Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pet Peeves

I hate girls/guys that dress like they are pro runners when they are jogging (yes, I'm using the dreaded word) at a pace slower than my walking. I don't know why but it just bugs me when I see REALLY SLOW joggers wearing 140$ ascis, tight short shorts, expensive brand named tech tanks, and those thin UA hairbands. When you look at these joggers it's easy to see that in a few days or a few weeks they're going to quit and never use these items again (it's just a vibe you can feel) - they just WASTED a ton of money. It just bugs me so much to see these people b/c to me they're just fakes and they're trying to be someone they're not. It's kind of funny but the true runners actually don't dress all that "pro", the everyday grinders I know are clad in the same kind of gear but in a way more relaxed feel and way less style conscious - our shorts and our shirts don't always match (GASP). Call me an elitist (even though I am far from an elite runner) but I think the short short running shorts are something that should be earned - I hate it when girls who are just jogging (and will quit in a few weeks or even days) wear short shorts b/c they are telling the world that girl runners are easy and devaluing the female body (that we are only useful for our bodies). Sure, I'm prey to those amazing short shorts by UA (2.5in to be exact) but I need those shorts and I have earned them - what else can wicker away sweat and cling to my legs so I don't feel anything when I run. What else keeps me as cool (well going bottomless would be ideal but I don't think that's legal on my streets). PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF MEN, PLEASE LEAVE THOSE SHORT SHORTS AT HOME UNLESS YOU'RE A RUNNER.

While we're at the pet peeve thing I have to say I hate it when people who are not serious about running come up to me during the day and tell me that they ran the other day. That's nice but WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THIS? Sure, I'm glad more people are taking up this healthy activity but unless you're going to be grinding it out for 5-6 days a week and taking it seriously as a sport I don't really care. Well, if they were my friend I would care a bit b/c it's about a healthy lifestyle but I don't know these people - they know me. People need to realize that while I took up running to live a healthier lifestyle in Sept 2008 I am no longer the same person. I no longer run for a healthier lifestyle, running is my life now - in fact, if you ask my parents, running is making me unhealthy. Running to live healthier and running as a way of life are two different things and people need to understand that, they need to realize how important running is to me so they don't get mad when I ditch plans b/c a) I need to run b) I need to run c) I need to workout to enhance my running d) I need to run. Thank the Lord my friends understand this and don't get mad when I ditch b/c I have to run - in fact they make sure the plans fit into my running schedule.

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