Monday, June 21, 2010

boys are weird

So, my friend D. had the whole issue thing with this guy G. a few weeks ago - when she told him she liked him he just went "is that it?"

Today, she was kind of less happy in her co-op class and he was trying to cheer her up and stuff. He gave her a piggyback ride, and told her that her parents were wrong in saying she's "useless" (her parents are chill so they don't mean it but it's funny when they say it). He was just basically the sweetest guy ever according to her. Then he tells her that he likes her back.

Wow. I don't know what to say. First you break her hear with the stupid response above but you actually like her? I don't get this, I think it's cute that he likes her and all but why was he such a douche bag before? I'm confused. BOYS ARE WEIRD.

Even though JDC wrote such an uncreative msg I'm glad I got him to sign b/c it gives me closure to all the crap my hormones put me through this year. Bye bye old crush and here's to finding a new one. - Makes me sad b/c for the last 3 years I've liked gr 12 guys at some pt. during the school year and I always have to say bye to them. He is the first one going to the States though - DC to be exact. Closure feels good.

back to ToK & bio. I still can't believe I totally forgot the principles of Plato & Aristotle last night - I just couldn't remember them. The only one I can remember is Spinoza.

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