Monday, May 17, 2010


Making Centrals is not looking good, I failed to make Centrals for both steeplechase & 1500 flat. I'm really upset right now b/c I missed the 5th spot for steeple by less than 2s and I had so much engery left at the end of the race. With the 1500 I'm even more pissed b/c the girl who came 5th ran a 5:30 and I've ran the 1500 faster than 5:30 multiple times - I came in as 7th with a 5:32.87 - so disappointed b/c I could have made Centrals.

1500 Steeplechase: 6:10.48 (at least I didn't fall into the pit, over 20s improvement from last year), I think what went wrong was during warmup I hit my shin pretty hard on one of the barriers so I was scared of them during the race. Still a run race though, really wish I made it to Centrals (I hate being 6th)

1500: 5:32.87 - I ran a 5:27 on the same track a few weeks ago so I'm just disappointed, if I ran the same time I would have easily been cleared for Centrals.

I'm just not in a good state mentally right now, so much disappointment in one day.

I'm pretty sure I'm not heading to Centrals this year, I checked the start list for the 3000 tomorrow and some of the girls are running times I can't even imagine. The only way I can make it in for Centrals is if someone pulls out of a race b/c they've already made it for something else - there were a bunch of girls who pulled out of the 1500 b/c they already made it to Centrals for steeplechase.

I really wish I trained more this season.

On the brightside, HC & JF made me laugh - before JF's race HC was taking 8349834793874 pictures of one of our coaches, as if he had a man-crush on him. It was pretty funny b/c some random guy was watching us and he thought we were the strangest people ever (thanks H, now people think I'm retarded).

***bio lab is driving me nuts

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