Tuesday, December 29, 2009

and then I asked if I could smack his ass....

Yesterday was an amazing day, haven't had so much fun in such a long time. I started of the day with some shopping with the girls at the Eaton Centre downtown Toronto. I managed to get Brooke Hogan's Redemption, Rise Against's Revolutions Per Minute, a pair of AE skinny jeans (I usually don't like to shop at AE b/c I feel their clothes are overpriced and generic but these jeans were 20$ and they fit my skinny flat ass pretty nicely - btw does anyone else feel AE sizes are larger than normal sizes?, I usually wear size 0-3 but I got my jeans in 00), green eye shadow from Sephora (guilty indulgence, so expensive), and Under Armour 2in shorts (got the last pair of 2in shorts, wish they had extra small though but no one seems to have extra smalls in stock....but they were only just under 30$ (tax included) - they are usually 40$ per pair). {wow what a run-on sentence} We also went down onto Queen Street West - love it there, we popped into this dress shop and the dresses were BEAUTIFUL - I wanted to buy the whole store but we couldn't buy anything b/c "if we want to eat tonight we can't buy anything else" as we told the store sales person - I think he's gay - not that I have any issues with them, he was so nice and just so cute - wish more men were that cute. There's a "Black Market" thrift shop kind of thing on Queen and we popped into there, it was insanely amazing. There was a booth that sold clothing from The Fairies Pyjamas (designer is Toronto based) and the clothes were just amazingly cute - my friend D brought a cute purple elf hat from there, we loved it!

From there we trekked down to Front and down to Union so we could catch the streetcar to Exhibition for the Marlies game. We somehow managed to get confused so we asked for directions, a really nice guy gave us directions to board the streetcar but my friend J managed to make us laugh by calling the guy old by accident in front of him when she called her dad - it was hilarious.

Once on the streetcar I noticed there was a family with boys our age onboard, why I noticed this? One of the guys kept on staring at my friend K - not that it's that surprising since K is really pretty and the rest of us were REALLY LOUD - we don't have a mute button. It was a fun ride b/c we kept on freaking out that we were going to miss our stop but in the end we got to the Rioch without any trouble. Getting INTO the building was another story - we decided we were going to be different and not follow the hordes of people so we ended up at the back of the building with genius me trying to convince everyone to go through the staff doors. In the end we had to go where the hordes had gone earlier - we're such geniuses.

We met up with the guys inside the building (A, N (J's huggy), & A), we had issues going to our seats (Section 104 Row D) b/c the Marlies were coming out for warmup - my friend K got excited at the sight of #38 of the Marlies "#38 is soo CUTE!!!!" btw #38 of the Marlies is Jay Rosehill. This was how our first hockey game (for the majority of us) started - it only got dirtier after that. I have to say it was mostly my fault b/c I couldn't help but admire the butts of the Lake Erie Monsters - shoutouts to #29 and #49 of the LEM - à mon dieu they have cute butts. My friend A (the brown one) and I spent most of the warm up period making fun of the LEM goalie (if only we can take that back) b/c we were sitting right behind the opposing goalie's net - it was amazing for us but I imagine not for the people sitting around us b/c we were being VERY rowdy teenagers. We continued our excitement until the end of the first period when we were losing 0-4 (Marlies were losing).

Then came the fries - word of advice, DO NOT GET FRIES FROM THE RIOCH - they taste like CARDBOARD, though the hot sauce + bbq sauce was very tasty:) Not that they helped us from being disappointed at the lost, 0-7 - we only wanted ONE GOAL but we didn't get it:( Throughout the game this guy infront of us kept turning around to talk to me and omg he was funny - according to my friend D he wanted to Marlies Dancers to come back (they had danced in front of us during the 1st period) but I guess they ran away from that guy, my friends A &A - not N b/c he has my friend J. During the last period my friends and I got rowdy again and decided we could play better, my friend A (big one) would play goalie b/c he's a big guy, A (brown one) would play defence b/c he just learnt to skate last week and his falling on the opposing players = checking, and I would play offense b/c I'm a bit fast :) sounds great to me.

Anyways, post game, my friend D and I lined up for an autograph from a Marlies player which was Andre Deveaux last night. During the game I kind of dirty talked and said that I would like to smack a player's ass and well some of the guys said they would pay me if I did (including the guy who kept turning around to talk to me). So when our turn came to get the autographs I asked Deveaux very politely if I could smack his ass - since he was sitting down it wasn't like I could just do it. He just gave me a weird look, laughed, and said no. Which is understandable b/c really, why would he want to have me smack his ass. I thought it would be fine since I won't ever be seeing him again but then I realized when I woke up this morning that my anti-bullying committee, PEERS, is trying to somehow work with the Marlies to prevent bullying in elementary schools - which means I might have to see him again. I think I should RUN and never come back. It's hard to believe I wasn't drinking with what I did last night.

Highlight calls of the night:
-"You're Skating like A"
-"Don't let D eat you"
-"you're the hot sauce on my cardboard fries"
-"score one for the Asian!"
-"Squid head"

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