Saturday, January 23, 2010

I think my watch is broken, b/c according to my watch I just ran a 24 k in 1:42:11

That run was just amazing, I just took off and didn't really try to pay attention to pace or anything and wow, the time my watch is giving me makes me think my watch is broken. According to my watch I just ran 24k in 1:42:11 - I think I hit 20k around 1:22:- or something like that. Looking at these times I'm getting excited for my next half marathon b/c I wasn't even trying to run all that fast today and honestly, my last 2k could have been a lot faster with enough to pop in a sprint at the end. That's a 4:15/k pace, I think that's faster than my first 3000m track race and definately faster than my 10k pace - I really think my watch is broken.
*now that I think about it, that's just 29s faster than my Waterfront Half Marathon - and I just ran about 2.9k more.

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