Saturday, June 26, 2010

Disgusted with the Black Bloc

I am utterly disgusted with the Black Bloc - they are destroying the city and I'm still not sure what they are protesting for/against.

They are ruining the point of protesting, destroying the city, and just creating a bad name for themselves and the city. Over 90% of the protestors were peaceful protestors that have something to stand for and a message to deliver but now these Black Bloc members have created so much confusion their message can not be heard. This group of a few hundred people are disgusting, they are not protestors; they are filthy, selfish, condescending terrorists.

It has been reported that the Black Bloc leader isn't even Canadian - get the hell out of my city, my province, my county. These people are disruptive and not even human in my point of view, they have no cause that is evident, they are disgusting.

I know for a fact they don't stand for the environment or are asking for the G20 leaders to work toward climate change solutions since they just sent 2 police cruisers on fire which just released a ton of cabon dioxide into the air. These people are thugs who deserve to be arrested. They have broken the windows of the cute shops on Queen, they have tried to break the windows of the major banks downtown, they have stormed into the Eaton Centre and just destroyed my city.

Also, if you're just protesting against the pricetag of the summits then why are you destroying the city? The cost of cleaning all of this is just sky-high. They have broken into the Eaton Centre and just destroyed stores & restaurants. Since you're the ones that destroyed the city then I think you should be the one paying for the damages.

Toronto David Miller and I don't often agree but in this case I must agree with him, these people, the Black Bloc and the like are not here to protest. They are just here to take opportunity of the situtation to reck havoc. Protestors and other anarchists don't follow them, they have been seen on camera yelling at them to stop, to stop ruining the city and to stop ruining the name of protesting.

I am just in tears over what is happening to Toronto, they are ruining the image of Toronto - Toronto is a beautiful city that is normally really peaceful yet lively; not violent at all. These people need to understand that by using violence they are not going to be heard, they are going to be shunned by the society. They are not getting their point across in this case - they are losing their point b/c violence is NEVER the answer.

Calling the police Nazis is not the answer. This is not protesting. Don't ruin the right to the freedom of speech and thought for the rest of the country. You have already ruined this right for other 9000+ protestors.

It is chaos downtown. It is not my city anymore. Unless you're a peaceful protestor, don't bother going downtown and ruining it for everyone else.


Also, it's hard to believe Queen St. hosted the MMVAs last week.
The streets were filled with cheering, happy, excited people wanting to see their favourite artists last week but now, the streets are ruined.

As far as I know of there is no planned clean up yet for the Toronto streets,
but I am calling upon all the people living in the GTA to come out and help clean up this mess on Monday.

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