Sunday, January 31, 2010

What you wear when shopping matters

I got a new pair of saucony today! A sweet pair of ProGrid Guides, I forgot to ask how heavy they were but they were pretty light compared to the TR3s I have right now, going to be great running on road with them. But my point is, what you wear when shopping really affects the service you get, I was at another mall yesterday and the guys at the same chain treated me like crap. I was wearing sweats, minimal makeup (only eyeliner), with my hair down and just crazy b/c I hadn't had time to do anything when I was rushing to get to Italian earlier that morning, the guys at the store ignored me but all rushed to help this pretty girl with big boobs. Honestly, I find it hilarious and I know if the CEO of this rather large sporting group in Canada were to find out, hell would arise, b/c honestly, I probably spend more money at this chain and their counterparts than that girl a year, she'll buy maybe 1 or 2 pairs of sporting shoes a year from this chain while I need a new pair every 3 or 4 months = at least 4 pairs a year. ***I have different shoes for different terrain (dry road, wet road, icy road &etc), different shoes for racing (roadracing & spikes for XC & track). Anyways, when I noticed this yesterday I decided to do an experiment today when I went to buy the shoes I had put onhold, at another mall, I actually had on a sweater that didn't totally crash with my sweats, put up my hair in a ponyhair, and some makeup on, wow, the service I had today was great. The guys didn't yell at me for the rather more intense than normal shoe testings I tend to like to do, it really was great service. Note to self, always look good when you shop when you want great service.

I'm still laughing at how the woman at footlocker was trying to tell me about shoes, thanks for the tips but I honestly think I know my running shoes
Took my 2nd day off of running straight, left hip is a bit tight - start half training tomorrow
Taking inventory of my runnings shoes, I'm still dizzy from trying to count

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What is wrong with people?

I'm normally not a fan of profanity, especially written profanity, but what the fuck is wrong with people? I am so sick and tired of people putting me down and just being fucking selfish and inconsiderate. I was leaving the mall today with my mom and my aunt, we were crossing when this fucking driver starts to turn and honk at us. We didn't really respond other than stick our hands out to notify him that we were crossing as we had the right of way, he then fucking sticks his tongue out at us, we ignored this once again and continued to cross, as we're crossing he starts to turn again toward us and stick his tongue out and honk. Obviously I was really pissed b/c we're crossing and he knows we're crossing yet he decides to continue to turn and honk and do some stupid shit, he could have hit us - he was by no means paying attention to driving rules. HE WAS A FUCKING ASS WITH A FUCKED UP SENSE OF HUMOR WITH THE MATURITY OF SOMEONE WHO NEEDS TO BE IN DIAPERS WHO SHOULD GO FUCK HIMSELF. What more can I do than swear the the fucking driver, I asked him very loudly so he could hear me through his window what the fuck he was doing, he then drove off.

My aunt who I had once considered to be my second mom started yelling at me in the car about how drivers like that do things like that so people like me would "lose something" lose what? other than my fucking temper? She then went on and on and on about how I was a disgrace to Asians with my temper and swearing and that she was ashamed to be with me. HELLO, YOU'RE THE ONE THAT ASKED TO JOIN MY SHOPPING TRIP YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO BE THERE. But it gets better than this, she then started to compare me to that driver and said there was no difference b/w us and that I was just as bad, HOLY SHIT, I SWORE AT THE DRIVER, HE'S THE ONE THAT TRIED TO KILL US AND HE'S THE ONE THAT DOESN'T OBEY TRAFFIC LAWS AND WILL POTENTIALLY KILL SOMEONE AND NOW I'M JUST AS BAD AS HIM?????WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU. I am so sick of this, my mom had invited her over for dinner earlier but right now, I really just want her to leave my life and never come back b/c swearing is just as bad as almost hitting someone in a car? I don't think so. I am just so sick of bad drivers, honestly in my province half of the drivers should not have their liscence, everytime I leave for a run I have at least 2 cars who disobey traffic laws making them almost hit me with their huge ass cars....

Friday, January 29, 2010


Leafs lost yet another game:(. I kind of expected it before the game but when Poni&Stajan scored those beauties I got my hopes up high. Only to get them knocked right back down. I didn't watch the first two periods but I think Toskala played well in the 3rd.

I am so disappointed in myself, I messed up the 1st part of this question on my math exam on Thurs and that one question was worth at least 15 marks (I think it might have been 17). Just my luck, you need the 1st part to complete the 2nd, and the 3rd, and the 4th. I think I failed that exam big time. I also messed up a bit on a few other questions. It's pretty bad, I actually had nightmares about it during my nap after the exam yesterday.

Today was pretty nice in turns of cheering me up, we went out for lunch at La Maison du Japon (great sushi place) and lordy, I feel so bad for the people serving us. We were so LOUD. I swear everyone at the place could hear us, 9 IB or ex-IB kids in one place + D's boyfriend = not a good idea. My friend K.O. and I were so embarrassed to be with our friends b/c we were that loud. And then we ordered food, normally that is nothing worth mentioning but the poor guy who was serving us was so overwhelmed, we were just shouting our orders at him, "we need 5 calamari, 4 salmon skin maki, 4 eel maki, can I have a spicy chicken ramen?, we need 2 of cucumber maki, a truck load of tempura, I'll take one of everything we just ordered for myself (thanks, VJJ)". Poor guy.

***the table behind us and to our left was staring at us the whole time, especially when K & JL had a wasabi eating contest - long story

Post lunch a few of us (J, N, K, A, and myself) headed over to J's house were we chilled with Jason Bourne. He is the definition of hotness.

