Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Got our yearbooks today and I'm actually kind of upset (and I never get upset), on the cross country page they decided to give individual shots of the senior girls team and one of the girls got posted twice while I didn't get an individual shot. Normally I don't care about something this minor but she was posted TWICE and I didn't get an individual shot - I don't mind the fact I didn't get my individual shot that much but I'm pissed she got posted twice. In a way I guess it's b/c in my mind, not to sound like I'm bragging, I kind of lead the lead to provinicials - it was my time that helped lower our team time score.
^^I sound like a pompous ass in the above statement, don't get me wrong, I love how hard EVERYONE on our team worked but it seems like I never get recognized for the effort I put into things
^^kind of pissed b/c I asked a yb buddy and she told me it was b/c one of the girls on the team who was a photographer didn't give her the pics - the photographer is the one that gave me my set of pictures not to mention yb should have asked me for pics - the coaches handed me a set of the xc photos.

As I was leaving the school today, walking down the small gym hallway, an old crush, J, was checking me out. He kind of glanced at me then turned away and looked back again, and again - what wonders a kilt can do. I still can't believe last year I thought he was kind of uglish but this year I think he's just HOT. Looking back, I think my crush was purely based on physical attraction - I don't really know him, just one season of xc. I also think it's b/c he's amazingly fast and I was attracted to the idea of running at that pace. Who knows. all I can say is he's hot. no longer crushing on him but he's mighty fine to look at - and I'm not the only one who thinks this way.


RAIN IS DRIVING ME NUTS. Around my running time (8pm) it was raining like no tomorrow so I couldn't run today and now my legs are just driving me nuts. I've wanted to run since this MORNING. B/c of this I have to do a double tomorrow, 11k in the morning and speedwork at night. I hate doing both a longer run and speedwork in the same day- leaves me totally drained.

J drew me in my yearbook pantless last year, and this year she drew me without a shirt (with a sports bra), wondering if she'll draw me nude or fully clothed next year.

Dad was out late for a meeting and when my mom gets up in the morning, boy will she be pissed. Instead of eating the congee Mom warmed up for him before she went to bed, he left and drove to MCD for a chicken sandwich. HE. IS, DEAD. MEAT.

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