Friday, January 29, 2010


Leafs lost yet another game:(. I kind of expected it before the game but when Poni&Stajan scored those beauties I got my hopes up high. Only to get them knocked right back down. I didn't watch the first two periods but I think Toskala played well in the 3rd.

I am so disappointed in myself, I messed up the 1st part of this question on my math exam on Thurs and that one question was worth at least 15 marks (I think it might have been 17). Just my luck, you need the 1st part to complete the 2nd, and the 3rd, and the 4th. I think I failed that exam big time. I also messed up a bit on a few other questions. It's pretty bad, I actually had nightmares about it during my nap after the exam yesterday.

Today was pretty nice in turns of cheering me up, we went out for lunch at La Maison du Japon (great sushi place) and lordy, I feel so bad for the people serving us. We were so LOUD. I swear everyone at the place could hear us, 9 IB or ex-IB kids in one place + D's boyfriend = not a good idea. My friend K.O. and I were so embarrassed to be with our friends b/c we were that loud. And then we ordered food, normally that is nothing worth mentioning but the poor guy who was serving us was so overwhelmed, we were just shouting our orders at him, "we need 5 calamari, 4 salmon skin maki, 4 eel maki, can I have a spicy chicken ramen?, we need 2 of cucumber maki, a truck load of tempura, I'll take one of everything we just ordered for myself (thanks, VJJ)". Poor guy.

***the table behind us and to our left was staring at us the whole time, especially when K & JL had a wasabi eating contest - long story

Post lunch a few of us (J, N, K, A, and myself) headed over to J's house were we chilled with Jason Bourne. He is the definition of hotness.

***off to go finish up whatever Italian hw I have left and maybe watch some more Jason Bourne

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