Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Someone Series: Dear J

***before I start with my letter to J. I have to say I'm really disappointed with humanity these days, I almost got hit by a car during my run, again. Thank God I decided to run with my ipod today, thank God I decided I needed to change my song before crossing the street. The light was red (not yellow) when some car crossed the line - his/her whole car was past the line. If I didn't change the song on my ipod I would have been hit. As I crossed I used hand motions to ask the driver if he/she was going to continue forward or go back - they didn't respond so I indicated I was going to go behind the car (safer than in front b/c of the way the road was) and as I was behind the car, the driver backed up the car a bit - not much but enough to scare me. Thanks, I love how you want to kill me.

***Once again, I don't know if anyone reads my posts but if you do, take some time this week and write a letter to a friend and tell them what their SO should be like. You don't have to post it here but just take a few min. and tell them that you love them and what they deserve.

Dear J,

Of all of my closest friends right now, I feel you're the one that I've known the longest b/c of how many classes we had together in gr 9 - though I was very scared of you b/c of Arvin's hair for the longest time - his hair was so scary in religion w/Racco I couldn't make myself talk to you. Everytime I think about the memories we have together I just want to laugh & smile - and then giggle b/c I know w'll have more by the end of our friendship (which will never end b/c it will continue onwards after death (I'm not going to say heaven no worries)). Now that we both decided to drop IB it makes me think about how we thought we would graduate as IB kids in gr 9, how we never understood how much work IB really means. IB, as overrated it is in terms of getting us into university has it pro points - IB has brought us together. B/c of how much I love you I have decided to compose the list of what your SO should be like - well I already told you I'm composing this list but I decided to do it now instead of later b/c I don't feel like doing bio. So, as your friend, here's what I think you need & deserve:

Someone to wear the pants in the relationship,
Someone strong enough to beat up your brother when he hurts you,
Someone to go after your brother after he breaks into your house (with a key) and steals your money,
Someone to help realize how beautiful you are (inside &out),
Someone to tell you how beautiful you are (everyday),
Someone to buy you diamonds, pearls, flowers, &chocolates just b/c they know it will make you smile,
Someone to go to concerts with you and make sure the mock pit doesn't kill you,
Someone to lift you up onto their shoulders at concerts so you can see,
Someone who realizes that you actually are 5'3ish and not a dwarf,
Someone who will realize how strong you actually are (despite your inability to push over people),
Someone willing buy the biggest size ipod there is so you can fit your 83498579834758947985749857 songs,
Someone who will cuddle w/you and keep you cozy at night,
Someone who doesn't care about the fact you sleep with a hooker bear every night,
Somone that will become family & make your family sane (well as sane as it can get),
Just someone that will realize how lucky he is to have you.

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