Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Stalking Abilities

We had a JDC fest in ToK today - just chatting about how hot he is and whatnot - I'm totally over him but he's nice to look at:D. Moving onwards, my friend tells me how she was his square dancing partner and how he basically loved being partners with her - it was a cute story.- I think he has a fetish for Asian chicks....based on what I've heard.

Apparently JDC is actually a loudmouth and he loves to talk. This surprises me so much b/c he NEVER talks when he's around me - he only talks to me or he's pretty quiet. This lead to one of the girls telling me that's b/c he might like me. In my dreams. But it's so shocking to me that he's talkative b/c he NEVER talks around me. It's still shocking me right now.IDK, I've known him since last year during our stints in the weightroom and since XC and I've always thought he's relatively quiet unless he has something to say - like how he saw me running (it seems like the whole york region has seen me running). Or how he agrees with EVERYONE (MK, Civ, JS, & people who I don't even know) that me and camping = disaster and not going to happen (we were talking about bug bites and the topic of J asking me to go camping w/her came up).

Anyways, as we were chatting we started to wonder where he's going next year - I had heard he was offered a scholarship to the States for soccer but I wasn't sure which school. So, I employed by stalking/espionage skills and asked my accounting teacher from last year (he finally called me by my name - he usually leaves out the A). I was going to ask JDC himself but I couldn't find him. And he is going to the States - my espionage skills are amazing. Or I'm just good at stalking. My friend also asked around and our results match. Heres to our stalking skills:).

I wanted JDC to sign my yearbook - I have the rest of the XC team there but he's missing but I couldn't find him. GAH! I've seen him everyday this week and I kept forgetting to ask him so I hope he's at school Monday when I'm there so he can sign it. Ever since the Mark episode last year I need the whole team to sign it for good luck.

His friend, our team mate, AR, is hilarious. He wrtes down the usual good luck kind of thing then pops in "nice legs" - we've had such good times together. Never will I forget that one run last year w/the tree and the need to go to the washroom. Love this guy. going to miss him next year since he's graduating - going to miss everyone so much.

Man, the kilt does wonders. I had 3 different guys check me out today which was nice since I didn't even have time to brush my hair this morning LOL.

Moving on, I was having a convo with my friend today about what to do when running in the heat. The answer, strip. I told him how I ran shirtless last night (still wearing a sports bra) and this random guy behind us was just listening intently the WHOLE time. I was not sure if I was to be amused, flattered, or angry. I picked confused.

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