Sunday, January 17, 2010

Random Thoughts Swirling Through My Mind

I'm currently trying to read a french article to prep for my french but I keep getting really random thoughts and recalling random memories....and here are some of them
1. My body is going psycho, that long run yesterday is making my body think I'm back to training and now I want to eat everything in sight - and b/c I am really bad at denying my body carbs and whatnot my house no longer has any food
2. I want to run. NOW. - but I can't b/c it's an off day for me
3. Recalling the time my friends and I went to the Marlies vs. Lake Erie Monsters game where we lost 0-7 and my friend and I went to go watch them leave the skating portion of the rink. I called my friend D a loser b/c she was all "OMG we're soo close to them, it's soo cool", normally it's ok to call D a loser b/c of her comments but, the hockey players thought I called them a loser so one of them shot me an evil eye. My bad.
4. how after #3 occurred, D and I were at the autograph session and I asked the player if I could smack his ass
5. how after #4 occurred he said no
6. how after #4&5 occurred I still didn't get paid
7. why my mother is calling me for dinner when I already told her I can't eat another bite after finishing all her homemade beef jerky, 2 papayas, some Asian coconut bread thing, and some chocolate covered pretzels (as already stated, I ate a lot)
8. Why am I doing IB?
9. Should I drop IB?
10. What does IB like? as opposed to what I already know, what IB doesn't like.

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