Saturday, January 30, 2010

What is wrong with people?

I'm normally not a fan of profanity, especially written profanity, but what the fuck is wrong with people? I am so sick and tired of people putting me down and just being fucking selfish and inconsiderate. I was leaving the mall today with my mom and my aunt, we were crossing when this fucking driver starts to turn and honk at us. We didn't really respond other than stick our hands out to notify him that we were crossing as we had the right of way, he then fucking sticks his tongue out at us, we ignored this once again and continued to cross, as we're crossing he starts to turn again toward us and stick his tongue out and honk. Obviously I was really pissed b/c we're crossing and he knows we're crossing yet he decides to continue to turn and honk and do some stupid shit, he could have hit us - he was by no means paying attention to driving rules. HE WAS A FUCKING ASS WITH A FUCKED UP SENSE OF HUMOR WITH THE MATURITY OF SOMEONE WHO NEEDS TO BE IN DIAPERS WHO SHOULD GO FUCK HIMSELF. What more can I do than swear the the fucking driver, I asked him very loudly so he could hear me through his window what the fuck he was doing, he then drove off.

My aunt who I had once considered to be my second mom started yelling at me in the car about how drivers like that do things like that so people like me would "lose something" lose what? other than my fucking temper? She then went on and on and on about how I was a disgrace to Asians with my temper and swearing and that she was ashamed to be with me. HELLO, YOU'RE THE ONE THAT ASKED TO JOIN MY SHOPPING TRIP YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO BE THERE. But it gets better than this, she then started to compare me to that driver and said there was no difference b/w us and that I was just as bad, HOLY SHIT, I SWORE AT THE DRIVER, HE'S THE ONE THAT TRIED TO KILL US AND HE'S THE ONE THAT DOESN'T OBEY TRAFFIC LAWS AND WILL POTENTIALLY KILL SOMEONE AND NOW I'M JUST AS BAD AS HIM?????WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU. I am so sick of this, my mom had invited her over for dinner earlier but right now, I really just want her to leave my life and never come back b/c swearing is just as bad as almost hitting someone in a car? I don't think so. I am just so sick of bad drivers, honestly in my province half of the drivers should not have their liscence, everytime I leave for a run I have at least 2 cars who disobey traffic laws making them almost hit me with their huge ass cars....

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