Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earthquake in Toronto

There was an earthquake in Toronto (5.5 I believe) and I SLEPT through the whole thing. Anyone that lives in Ontario knows we don't get earthquakes very often due to the fact we're in the centre of a earth plate. This one was a surprise - my friends were all freaked out and texting each other on what was happening while I was snug in bed and totally knocked out since I hadn't slept forthe past 24h.

Two things come to mind when I think about this earthquake
a) It has been stimulated by the government to create fear so people will stop protesting against the G20 and the fake lake so Harper doesn't look like an idiot for the G20 this week. Think about it, if people are scared to leave their houses b/c of an earthquake then we won't need that huge ass chain fence in the downtown core.
b) 2012. First an erupting volcano, coupled with all the tsunamis of the world these recent years, and now an earthquake in an area that doesn't get earthquakes. Totally 2012 if you ask me.

The truth is there are "relatively active" fault lines along Lake Erie & Lake Ontario. But I had fun making up such conspiracy theories....

***missed my physio appointment b/c I was sleeping - they thought I had issues with the earthquake. Going at 4:30


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