Monday, June 14, 2010


My mind is going all over the place today.

It was exploding in ToK today and I totally messed up my presentation, I forgot some stuff and emphasized on the wrong stuff. I think I left the class very confused. GAH. Hopefully I get a 90+ on the exam to make up for it. I love my ToK teacher and how much we actually learn in his class but sometimes I wish we had the other teacher so we could get higher marks.

I want to do this with my friends this summer - sounds FUN & A GREAT WAY TO LEARN MY CITY. Yeah, I was born in T.Dot but I don't know my city all too well. I still remember trying to find the 510 CNE Loop stop....that was an interesting day. And skipping the Bloor stop b/c we were "too busy" talking. And the time we wandered around Kensington Market - those were cool hats. Let's not forget how I somehow got lost while using the skywalk on my way to the Convention Centre from Union.....

So, there's this writing contest that I want to enter into, just so I'll be creative ready for Writer's Craft next year. The objective is to write one chapter of a mystery novel centered for 12year olds about Paul Martin (Former PM) - I think this is totally the thing for me b/c I love Paul Martin. I think he was an awesome PM and great Finance Minister - the reason to why Canada didn't "die" like the US during the recession is b/c of his policies.

Got an appointment with a sports therapist on Wed @ 1:30pm - they asked me if I wanted another time but I was quick to respond the negative since there is no way I actually want to sit in French. I'm actually understanding Manon des Sources to an extent but my teacher never picks me to answer the questions when I clearly have my hand up. It un-nerves me b/c we get marked on participation and if I don't get picked to answer questions then I don't get marked. GAH.

Meeting w/the XC girls tomorrow. hope all goes well - got called crazy today when I expressed my plans to do speedwork at 4am. LOL. Maybe I'm a little off my rocker.

I realized today that I always re-realize how short I am everytime I see JDC - he's a freakin beast, I wonder how tall he is. I hate being short.

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