Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Nice to Know that Someone Believes

As I was leaving the school after running the trail today, I decided to pop into the gym office and tell one of my track coaches how much I appreciate her. Mac & Civ are the ones that got me to start running and not stop after a few days, but she is the one that pushed me to work on speed and just helped me refine my running.

This led to a mini-discussion of how she thinks I have the drive to run well in the future. When I told her about the email from Indiana Tech (haven't emailed the coach back b/c I can't fill out the form he wants me to - haven't done my SATs or ACTs nor do I have times for 3200 or 1600) she wasn't surprised that I was getting such an email (I was so surprised when I got that email b/c my times aren't the best AND I'm not exactly googleable). She went on to say I have a ton of potential and the I'm what coaches call "raw talent" (I'm guessing it's b/c I'm not training with a club and I haven't been running for long but yeah...not sure what "raw talent" is) and how she believes I will succeed in the future. She also reminded me that I should be using sports and sports should not be using me - don't let anything try to control what I think is right and wrong for me.

Idk, I think it was really nice of her to say this to me and it's nice that she believes in me - especially since after the spring season I started to lose a bit of belief in myself. The fact she thinks I have the potential and the drive is really nice - especially since it is rumored that she was once one of the best throwers in Canada. In my yearbook she wrote "I can't wait to see you in the Olympics" - while I obviously won't make it to the Games it's nice to see it put figuratively.

With her words in mind I'm going to attack my summer training head on and just try to succeed. What she said about not letting sports use me is right - I think my spring season was so horrible b/c I was so focused on getting better times; she's right in the fact I need to do my sport b/c I love it and by loving it I will do well. Also, Hallarn was right yesterday when he said we all have to do things the best we can - we have to be the best of our abilities. On someone's grad message he wrote, "We all have the ability. The difference is how we use it" - he couldn't have chosen better words.

I'm about to be part of a study! Two profs in Ontario want to conduct a study about the IB program - even though I'm dropping out they want some info - about why I'm dropping &etc. It's actually kind of cool in my mind. I wish I was staying with the program but I know it's better for me to drop.

***my alarm didn't ring this morning so I didn't do a morning run
5k after school in pouring rain - 21:59, slow but it's expected b/c it's my first 5k since early May and first run with hills in a while - not to mention the rain was kind of bad
doing an 11 later tonight

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