Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Brother the Party Animal

onday, 25 January 2010

My Brother the Party Animal....
Well, he's not really a party animal but for the nerdy computer programming kind of guy he is, he's kind of a party animal right now. I first want to say, if anyone just looked at the physical appearance of the two of us, I would be labeled the 'party animal' - he's skinny, w/glasses, no muscle, nerdy looking &etc| I'm muscled, w/long hair, w/contacts, in short-shorts 24/7 &etc. If a stranger were to come into my home they would expect me to be the kind of girl who drinks & parties 24/7 but I'm not, I have my crazy moments but really, I'm kind of mellow and chill.

Anyways, my bro is in Singapore right now on an exchange program and looking at the photos, he's been partying it up over there (and in the places he's been touring), through a few exchange emails I realized he kind of has the view most Canadians seem to have about drinking. He kind of seems to think drinking is for getting drunk. I personally don't think that way, I'm not a drinker but I don't condemn drinking. Personally, I think drinking is for the taste of the alcohol and for enjoyment; not to get drunk and wasted. I have also realized that he is under constant peer pressure to drink b/c everyone he is friends with in this foreign city is a heavy drinker hence he feels compelled to either a) drink b) pretend to drink. I don't know what has happened to the brother I know. My brother is supposed to be the kind of guy who doesn't drink and would discourage me to drink but honestly through our emails I get the sense he considers me a prude b/c I don't drink. I feel as if my brother is no longer the same guy, instead of the smart, nerdy, funny, and computer pro brother I had, I now have a party animal as a brother. I don't like this change - I miss the guy who is sensitive and buys me presents from everywhere he goes b/c well, that's the brother I know and grew up with. They say change is good but right now I disagree. I really hope my brother reads the email I sent him a few minutes ago and realizes that I don't want a cool party animal guy as a brother but rather the guy who respects everyone with the dream of publishing a paper on some kind of tech stuff and heading to Stanford for his Masters.

***I wish I had the courage to send him the link to here so he could understand how I feel.
***btw I really don't understand why people say jocks&athletes are heavy drinkes, as a runner part of the reason to why I don't drink is b/c I don't want it to deter my training & performance
***Worried his paper rejection from the conference is the reason for all this partying, b/c honestly partying doesn't solve the problem
***hopes he stops much

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