Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Early Morning 5k

left calf tendon is no longer tight and cramping

I hit the roads early this morning for a quick 5k to assess my body and that calf is no longer bother me, but since it was only a 5k and not one at full force it's hard to tell. I still have to go see the therapist on Wed though since I need to find out why my joints have been popping and find a way to stop it.

21:56.49 - with a time like this it's hard to believe I was running a 21:05 in the fall. But I do think this run was slightly over 5k. Also have to consider that I ran this in the morning so my muscles were not warmed up and I was not hydrated as well nor as well fed (toasted pita with humus for breakfest YUM!)

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