***off to go finish up whatever Italian hw I have left and maybe watch some more Jason Bourne

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Brother the Party Animal

onday, 25 January 2010

My Brother the Party Animal....
Well, he's not really a party animal but for the nerdy computer programming kind of guy he is, he's kind of a party animal right now. I first want to say, if anyone just looked at the physical appearance of the two of us, I would be labeled the 'party animal' - he's skinny, w/glasses, no muscle, nerdy looking &etc| I'm muscled, w/long hair, w/contacts, in short-shorts 24/7 &etc. If a stranger were to come into my home they would expect me to be the kind of girl who drinks & parties 24/7 but I'm not, I have my crazy moments but really, I'm kind of mellow and chill.

Anyways, my bro is in Singapore right now on an exchange program and looking at the photos, he's been partying it up over there (and in the places he's been touring), through a few exchange emails I realized he kind of has the view most Canadians seem to have about drinking. He kind of seems to think drinking is for getting drunk. I personally don't think that way, I'm not a drinker but I don't condemn drinking. Personally, I think drinking is for the taste of the alcohol and for enjoyment; not to get drunk and wasted. I have also realized that he is under constant peer pressure to drink b/c everyone he is friends with in this foreign city is a heavy drinker hence he feels compelled to either a) drink b) pretend to drink. I don't know what has happened to the brother I know. My brother is supposed to be the kind of guy who doesn't drink and would discourage me to drink but honestly through our emails I get the sense he considers me a prude b/c I don't drink. I feel as if my brother is no longer the same guy, instead of the smart, nerdy, funny, and computer pro brother I had, I now have a party animal as a brother. I don't like this change - I miss the guy who is sensitive and buys me presents from everywhere he goes b/c well, that's the brother I know and grew up with. They say change is good but right now I disagree. I really hope my brother reads the email I sent him a few minutes ago and realizes that I don't want a cool party animal guy as a brother but rather the guy who respects everyone with the dream of publishing a paper on some kind of tech stuff and heading to Stanford for his Masters.

***I wish I had the courage to send him the link to here so he could understand how I feel.
***btw I really don't understand why people say jocks&athletes are heavy drinkes, as a runner part of the reason to why I don't drink is b/c I don't want it to deter my training & performance
***Worried his paper rejection from the conference is the reason for all this partying, b/c honestly partying doesn't solve the problem
***hopes he stops much

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I think my watch is broken, b/c according to my watch I just ran a 24 k in 1:42:11

That run was just amazing, I just took off and didn't really try to pay attention to pace or anything and wow, the time my watch is giving me makes me think my watch is broken. According to my watch I just ran 24k in 1:42:11 - I think I hit 20k around 1:22:- or something like that. Looking at these times I'm getting excited for my next half marathon b/c I wasn't even trying to run all that fast today and honestly, my last 2k could have been a lot faster with enough to pop in a sprint at the end. That's a 4:15/k pace, I think that's faster than my first 3000m track race and definately faster than my 10k pace - I really think my watch is broken.
*now that I think about it, that's just 29s faster than my Waterfront Half Marathon - and I just ran about 2.9k more.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Chapters Indigo is honestly not impressing me

I am beyond pissed right now, to the extent my fb status holds some rather colourful words, I ordered a book more than 2 weeks ago so I would have my own copy before my English exam on Tues (I like to write in books when I have to analyze them) from Chapters.Indigo (biggest bookstore in Canada) and I should have recieved it by now but I still don't have a copy of it. Not only that, but my copy of Mad Shadows by Marie-Claire Blais hasn't even been ordered. Oh, that's b/c when I ordered it from Chapters they thought they had it instock but then they realized TODAY (MORE THAN 2 WEEKS AFTER I ORDERED IT) that THEY DIDN'T HAVE A COPY OF THIS NOVELLA IN STOCK AND THEY WERE GOING TO ORDER IT TODAY - AND THAT I WOULD GET MY COPY IN 2 WEEKS. I NEED THIS BOOK NOW, NOT IN 2 WEEKS.

I called their customer service to see if I can cough up some cash to get it shipped faster - that was rather nice of me b/c I honestly don't think that I should have to pay b/c they made a serious mistake. But that only pissed me off even more b/c the woman at customer service treated me like I was retarded and an idiot who doesn't know how to read, I am just so unimpressed and disappointed with Chapter/Indigo right now, I go there for the majority of my books and I spend just less than half a grand a year there, is this how they're supposed to treat their customers? If so, I think I'll take my money somewhere else even if it means paying more or travelling a further distance b/c I am just so upset right now. I NEED THIS BOOK FOR MY EXAM.

wrote my Math P1 today,
raped by the 1st question and the last page

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Random Thoughts Swirling Through My Mind

I'm currently trying to read a french article to prep for my french but I keep getting really random thoughts and recalling random memories....and here are some of them
1. My body is going psycho, that long run yesterday is making my body think I'm back to training and now I want to eat everything in sight - and b/c I am really bad at denying my body carbs and whatnot my house no longer has any food
2. I want to run. NOW. - but I can't b/c it's an off day for me
3. Recalling the time my friends and I went to the Marlies vs. Lake Erie Monsters game where we lost 0-7 and my friend and I went to go watch them leave the skating portion of the rink. I called my friend D a loser b/c she was all "OMG we're soo close to them, it's soo cool", normally it's ok to call D a loser b/c of her comments but, the hockey players thought I called them a loser so one of them shot me an evil eye. My bad.
4. how after #3 occurred, D and I were at the autograph session and I asked the player if I could smack his ass
5. how after #4 occurred he said no
6. how after #4&5 occurred I still didn't get paid
7. why my mother is calling me for dinner when I already told her I can't eat another bite after finishing all her homemade beef jerky, 2 papayas, some Asian coconut bread thing, and some chocolate covered pretzels (as already stated, I ate a lot)
8. Why am I doing IB?
9. Should I drop IB?
10. What does IB like? as opposed to what I already know, what IB doesn't like.