Monday, May 31, 2010

My First Sunburn!

Well slightly inaccurate since I've burnt my upper lip before after a long run but that doesn't really count b/c it's such a tiny patch of skin. I had to do a morning run today b/c of the heat and by 3k I had already stripped of my shirt and was running in a sports bra. 8k later, my left boob is slightly sunburnt. It's kind of red - not peeling but red and slightly uncomfortable; a sunburn but not a serious one. I can't believe I burnt my boob of all places. it doesn't really make sense - especially since I have one of the smallest sizes known to human history.

It also pisses me off that middle age men can't keep their eyes on the road - they were staring at me the whole time. Honestly, I'm not that interesting AND I'm still pretty covered - I was wearing shoes, socks, shorts, & sports bra - it's not like there are boobs for you to look at. If you want to look at legs & torso then I suggest you a) go home to your wife b) buy a copy of Victoria's Secret.

I hate morning runs.

Got back my muscle fatigue lab and I didn't pass - somehow my prelab wasn't stapled so tomorrow I have to go talk to my teacher and show her that I did do my prelab and ask her to mark it. I almost passed even without the prelab so I'm hoping if she marks the prelab my mark will be decent.

Starting training for the Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon tomorrow, trying to decide to run in the morning tomorrow or at night. I'm leaning toward night right now b/c running in the morning takes a lot of will power to drag myself from bed not to mention my muscles aren't warmed up in the morning so it's easy to injure myself - the back of my right knee is feeling TIGHT and the light stint in the weightroom afterschool didn't help.

Thinking of having an end of season/start summer xc training party at my house at the end of June for the cross country, running club, and track members. My house is tiny so I'm kind of reluctant but I think it will be fun - going to make it unalcoholic though since I'm not much of a drinker and I really don't want people breaking things in my house. I think it's only right for me to host the end of seasons party since I'm making everyone run this summer to prep for regionals - last chance for OFSAA next year so I'm pushing the whole team.

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