trying to hold in her giggles and I had the full view of that.

The giggling only got worst when they asked why we liked the smartboard so much. They kept asking our teacher if she had a website and the students if we found posted lessons online. We totally forgot it was our teacher last semester who had the website with the posted notes which he taught first on the smartboard - we were basicallly feeding these visitors the wrong information without a thought. They left our room telling us "good luck" and full from a bunch of false information.

Before the Aussie guy was even out the door, the whole class was expressing the love of the Aussie accent and how we wish they would stay all day - I bet that guy wanted to stay here all day.

{when the Aussie guy goes home}
Aussie guy to his wife: Those Canadians loved me, they couldn't get enough of me. They wanted me to stay

2) Beautiful

K: (to D & myself) You're so beautiful....
D: thanks
K: (insert my name)!

3) Stories from Ottawa
My friends came home recently from a music trip to Ottawa where they won gold!
"We got to the museum so early it wasn't open yet"
"Mr. P got criticized for moving too much by the judicator"
"We drove around the PM's house so much the guards got worried that we were terrorists"

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