Sunday, November 15, 2009


I actually raced last week (well on the 7th) but I've been too busy to blog or too lazy to blog. Let's just say this was the worst race of the season for me - approx. 5k = 24:14. I was predicted to be in the top 100 and I came in at 159. I didn't even make top half. I have to say it was pretty devastating though it is understandable - 2 weeks before racing I had a popped hip flexor hence inflammation so I had to knock down my milage - just wasn't at top 100% physically. I also didn't have the best of warm ups - up until 3.5k my leg muscles were contracting like heck and I even considered dropping out of the race (something that has never occurred in my mind). On the bright side, I did get a gorg. OFSAA hoodie:) I love it, so warm and just cute on me.

I took a week off (well in my mind it's a week, I last ran on Tues so I'm SUPPOSED to be off my feet until Wed but not running is a torture) and I just can't wait to get myself back onto the roads - I can't sit still and even my creativity is down - my English essay on the use of irony in the novella Mad Shadows was supposed to be done by Fri afternoon but as of right now I've written about 1/4 of a paragraph.
On Wed I hit the weightroom pretty hard for someone who hasn't been in there for a formal workout in months - I did overhead squats (love those) and these weird squats that had me hold dumbbells in my arms and squat down in a way that burned my glutes - had the hardest time even walking from Thurs - Sat. Also spent some time on the rowing machine - I did leg lifts last night (amazing for my core, I'm getting my mini sex-v back!).

On Fri, I had a bit of a melt down as I confessed the crushes I had so far this year to my frineds (J&K since I told D already). All 3 of the guys were on my XC team and one of them is totally out of my usual crushing range (like totally opposite from any guy I've ever liked). The other 2, I know I will never have a chance b/c we just so different in who we are - I know it's not a good idea to crush on them b/c I'll only end up hurting myself like I did with M. The said part is I think I might still have a crush on one of the three and I don't want that crush - b/c of one of my clubs I'm bound to see him at least once a week....I hope I get over him soon.

Italian word of the week: Avvitare
Translation: To screw
:). Enjoy.

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